Starting a new relationship is very exciting, all those excess love, constantly checking your phone to see if the person has called or sent you something sweet. Every day feels like Valentine’s Day, some days the effect of the new relationship can be felt by other people.

Now the relationship is still new and fresh, you have the opportunity to shape it the way you want it to grow. There are a lot of fun and important things to do in a new relationship and today I will show you a few of them.

Fun things to do in a new relationship

1.  Try new things together

Whatever you have both tried individually is off the table right now. Go for things you both have zero experience in.

You could go on a mini baecation (vacation with bae) if none of you have gone for it before. Or even try out other foods that none of you have ever tasted.

Doing something completely new and all fun will not only be very thrilling, but it would also help bring you two closer. Also, it creates lots of first-time experiences which are the hardest to forget. That means the person will always remember you in this life.

2.  Go on more dates

Not everyone can afford this one, but if you can, it would be really cool. If your new boyfriend/girlfriend loves going on dates, then you have to go on more dates.

While on the date, ensure you give the person a truly unique experience that there have never gotten before. Dinner dates are more romantic, so try those.trying something new

3.  Plan cool surprises

It doesn’t have to be their birthday or a special occasion before you decide to surprise the person. Surprise gives this warm feeling overflowing with joy and pure love.

There is one type of surprise that I have seen work magic every time it’s done. It works on everyone, regardless of age and gender. I call it the Super Punch Surprise.

To achieve this surprise, you have to pick something the person wants badly, then give the person reasons why you can’t do it or get it, then when the person’s mind is off it, you strike the surprise. It would leave the person stunned for days.

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4.  Find cool games for two

This is another fun activity to do in a new relationship. Playing games together will boost your friendship, it will also give you both more memories to cherish in the absence of the other.

It doesn’t have to be something so complex, a simple arcade game on your smartphone can do. Just as long as you both like the game.

5.  Do more of the tiny things

There are so many tiny fun things to do in a new relationship, but if I mention all at once we may never end this post. So, I have chunked all those tiny things into this number.

  • Kiss your love while it’s raining
  • Hold hands as you walk the street
  • Confess your love for the person in front of a crowd
  • Write a love letter on a piece of paper and send to her
  • Do something really crazy together
  • Enter a couples competition
  • Open an Instagram account as a couple and update it daily

things to do in a new relationship

Important things to do in a new relationship

6.  Create couple’s goals

Over the years, setting goals as a couple has been really overlooked. It’s now seen as just a trend on social media and something just for young couples. But that is a very wrong notion.

Couples’ goals are important in every relationship. By setting couples’ goals, you give yourselves something to work together on. We all know what working close with someone on a project can do. It has made many to fall in love and has also created lots of best friends.

Therefore, by setting couples’ goal, you both will grow stronger together and have a stronger bond. This is exceptionally good in a new relationship.

7.  Work on the pillars of a long-lasting relationship

I have already written extensively about the pillars of a long-lasting relationship in this article Secret of A Long Lasting Relationship – (The Hidden Truth) read it up if you want your new relationship to last long.

Basically, there are 5 pillars of a long-lasting relationship. So one of the most important things to do in a new relationship is to work heavily on those pillars and your relationship will pass the test of time.

8.  Form some crucial ground rules

Without rules we are savages. A relationship without rules is also a savage and it ultimately ends in heartbreak and pain. This is why it is very important that as you start the new relationship, you set some ground rules that would guide your future actions.

Here are some aspect you can set rules on

  • How long arguments would be settled and the maximum time (I recommend before going to sleep every night)
  • Set rules on how far a person and interact with the opposite sex
  • Find other important issues that may affect the relationship and set ground rules on them.

It is also important that you set these rules gradually to avoid the new relationship to feel like a prison.No rules

9.  Identify their love language and major on it

When the relationship is still new, you both can be speaking all the love languages at the same time. But with time, you will gradually pick one or just two love languages to communicate love to your lover. This is why it is very important that when you start a new relationship, you identify the other person’s love language so when you gradually pick one, it would be the right one.

10.  Get actively involved in each other’s world

Many new couples fail in this aspect. They think it’s only about the person they are dating and the other things the person is interested in isn’t that important and as a result, they don’t try to get involved in the other person’s world.

But the moment you start doing that, we automatically open a door for another person to walk straight into your new relationship.

Every average person needs a companion with whom they can share their world with. This is why one of the things to do as a new couple is to get involved in each other’s world.

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