Relationships are meant to be, beautiful, life-changing, ecstatic, adorable, desirable, bittersweet, the list can go on for years. 

As much as it is good to be in a relationship, you should never enter or stay in a relationship because of the wrong reasons.

Entering into a relationship because of the wrong reasons can turn the relationship into a nightmare. It will cause more damage to your partner than you ever planned for especially when they entered into the relationship with pure hearts and good intentions. 

So you should ask yourself this question, is it worth it to wreck another person’s life just for your selfish reasons?

If you think it’s worth it, then there is no point in reading further. But if you think it’s completely inhumane and not worth it, then you should read further as we will be taking a look at some of those wrong reasons.

1.  Money

The love of money has dragged so many people into lots of unsavory places. When you allow the love and greed of money to push you into a relationship you would have never accepted if the money wasn’t there, that relationship wouldn’t have a good flavor. 

Yes! You may end up getting the money and more, but when you finally have it, you will quickly realize there is more to a relationship than just money. There are things money just can’t buy, and Love is one of them. 

After having all the money you can from the relationship, your eyes would begin to wander outside the parameters of your relationship in search of things you lack in yours.

2.  Sex

This particular reason is the cause of many damaged hearts and relationships in the world today. Sex has also dragged a lot of people into relationships with people who they shouldn’t be in the first place.

If you want to have sex, you shouldn’t trick anyone into a relationship in the name of love. It’s not a crime to just want to have sex (though it’s a sin when you are not married). 

If you are a sex addict or have a huge sexual appetite, it would be a lot better if you find yourself a friend-with-benefit, rather than engaging yourself into a relationship where your partner expects more from you than you are willing to offer. And failure to meet up with the demands of a real relationship will only break the heart of your partner and make them feel used.

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3.  Fear

Some might find this hard to believe, but it’s true. Fear of what the person may do if you say no has gotten people into relationships they never wanted. 

Others have stayed in a relationship with an abusive partner because of the fear of what might happen if you ask for an out of the relationship.

These are extremely wrong reasons why anyone should enter a relationship or stay in one. You must learn how to outsmart your abuser and put an end to the relationship. Because if you don’t, you will never know what true happiness feels like. 

No more abuse

Trust me, being truly happy and free is worth facing your fears. In extreme cases, being in a relationship because of fear leads to deadly situations that can claim the life of somebody.

4.  Monophobia

Monophobia simply means the fear of being alone. This particular fear is growing at an alarming rate and it is fueled by peer pressure and media pressure. 

Scrolling through your social media feed, you would see picture-perfect couples. Speaking with your peers, you would hear a lot about love and relationships. Being constantly bombarded with so many relationship-related topics can make a person long for a partner of their own and dread being single and alone.

Others dread the thought of growing old and alone that they are willing to accept anything that winks at them as long as the person keeps them company.

Jumping from one relationship to another in such a manner will only lead to a series of bad and terrible relationships before finding a good one. 

The funny part about this is, when they finally find the good one, they may already be too emotionally damaged that the good one won’t be able to stay. Which in turn puts them back into the circle of fruitless relationships and more damages.

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5.  Status

“Mr and Mrs” “Wife of the Senator” “Husband to the most beautiful lady”

These are just a few of the different statuses that drives some people into relationships. Being in a relationship with certain people gives certain prestige that many would do the impossible to attain. 

The perfect example of such a relationship that increases a person’s status is Prince Harry and his lovely wife Margan Markle. Mrs. Margan became royalty by marrying Prince Harry. Although Prince Harry and Margan forfeited their royalty. (I am in no way implying she married him for his position, I think they are truly in love and that’s what matters).

Entering a relationship based on the additional prestige it comes with is a wrong reason to be in a relationship. 


6.  Safe Haven

People who generally fall into relationships, for this reason are those who are chronic risk-averse and love playing it safe all the time. 

“He is handsome, caring, and financially stable, what else could a girl want?” Even as you ask yourself that question, your heart screams out to you that it doesn’t love the young man even with his impressive qualifications. But you are tired of so many bad relationships that you are willing to stay in a relationship with a person you don’t love just because he/she is part of the goods ones.

Wrong reasons to be in a relationship

After the whole dust has settled down, and you still haven’t been able to fall in love with the “good one” no matter how hard you tried, you will begin to feel alone while in a relationship. Your partner may have picked up the signs by now you are not in love so they might try their best to make you fall in love with them. But sadly, the heart wants what it wants. Sooner or later, you will meet someone who seems good as well and your heart beats fast for them. 


7.  Challenge

The movies have made this concept popular. A situation where a guy or a girl takes up the challenge to get a particular person because of a dare or just a personal test of the person’s skill.

The movies also make it end very romantic where the challenger makes the innocent victim fall in love and then end up falling in love as well. 

In reality, things don’t always go that perfect. The challenger doesn’t always fall in love, he/she most times moves on to a great challenge after scoring the last challenge. 

Leaving the innocent victim with a broken heart, hatred, and the feeling of being cheap. Although the victim did nothing wrong by falling in love. 

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8.  Rebound

After a painful breakup, the desire to quickly stop the pain and the craving to exact revenge on their ex has driven people into what we call “Rebound Relationships”.

The main aim of this relationship is to quickly fill the void left by the old relationship before the walls of their heart come crumbling down and make them wallow in pains over the heartbreak.

This type of relationship doesn’t last, because in that state of the pain of the other relationship, our senses are numb to what is right or wrong and most times we end up with people who you would never have dated. 

As soon as you are done rebounding, you begin to realize you picked the wrong person which means sooner or later, you will have to break their heart as well. 

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9.  You couldn’t say no

Being too nice can be a problem when entering the dating world. Not everyone who smiles at you is meant to be with you. You have to learn how to put your feet down and say “No” to certain people no matter how persistent or sympathetic they are.

The relationship is not a charity case. You are not doing the person any good if you enter into the relationship because it will hurt the person if you say no. What hurts the most isn’t the initial “No” you were scared to say. What hurts the most is leading a person on only for the person to find out you never loved them. Only for them to find out you only said yes out of pity.

The next time you want to feel bad for turning a person down, remember you would feel worse if you said “Yes” when your heart was saying “No”.


10.  Everybody’s dream catch

The perfect partner, the one guy/girl who seems to have it all. Everyone turns when they pass by, your friends drool about such persons. Then one day from nowhere, the angel walks into your life. 

You are excited, you feel special. Finally, your dream partner is here. But hold on, this doesn’t feel right, you are not in love with the person. This person is too perfect for you to turn down, so you say yes and enter into the relationship. 

Entering into a relationship for such a reason is not good. The wages of such a relationship are unhappiness.

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In conclusion, Love should be the main reason for getting into any romantic relationship, without love, it only leads to heartbreak and unhappiness. All other quality should be secondary.

It is better to wait a little longer and pick the right partner whom you love and who loves you deeply as well.

Thanks for reading, I hope you were able to find the article useful and interesting. I would like to hear your thoughts about this topic, so leave a comment below.


  1. Cristy Peek October 16, 2020 at 6:43 am

    If someone slips up and has an affair on their 2 years on and off relationship, and comes clean to their partner and they decide to work it out. But every day is the same thing with accusations and the madness that comes along with WONDERING if…… Things progressively get physical and words are cutting deep? IS THERE HOPE? SHOULD THE TWO KEEP UP THE WORK THAT, at the end of the day seems point less?

    1. LoversBud Editor October 16, 2020 at 9:27 pm

      Knowing when a relationship is too toxic to go on is key to staying out of dead relationships.
      Relationships, where conflicts has begun to get physical, is a bad sign.
      It’s always better to walk away with a broken heart than to be carried out on a stretcher.
      Two major things are lacking in the relationship which is forgiveness and trust. If these things can’t be repaired, then the relationship has no future.
      I hope this was of some help to you

  2. Jj smnow October 29, 2020 at 10:56 pm

    Why did you have to bring religion into your advice. You say sex without marriage is a sin what about if you’re not religious stop pushing religion.


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