Not everyone understands the true meaning and value of Valentine’s Day because not everyone can do what St. Valentine did on that faithful day.

If you have someone in your life who is worth fighting and dying for, then you will truly understand the essence of Valentine and you would go the extra mile to make it romantic and special for the one you desperately love.

Here are 100 romantic activities for you and your Val this Valentine.

Indoor Valentine day activities 

These are cool romantic activities you can try with your spouse indoors. 

1.  Enjoy Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed has been best known for its romantic appeal. What better way to start your Valentine’s day other than waking up earlier than your lover to prepare something delicious and serving it to the person on the bed as you wake him/her up with a sweet morning kiss.

Breakfast in bed

2.  Exchange Love Letters

This act of love is becoming more obsolete with the increase in telecommunication advancement, but its romantic appeal remains intact. Ditch your phone or tablet and pick up a piece of paper and write how your Val makes you feel. Both of you should do the same and exchange the letters.

3.  Plan a Movie Marathon

If you haven’t tried this before, you should give this a shot. Order for more popcorn than you have ever taken, close the curtains to give the room the typical cinematic look. Take your seat next to your lovely Val and binge as many movies as you both can till you can’t watch anymore


Spending Val watching movies

4.  Cook Together

Cooking together is yet another good old fashion romantic way to spend your Valentine’s day. All you need is a good recipe and a willing Val. 

Bonus tip: try not to burn the food when things get heated between you and your Val

Spending your Valentine's Day cooking

5.  Have a Game Night

A romantic way to spend your Valentine’s day is by playing games all night. If you are trapped by work in the morning and only have the night to be together, you can spend it playing games. There are varieties to pick from, ranging from adult games to arcade games and in between. 

6.  Make Some Crafts

It’s time to get handy, you can spend your Valentine’s day making beautiful crafts with your Val. Don’t forget to have fun while making the crafts, it’s not so much about the end product but the process. So have fun and get sidetracked by play once in a while.

7.  Have a Valentine’s Bake-off

Baking is a nice way to spend your Valentine’s day. You wouldn’t end up baking cookies alone, you will also bake your love. It would create a sweet and happy memory to always remember 

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8.  Take a Relaxing Bath

No need to overthink this, it isn’t a do or die affair. If you are low on resources to carry out any of the other options, then I would recommend you to spend your Valentine’s day by taking a long soothing and relaxing bath. Take your time in the bathroom slowing sponging and cleaning your Val’s body. Map every inch of him/her and have fun.

Romantic bath

9.  Have an Indoor Picnic

Yes, you can have a picnic indoors. It might sound weird to you but try it before you count it out. This is a perfect way to spend a quiet time together. 

 Set the scene. You don’t need much. A blanket, pillows, a food basket, wine, and of course—the food will do the job. You can go a bit further by dimming the lights and throwing in some flowers and scented candles.

There are no rules. Set up your space with any theme you prefer and have a cool picnic with your partner.

10.  Dance your hearts out

Take out your dancing shoes and step on the dance-off the day of love. This is a great way to spend your day if you or your partner loves dancing.

Dancing on Valentine's Day

11.  Paint Together

Take up your paintbrush and canvas, with the help of your lover and paint out your hearts. Paint how your lover makes you feel. Paint your wildest fantasy and wishes, paint til you both can paint no more. 

12.  Have a Wine and Cheese Night

Pop a bottle of your best wine or that of your lover, get a good amount of cheese (you can buy varieties of cheese). Then spend your night smothering your taste buds with the sweet combination of wine and Cheese. 

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13.  Book an at-Home Massage

You and your lover can spend your Valentine’s day receiving a soft and delicate massage at home.


14.  Stretch It out at Yoga

My yoga lovers would really love this one. Yoga has been known to have so many health and mind benefits. One of its most overlooked benefits is that it has a way of increasing the bond between two or more people doing yoga together. It makes them connect on a whole new level, which makes this a perfect way to send your Valentine.

Couple doing yoga on Valentine's Day

15.  Chocolate Tasting 

There are 4 types of chocolates, how many have you tasted? Valentine is a very sweet day, why don’t you indulge your sweet tooth by spending your Valentine’s day tasting the different types of chocolate there are.

16.  A Poetry Reading

Poetry has the ability to set your mind and soul free from the chains of this world. It has also been a unique way to express your deep emotions. Attending a poetry reading on Valentine’s day will surely fill your hearts with melodies of love.

17.  Make a scrapbook of your relationship

This is a really great, fun, romantic, and productive way to spend your Valentine’s day. Get out your scissors and gum. Start cutting out special moments and make a scrapbook of your relationship journey, from the beginning to this point. Remember to add more to it as time goes by

Relationship scrap book

18.  Enjoy a wine and chocolate tasting

Pop your best wine from your wine cellar (or buy it if you have no cellar), bring out a box of chocolate and munch on it while sipping the wine.

19.  Play hooky

This is another fun game you can try on Valentine’s day. Get a hooky board and compete with your lover over who can get the most points. It can be played indoors or outdoors.

20.  Write love letters to each other

You can spend your Valentine exchanging love letters. Do not use the Internet for assistance, write from your heart. Tell them how they make you feel, show your lover a glimpse of how much you love the person using only written words and paper.

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21.  Exchange heartfelt gifts

Exchange of gifts is another Valentine’s tradition. Go shopping for a nice romantic gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive, buy what you can afford. Or better still make a gift with your hands if you are talented in that area. Exchange the gifts on Valentine’s Day and cherish them for life.

22.  Make some music

You don’t have to be a pro before you give it a shot. If you are a huge fan of music, you should give it a try, who knows it might be a new passion. So don’t be scared, make new melodies with the one you love.

Spending Valentine right

23.  Give each other a massage

This is as romantic as it can get. Get out the bottle of massage oil, strip to whatever you are comfortable with, shut the doors, and massage each other till your bodies are completely relaxed.

Home massage as Valentine's Day activity

24.  Have a poker tournament 

If unconventional is what you are searching for then this might fit. Invite a few couples over and you guys should host a poker tournament in your living room or backyard while some people prepare the barbecue.

25.  Read love poems 

There are hundreds of thousands of love poems waiting to be read. Get a few and take turns reading the love poems to one another.

26.  Enjoy a staycation

Is there a strict lockdown in your area? Don’t worry you are not left out. You can spend your Valentine with your lover in your home all day. Staycation is the same thing as a vacation, excluding the travel. It is done in your home.

Do not for one moment think less of the privilege. There are thousands of lovers out there who won’t be able to see each other on Valentine’s Day because of things outside their control, but you are among the lucky few who have their lover under the same roof on Valentine. So enjoy it

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27.  Stream a Virtual Concert

Are you and your Val Concert freaks? Why don’t you stream them online with popcorn in your hands? You can stream virtual concerts at songkick

28.  Go Camping—in Your Backyard

Even while on lockdown, you can still go camping this Valentine if you want, right at your backyard. Get your camping gears and set camp in your backyard and spend the beautiful Valentine night holding your lover in your arms.

29.  Do a little body work on your partner

Manicure, pedicure, hair wash, make up, shaving, etc. There is a long range of options you can try on your partner this Val. If you can take a class on any before the day please take it, so you can give your partner a first-class treatment on that day.

30.  Get intimate all day long

Another indoor activity to try this Valentine with your lover is having a day-long intimacy in bed. There should be loads of foreplays and hot passion under the sheets and every corner of the apartment. Make sure you have enough food indoors for the energy refilling.

31.  Spoil your lover to a stress-free day

This is best suited for the hopeless romantic. Those who want to spoil their lovers to the core. 

You can achieve that by helping your spouse with everything they have to do on that day. Starting with the morning bath and breakfast to cuddling the person a good night. The whole idea is for the person to feel fully pampered on Valentine’s Day.

32.  Create a romantic scene to spend the rest of the day

Decorate your room to radiate love and romance. Light up those love candles and buy sweet air fragrance to fill the air. Spend your whole day in the room doing whatever you both want to do.

Romantic scene

33.  Become a genie

For those who have promised their partner countless times that they can do anything for them, this is for you.

You can become your lover’s genie for a day and grant them 1 or 3 wishes of their choice

34.  Throw a Valentine party

What about throwing a Valentine party and inviting all the couples you know to attend. Play lots of couple games together and have as much fun as possible.

35.  Model clothes for each other

If there’s a good day to be a supermodel, it might as well be on Valentine’s day. Try on clothes for each other. Restyle it to different looks for a dramatic effect

To make it more fun, you can both model lingeries or almost nothing. Whichever one it is, strut your stuff and bring your A-game!

36.  Try Role-playing wearing costumes

The best thing about role-playing is that you can be whoever you want to be. You and your partner can dress up as whatever or whoever you want to be, and act like them. Add your unique spin to it.

You can act out your bedroom desires or just a funny scenario. In the end, you might just realize that acting is one of your hidden talents. Even if you don’t, it’s a great way to explore some of your secret fantasies.

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37.  Body painting

Feel free to channel your inner Picasso on your partner. From water-based body paint to alcohol-based body paint, various paints are suitable for body painting. Don’t be scared of making a mistake. You’re not submitting your work to a gallery. It’s just between you two. 

You could just paint your partner’s face or their whole body if they agree. Who knows? The paint might find its way to the strangest places and you’ll both have fun washing it off. Genius idea right? I know

38.  Solve a puzzle

Puzzles can take up a lot of time. This makes it a perfect indoor activity to try with your partner on Valentine’s day or any other day.

Open a bottle of wine, grab some snacks, and work on a puzzle together.  To make it more fun, the winner gets a prize you both agree on.

Valentine's Day activities

39.  Write love poems

Try writing love poems for each other, and read it out. It does matter if the inner poet in you is on a long vacation. What matters is the feelings and thoughts behind the gesture.

You can both set rules based on the length of the poem, submission time, originality, etc. 

Outdoor Valentine day activities 

These are outdoor activities that can be done on Valentine’s Day with your Val.

40.  Send flowers, cookies, or gifts to their workplace

Sending surprise gifts screams romance. And since Valentine’s day is all about romance, you’ll score major points for this gesture. 

Send flowers, chocolates, cookies, or any gift your partner would enjoy, and add a personal note. Be sure to find out before this if sending the gifts will create problems at their workplace.

41.  Go fishing

Hang on. I know you might be thinking “why would I even want to go fishing? Sitting there all day bored to tears” or something along those lines. 

Yes, sitting for a long time might get to you at a point but there are other aspects you might enjoy. Such as fishing on a boat, fishing with a guide, fishing on freshwater lakes or streams that have enough fishes, catching fish, and relaxing in nature, or having a boat picnic later on.

Besides, how would you know if it’s good for you if you don’t try it?

Fishing - Valentine's Day activities

42. Head to the Zoo & Auqariums

If either of you has never been to a zoo or aquarium, why not go on Valentine’s day?. The idea is to have fun and enjoy yourselves. Seeing animals for the first time up close in a protected space might achieve that purpose. Most zoos and aquariums have a large number of animals within their care. This allows you the opportunity to learn more about animals while enjoying each other’s company

43.  Go on a hot-air balloon ride

Have you tried riding a hot-air balloon? Drifting through the air is a romantic and exciting way to spend time on Valentine’s day. You can try hot-air ballooning with your partner. 

Most companies offer rides over beautiful locations to keep you entertained. Depending on your budget, the ride might last for minutes, an hour, or more. 

Hot air balloon - how to spend your Valentine's Day

44.  Play some sports

Don’t mind working up a sweat? Play a sport with your partner. Golfing, cycling, skiing, tennis—take your pick. There are tons of sports out there. Choose one with the right degree of difficulty for you two, and have fun!

45.  Helicopter tour

A helicopter tour is like premium sightseeing. It’s a beautiful way to see popular attractions & breathtaking views in a city you’re visiting. You can also take a helicopter tour of the city you’re living in. Think of it as seeing your city from a different perspective. 

A helicopter tour could be a stand-alone activity or a precursor to another activity such as a picnic or dinner.

46.  Go to a concert

Need music, some music, and more music? Go to a concert. You’ll both enjoy it if you’re both music lovers. It’s a great way to experience music up close and hear some sounds you may have missed while listening on your device. It also gives you both a chance to listen to artists from various genres you may grow to like.

Plus, it’s a great mood enhancer. Depending on what mood you’re both aiming for, some concert might have artists that’ll play songs that stimulate or heighten your mood. 

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47.  Go bungee jumping or skydiving 

Are you both thrill-seekers? Try bungee jumping or skydiving. 

Even if you’re not a thrill-seeker but open to adventures, it’s one of the exciting activities you can ever try in life. The adrenaline rush is amazing and would leave you wowed out of your mind. 

Experiencing this thrill with your partner is a remarkable way to bond together on Valentine’s day. It’s an experience both of you will never forget in a hurry.

How to spend your Valentine's Day

48. Fill the whole day with random fun activities

Pick activities you’ve never tried before from this list and fill up your day. You can create a schedule of all activities, and move from one to the other. If you or your partner is easily bored, this suggestion is perfect

49.  Make the snow work for you

Depending on where you are in the world, you can take advantage of the snow rather than allowing it to spoil Valentine’s day for you. 

You can both go sledding, snowshoeing, visit a ski resort, have snow fights, or build a sizeable snow heart together. Search for more snow sports & activities you can do in your town and schedule it for Valentine’s day. 

50.  Tour your city

Have you ever toured your city? I don’t mean visiting a popular restaurant or park. I mean having a full tourist experience. 

If you haven’t, register with a local tour guide or go on a self-guided tour with your partner. Check into a hotel, make a list of tourist attractions or historical spots neither of you have visited, or a place that interests either of you. Then plan how to visit some of these places within a day or two. Take pictures, learn about your city’s history, try new dishes, and have an amazing tour! 

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51.  Start your garden

Do you have a perfect spot for a garden? You can start a small house garden together. Rather than hiring contractors for the job, you can both look for gardening resources online or offline that explains how to set up a home garden.

Play around with ideas, plants, or flowers, to fill up your garden. Nurturing your plants to life will be an amazing experience that’ll last beyond Valentine’s day to months or years. 

Please keep in mind that this requires some serious commitment. You and your partner need to work out how the garden will be tended and who does what. If you’re not ready for this, check out the next activity.

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52.  Paddle boats

Fun + exercise= paddle boat. It’s a fun way to spend time with your partner if you’re both up for some tasking activity. Check out places that offer this or similar boat adventures, and have a swell time 

How to spend your Valentine's Day

53.  Double date

If you don’t mind spending time with others on Valentine’s day, you can go on a double date with another couple. It could be with friends, family, or colleagues. It doesn’t have to be a restaurant. You could attend a show, game, picnic, weekend trip, sports, indoor cooking & games. Think of anything everyone would enjoy and suggest it.

54.  Go on a Hike

If your Val is a fan of hiking then you can spend your Valentine’s day hiking on a new turf or the person’s favorite places. It would increase the bond between the both of you 

55.  Rent a Cozy Cabin in the Woods

Picture this, you and your Val in the middle of nowhere with no distractions or kids. Just the both of you enjoying the warm comfort of each other till the day is over. This romantic imagination can be yours this Valentine 

Spending Val in a cabin

56.  Recreate Your Favorite memory together

We all have that one favorite memory of our partner that we hold so dearly to our hearts and replay our heads over a million times when we are missing the person. You can decide to recreate the memory on Valentine’s Day. Act the memory out as best as you both can.

57.  Share a Romantic Night Under the Stars

There is something special about spending your night with your lover by your side, gazing at the dark sky with a million stars in sight. It has special romantic power that makes even the hardest of heart fall in love. 

Watching the stars

58.  Head to a Museum

You can also spend your Valentine day by visiting the museum and looking at all the fascinating objects that have been discovered over the years by great minds. 

This is most suitable when your Val has a flair for art and discovery. 

59.  Spend the Night in a Fancy Hotel Room

This is a Valentine classic. It is a very popular way people spend their Valentine’s day. The idea here is to take your Val to a top-notch hotel (or any hotel that is a bit fancier than your usual) and spend the whole day and night in their bosom, enjoying each other.

60.  Visit a Botanical Garden

Flowers have always been known to provoke feelings of love. Spending your Valentine’s day in a place filled with the most beautiful and rarest plants is a really beautiful way to spend the day. 

Visiting a botanical garden

61.  Head to the Ice Rink

If one of you is yet to learn how to ice skate, Valentine’s day is a good day to teach the person. The best part is when you both trip and fall, just like how you both fell in love. Isn’t that romantic? and a bit painful.

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62.  Sing Your Heart Out at Karaoke

Another romantic way to spend your valentine is by serenading your lover at the karaoke bar with your melodious voice. Even if your voice isn’t great to other listeners, do not worry, love is deaf as much as it is blind. So even when you sing terribly, it would be OK or melodious to your lover.

63.  Play at an Arcade

Are you in the mood for some old fashioned arcade games? Head out to an Arcade center and play lots of games together with your spouse and even play in competition and set a nice romantic reward for whoever wins.

64.  Go to a Jazz Club

Ever tried Valentine jazz? It’s jazz laced with extra love. Valentine’s day is a good day to hit the jazz club with your lover and fill your hearts with the jazz of Valentine. 

65.  A Bonfire night

Sitting in front of the flickering flames in a pitch-black Valentine night with your Val next to you or snuggled up with you, profusing your undying love to each other, listening and telling old tales. Such a moment is priceless

Bonfire night

66.  Dancing class

If you or your spouse wish you could dance a particular type of step but haven’t had time to learn it, Valentine is a good day to head over to the nearest dance studio and dance all day together with your Val.

67.  A Ghost Tour

Are you in the mood for some creepy adventures? Why don’t you pack a little survival kit for you and your Val and head down to a ghost town and explore the whole place? It will be super thrilling and somewhat scary so prepare to have fun.

68.  A Tour of Your Favorite Places

On Valentine’s day, you can take your spouse on a tour to some of your favorite places and show them what makes the place so special. They may end up loving the place more than you do.

69.  A Trip to the Candy Store

Nothing too fancy here. You and your spouse could spend part of your Valentine day at the candy store close by, tasting new flavors you have never tried before.

70.  A Basketball or Hockey Game

Is there a hockey or basketball game playing on 14th February close to you? Is your lover also a game lover like you? If yes to both questions, then the perfect way to spend your Valentine would be to watch the game on that day.

71.  Shopping

Some persons feel loved when they are showered with gifts, the more the merrier. If you have such a spouse and have a reasonable amount of money to burn, you should consider taking you Val on a shopping spree this Valentine.

Spending Valentine's Day shopping

72. A Water Park

Not everyone has a water park in their neighborhood, but for those who have one around, it is a fun way to spend your bright and sunny Valentine day

73.  A Comedy Show

Do you feel like laughing your hearts out on Valentine’s day? Then search no further. All you have to do is binge on online comedy shows or go to a live one

74.  A Relaxing Spa Day

The year just started, but it has already been filled with too much stress. You can spend your Valentine’s day with your spouse at a spar parlor releasing all the toxic stress of the year.

75.  An Escape Room

Who said Valentine should only be about butterfly stomach activities. If you and your lover are fans of dark humor, then you both might enjoy spending your Valentine’s day in an escape room. 

76. A Bike Ride

I can almost picture this. Sleek bike, both of you in a black leather jacket with helmets on, the girl holding her lover tight from the back, while they ride to the sunset. Does that sound appetizing to you?

Couple bike riding

77.  An Amusement Park

This tops the chart of having fun on Valentine’s day. Make sure you pick the right clothing for this one, you do not want your clothe to limit the amount of fun you should have at the amusement park on that day. 

78.  A Sunset (or Sunrise) Watch

This is an ancient romantic tradition passed down over the ages. Watching the sunrise or fall across the horizon with its golden light reflecting on everything in its path including the heart of the 2 lovers watching it is a very romantic way to spend your Valentine’s day.

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79.  Glamping

Who wants to connect with nature in a luxurious style? Glamping is the thing for you. It’s basically camping with luxurious modern amenities. You can try it the Valentine with your spouse

Ways to spend Valentine's Day

80.  Your Favorite Band

Is your favorite band in town this Val? Why don’t you go watch them perform live?

81.  Send your partner on a treasure hunt

Speaking of romance and mystery. Put trails for your lover to follow to get to the ultimate prize. Here, the world is your playground. Get super creative and place the clues in the right places. The treasure can be anything romantic, even your bedroom can be the treasure if you decorate it for the occasion. 

82.  Take a trip

You can take a trip to any place you feel is right for the day. There is no right or wrong place, just take the trip. It can even be a road trip. The focus here is the journey and not the destination.

83.  Go for a run

I am pretty sure you never expected this. Well, what can I say? I am full of surprises. If running together sounds right for you, then go for it. No glitters, no glamor, just sweat and a healthy heart to love more.

84.  Go for a romantic walk

Take an evening walk with your lover in hand, and enjoy the companionship of one another while you show the whole world who stole your heart away.

Romantic walk

85.  Go to Your Local Bookstore

This is for the intellectual couples, those who find the smell of library books romantic and appealing. You can spend your whole day at the local bookstore reading anything about love together.

86.  Plan a Mini Getaway

You can also spend your Valentine in a mini getaway at any location of you and your lover’s choosing. Plan for a one day mini getaway and have your lover all to yourself

Couple spending Valentine on a vacation

87.  Visit a hunted house

Love and horror is a combination not for the feint hearted. If you wish to do something scary on Valentine day, then this should top your list. Visit any hunted house around you with you lover and get the thrills loaded with love

88.  Cross an item off their bucket list

We all have bucket lists. Some of us are lucky to have crossed a few things off and some haven’t even started. A good way to spend this Val is by crossing off an item on both of your bucket lists. Pick an item that can be done this Val and smash it.

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89.  Bring their wildest fantasy to pass

What is your wildest fantasy? It’s high time it came to pass. I hope it’s something your partner would enjoy as well because the day is for both of you so don’t do any selfish act.

90.  Visit a fun fare 

Not everyone is lucky to have this around. If you do have one around your reach, you can spend your Valentine day having limitless fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend all day long

91.  Rent an expensive supercar or mobile home for a day

How about spending your Valentine day in style and glamour. Rent a supercar or luxurious mobile home and drive around the city with your spouse the whole day in luxury.

92.  Walk on the Beach

Walk on the beach has always been a romantic way to spend time with a loved one. That makes it a perfect activity to try this Valentine with a special person

93.  Watch the ocean

Sitting on the shore, with your bodies intertwined together, watching the waves of the ocean rise and fall at your feet. If you love the sound of that, you should try it out this Valentine’s Day 

How to spend your Valentine's Day


94.  Romantic surprise

Your Valentine’s Day activity can be a romantic surprise. You know your partner better than anyone, so what do you think she would love. Then surprise her/him with it.

95.  Confuse your love to your lover to an audience

For Valentine’s day, you can pause a crowd (it could be your classmates or schoolmates, even colleagues at work) in the presence of your Val and profuse your deep passionate love in whichever way you deem fit.

96.  Propose to her

If you truly love her and you are emotionally and financially capable of having a family, why wait any longer. Buy a beautiful ring and pop the question on Valentine’s Day 

Propose on Valentine day

97.  Visit a charity home together 

As part of your Valentine’s Day activity, you can take your spouse to an orphanage home or an old people’s home and spread love to them through gifts and assistance.

98.  Combine some activities together

We have listed over 90 activities to do with your spouse this Valentine. Our last option is for you to combine as many numbers as you like and try them this Valentine. 

99.  Watch soccer matches

It has become a norm that every Valentine’s day, top football clubs will play against themselves. This year is no exception. If you or your spouse is a die-hard football fan, you both can spend the whole day streaming the matches live or go directly to the stadium to watch one

100.  Hit the club

Nothing like some music to get your groove on. If you’re all for fun activities, try visiting nightclubs you’ve both never been to. Don’t sit in a corner all night. Unleash your dance moves. It doesn’t matter if you have none, just dance. 

Steer clear of fights, pills, and drugs. None of these is good for you. Just have fun with your partner, and enjoy the night!

Dancing at the club

Thanks for staying to the end. I wish you all the best of love as your shower love to your loved one this Valentine. Have a nice day.

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