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12 Strong Signs to Know He Loves You.

Have you ever wished you could read the minds of others, especially the males? That way you can easily know what is going on in his head and know if he loves you or not.

However, the biggest and most painful truth is that you are not mind-readers neither are you God who can look into the hearts of men. So rather than trying to achieve the present impossible (mind-reading), we can try knowing if he loves you or not through the signs he gives out.

Every action a person makes is a result of the contents of his/her mind. So, if a guy loves you, the signs will show through his actions.

Signs to Know He Loves You

Here are 12 signs that prove he loves you:

  1. He gives you his full attention
  2. Always trying to make you happy
  3. Your opinion matters a lot to him
  4. He never forgets any of your important days
  5. You always look beautiful to him
  6. Gives you gifts
  7. Can’t stand the sight of you in pain
  8. Tries to always be your knight in shiny armor
  9. Always want to prolong every little body contact
  10. You catch him staring at you
  11. Social media staking you
  12. Trying to like the things you like


1. He gives you his full attention:

This is one of the strongest and most visible signs you will notice if he loves you. He will always try to get close to you; he wants to chat longer with you, also he can skip all the excitement of a cool party or guys beer time just to sit and chat with you. Tries his best to make sure he replies all your messages as fast as he can. He is doing all this to make you understand that he’s into you.

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2. Always trying to make you happy:

He might not be the best comedian in the world but he can go the extra mile just to make you laugh, even if he has to do something silly in order to get you to laugh. If he finds out you are sad or moody, he will make it his life mission to ensure he puts a smile on your beautiful face.

3. Your opinion matters a lot to him

When a guy loves you, he holds your opinion in high regard. Say a word and it will have more weight than the words of other people in his life. If you begin to notice he is always keen to get your opinion on important matters in his life, it means you are no more an ordinary friend.

You being more than an ordinary friend doesn’t necessarily mean he likes you. Here is a little secret to know if he loves you for sure. Have your opinion now suddenly supersede the opinions of his other loved ones? If it has, then there is no doubt that he loves you.

How to know he loves you

4. He never forgets any of your important days:

Writing this, something just popped into my head; most married couples forget their partner’s birthdays or other special days. Does this mean that they don’t love their partners anymore? I’ll address this in a future post. That aside, one of the ways to know he loves you is, he will never forget any day that is special to you which he knows of, especially birthdays. He might even be the one to remind you it’s your birthday, some might go a bit further by trying hard to make sure they are the ones to send you good wishes before everyone else.

5. You always look beautiful to him:

He always compliments you on how beautiful you look even when you think you look shabby, even if you are just waking up in the morning or you got your makeup wrong on that day, he will still think you are beautiful. Most shy guys may not always have the courage to tell you that you are beautiful but you will always see it in his eyes and his smile.

6. He gives you gifts:

It doesn’t have to be a million-dollar gift, it could be something so simple like his favorite pen or a flower he picked that reminds him of you, or a necklace he thinks will match your beautiful eyes. What really matters is the emotional cost rather than the monetary cost because the latter is limited to the amount spent in acquiring the item, while the former overlooks the cost and focuses on the emotions behind the gift.

7. Can’t stand the sight of you in pain:

It’s a known fact that those who love us can’t stand to see us in pain. A guy who loves you would not love to see you in pain or intentionally hurt you. When you’re in pain, he would do his best to relieve your distress.

Sick girlfriend

8. Tries to always be your knight in shiny armor:

He might not be a brave fellow but once you get into trouble, he will start feeling like a knight ready to battle a dragon for the maiden he loves. That’s why you would always see him trying to rescue you from any problem you get into.

9. Always want to prolong every little body contact:

From holding just your hands to hugs, he would love to prolong any body contact with you no matter how small it may be. All you have to do is to read his body reaction to your slight touch and know if he is trying to prolong it or just want to cut it off. It’s a clear sign to know he loves you

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10. You catch him staring at you:

Have you caught him staring at you more than three times before? The first might be an accident, the second might be coincident but the third? There definitely is something going on in his mind about you. As long as he’s not an assassin who is after you. If he isn’t, then I think you’ve got an admirer. Now it’s time for you to decide if he’s cute enough or macho or anything you really love in a guy.

11. Social media staking you:

I think most girls are guilty of this; scouring the internet for all his social media accounts, admiring his photos, and asking God how he could be so perfect. What you didn’t know is that guys do this too. Most guys crushing on you would check out your profile online, and like your pictures even ones from 6 months ago, hoping you won’t find it creepy.

On the other hand, most guys may scroll through your page several times a day without hitting the like button. That’s the reason why this sign may be hard to spot in most cases.

Facebook crush

12. Trying to like the things you like:

I’ve done this before and still do this. There was this particular meal I didn’t like. When I fell in love with my girlfriend, she told me about one of the meals she loves. Life is funny as usual played a cruel joke on me and the meal I disliked was the one she loved. Guess what? 3 months later, the meal I had disliked for 4 years also became one of my favorites.


This same thing happens to most guys when they fall for a girl. Some who didn’t like a particular hobby or activity may end up loving or at least, tolerating such hobby down the line. it is a true sign to know if he loves you.