Weird turn-on for guys

11 Weirdest Turn-on for Guys That Would Blow Your Mind

We all know that a girl in sexy lingerie or mini skirt can turn on any guy. But I bet you didn’t know of these 11 freakishly weird things that can also turn on some guys.

You should take a seat right now if you are standing because what you are about to read will really surprise you.

After you are done with reading the post, I would like you to comment on which of them you think is the weirdest.

1.  Golden shower

For those who don’t know what it means, a golden shower is when a person pees on the other person. It’s usually done when having sex with someone who gets turned on when they are peed on or when they pee on the other person.

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2.  Dirty panties

This is a really weird turn on for guys because a normal person should be disgusted by dirty panties, but some guys don’t just find this NOT disgusting but are actually turned on by it.

3.  Bare feet

This is weird to people who see a person’s foot as just foot and probably dirty. But to some other guys, it means the world. They would treat the leg and toes like it’s the most precious thing on a woman’s body.

The number of people who get turned on by a girl’s feet is on the rise, so I don’t know if it still qualifies as a weird turn on.

If you think this is still a weird turn on, then let me know in the comment section.

4.  Prisoners undies

I couldn’t actually believe this was real, this tops the chart of world weirdest turn on for guys. Some guys get so turned on from female prisoner panties that they are willing to pay to buy one. It’s sold in different types, duration she wore it before changing and if she is pregnant, etc. Don’t ask me how I know of this, just know it’s real.

5. Inhaling fart

This is funny but it isn’t that weird (not because it’s a turn for me). I just think a lot of guys might fall into this category.

Inhaling the fart of their loved one can be a serious turn on to some guys. In fact, some can go as far as inducing the person to fart when needed with food, it’s just my speculation though.

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6. Pregnant women undies

Weird but cool to some guys especially the married folks. The undies of a pregnant woman can be a big No-No to many people out there, but there are a selected few who are seriously turned on by this.

This is more powerful if they love the one who owns the undies.

7. Pooping on lovers face

When I heard of this I felt like throwing up, especially how it was described to me. This is not just weird, it’s also disgusting to me. It’s also called “coprophilia”

I once read an Instagram story of how a girl was paid huge money to allow the man to give her a golden shower and then poop on her face.

She said she was ok with the golden shower because her boyfriend used to do it to her once in a while. But when it got to the pooping on her face, she couldn’t take it. She pushed the man off and ended it.

So there you have it, this is a real turn on for a few guys out there.

8.  Animal sex

Bestiality the act of having sex with animals, I think this is ban in many countries, but banning it in a country doesn’t stop some people from craving for it.

A lot of stories have come out on this one for ages now. It can even be sited in the bible (Leviticus 20:15-16) and to this very day, some people still get turned on by this to date and practice it secretly. This is a really weird turn on and the sight of it can really be disturbing and it’s an abomination before God

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9.  Girls peeing

Watching as she bends down, undress just a bit to be able to pee, then voila it starts pouring. That whole scenario would give some guys a boner.

Yes, it’s weird, but it happens. Some watch it all day on the internet nonstop.

10.  Intimidation

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this on “A Thousand Ways to Die”. A few guys out there love it when a stronger woman manhandle them.

As she displays her dominance over him, he gets turned on. Instead of pain, he feels pleasure. This is truly a weird turn on for guys but to those who like it, it means the world.

11.  Throwing up

Still on the show “A Thousand Ways to Die” I watched an episode where a guy who just finished a hot dog eating contest was approached by a girl in the restroom when he was about to freshen up. The girl wanted to have sex with him but she wanted him to vomit all he had eaten on her because it turns her on.

After watching the program, I did some research and found out it’s called “Emetophilia” and it’s not just a girl thing, some guys also love it. But this is very rare.


Don’t forget to comment on which of these you think is the weirdest of them all, I will be waiting for the comments.