Have you ever heard a guy make a statement like “God forbid, I can’t have anything to do with that girl”. That statement simply means he has seen something in that girl that turns him completely off.

In order to avoid turning off the wrong guy (your crush or boyfriend), you need to know what turns guys off and tread carefully in those aspects.

12 Biggest Guys turn-offs to watch out for

1.  Dirtiness:

Let me first throw this question to you. Do you like a dirty guy? I am pretty sure the answer is NO. The same thing applies to a guy when a girl is dirty it repels guys from getting close to her.

Body odor is another strong turn off for guys. I have heard of guys who had to run very fast when they tried going close to a girl and she had strong body odor. The same thing goes for bad breathe.

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2.  Snubbing:

This is one of the biggest turn-offs for guys regardless of age and race. Snubbing a guy with hurting him deeply and what’s worst than just snubbing him is snubbing him in public.

Many girls already know this, yet they still end up snubbing the good guys. I really understand that as a very pretty girl, many guys will be flocking around and trying to get you.

You don’t necessarily have to snub every guy you don’t like. There are other ways of saying “NO” to guys without snubbing them.

worried guy

3.  Lack of respect:

No one is asking you to become any guy’s slave or doormat all in the name of being respect, that’s far from it. What I am only asking is for you to treat the guys that come your way with a little respect.

Also, when a girl comes on too strong and acting like a man and in extreme cases, feeling superior to all every guy they meet. It’s a major turn off for guys to this day.

4.  Rudeness:

This list of turn-offs for guys won’t be complete if I didn’t add rudeness. Girls who fall into this category are expert in chasing guys away from them. No guy wants to be humiliated by a girl either in private or public.

If you really want guys to come around you more often, you should keep your rude side in check.

Learn how to control your anger and stop flaming up easily and also learn how to save your rudeness to mean people who really really deserve it and not every guy who tries to get close to you

5.  Selfish:

This one applies to everyone, both males and females. Being selfish will naturally get you fewer friends or just a bunch of equally selfish people.

When a girl acts selfishly in everything she does, it automatically turns guys off. Do you know that there are guys who really like you and monitor you from a mile away till they are sure it’s safe to get close to you?

And they might never come up to you if they realize you are too selfish.

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6.  Weirdos:

It’s no new thing that people tend to stay away from people who look different from them, that’s why racism still exists. Let’s not get sidetracked, we are talking about turn-offs for guys.

If a girl starts acting weird or naturally acts weird, she will surely turn off a lot of guys. It’s just natural.

7.  Stronger or bigger than them

“Intimidation” This is a BIG!!!!! Turn off to guys. Guys tend to run away from girls who look physically stronger than them or any girl that can intimidate him.

It’s not like they plan on going for the ones who looks less intimidating so they can turn her into a punching bag (if you are a guy reading this, NEVER lay your hands on a lady. It doesn’t make you stronger, instead it means you are a coward who deserves to be shot in the balls).

Guys take girls as their baby, someone who they are to pet and are naturally soft. When that isn’t in the equation, it turns them off.

8.  Low sexual drive:

A typical guy is always ready for some actions. He will be mind blown by your body and won’t be able to stop his hands from trying to surf your body.

Many times, does harmless body surfing ends up turning into make outs or full-blown sex.

The major turn off comes when you ain’t the type of person that likes sex that much. You do enjoy it, but you don’t just like it to be repeated multiple times a day or a week.

Such a low sexual drive can really turn off the guy. Especially if he has a huge appetite for it.

9.  Cheating

This is should also be included in deal breakers in relationships. Cheating on a guy who loves you very very deeply is a major turn off.

The thought of another guy feeling you like he does or going places that were meant for only him can really crush his feelings and turn him off.

But in modern times, things are beginning to change. People are beginning to love so deep and strong, that they are willing to forgive the one who cheated just so they wouldn’t go.

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10.  Indecision

I really think there is nothing more annoying than a girl who doesn’t know what she wants. One minute she wants this and the other minute she wants something completely different. This is also a major turn off for guys.

A friend walked up to me recently and told me he will no longer try to win a girl over that he likes, his reason was that “she doesn’t know what she wants”  and he is tired of waiting around.

My best friend also told me this when he realized the girl he has had a huge crush on the longest do not know what she wants. She couldn’t pick between him and another guy who also had an interest in her. After he tried for months if not a year, he gave up trying to make her decide and just left.

Biggest turn offs for guys

11.  Boring girls

Who likes a boring person? Do you even like a boring guy? Someone who can’t spice things up, a guy who is literally incapable of having fun.

The same thing applies to guys, no guy wants a girl who is too dull. Some girls don’t know who to strike a conversation with their partner’s friends.

And when its time for some fun activities, they plead the 5th. No guys want that, except he is a loner too. Even loners very often fall in love with proactive girls.

So being boring as a girl is a big turn-off for a guy.

12.  Ugliness

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”

Many girls try to use this saying to cover the fact that they ain’t pretty and do not want to move a muscle to prove a bit.

Yes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But that doesn’t mean you won’t make any effort to improve what you gat.

Some girls are really ugly and they don’t want to try and make some changes in fashion or hairstyle and packaging in other to enhance the little beauty they have.

Guys are really turned off by this. So, if you ain’t pretty then you have some work to do if you do not want to turn off most guys who would meet you.


Other minor turn offs for guys

1.  Girls who form a lot

There is a big difference between having high confidence and being classy from downright forming. Girls who form are girls who right gat nothing but behave like they have the world. Guys really dislike this and it turns them off

2.  Dumb girls who choose to remain dumb

I am pretty sure you know some girls who fall into this category. Some girls are just too dumb, guys usually try to take advantage of their dumbness but nothing more than that.

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3.  Nagging

Another minor turn off for guys is nagging. As a girl, you need to know when he can’t take any more complaining. Just give him time to process all you have told him.

Continuous nagging doesn’t help anyone. instead, it pushes him away and turns him off more.

4.  Insults

No one likes being insulted or called bad names, especially in the public. So this can really turn a guy off if you have the habit of insulting him.

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