It’s a lot easier for a girl to notice a guy who is into her. When it comes to the guys, it becomes a different ball game. It’s like every girl has this secret girl code to never be the one to tell the guys they are in love with them. This is the reason why we guys have to mainly rely on signs and body language to decode the secret girl code and find out if she likes you more than a friend.

Here are 12 signs she likes you more than a friend.

1.  Starts up a conversation with you frequently

Girls are not the type to strike up random conversations with one particular boy all the time. When a girl is trying her best to start up a conversation with you regularly and put in her best effort to make the conversation stick, just know she likes you. She is only doing that to get you to focus on her and spend some quality time with you.

2.  Mood changes at the sight of you with another girl

One very powerful sign she definitely likes you more than a friend is when she sights you chatting happily with another girl or sees another girl flirting on you, she will have an instant change of mood.

Notice I was careful not to use the word “Jealous”. The reason why I didn’t use the word “jealous” is because she will never agree it’s jealousy. But frankly, it means the same thing.

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3.  Goes the extra mile for you

You can walk a mile for a friend, but the moment you walk the extra mile for a person, that person becomes more than a friend. The same thing applies here. Take note at how she treats other friends, is that the same way she is treating you, or is your treatment special? If your treatment is special then ask yourself, Are you her best friend? If “NO” then it’s definitely a huge sign that she likes you more than a friend.

4. Smiles when she sees you

Suddenly starts glowing in your presence. There is this special smile a person has when they sight the one whom they love. Though this sign is harder to spot because she might wipe it off the moment she notices you are about to look in her direction. But sometimes, they just can’t hold back, especially when they miss you a lot.

smiling school girl

5. Focus on you in a crowd

“When everyone is talking, no one is talking”. That phrase is not true when it comes to matters of the heart. When she is in a group conversation with you and someone else at the same time, she first pays attention to you before the next person.

I have personally seen this one play out a million times. The most memorable was when I was discussing with my male best friend and a female friend. I and my bestie were both talking to her about a slightly different topic, I noticed how she mainly focused on the words that came out of his mouth than mine. Initially I thought it’s just a random event. But when I noticed her do that same thing this time to another boy who was talking to her at the same time as my best friend. BINGO!!! She definitely likes him more than just a friend.

6. Grabs every little opportunity to be close to you

If this doesn’t scream “SHE LIKES YOU MORE THAN A FRIEND!!!” to you, I wonder what will. It’s normal and can be said to be random when a girl coincidentally finds her way close to you on one occasion.

But the instant you notice she’s beginning to do the things she normally wouldn’t do just because it would make her stay close to you, know for sure that she has something on you.

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7.  Acts flirty around you

Wondering how to know if a girl likes you more than a friend? This sign will definitely clarify things. Be careful with this sign, it can get you burnt.

Some girls are naturally flirty, while the others only get flirty with you when they want something from you or just want to get intimate with you and that’s definitely not what they want with “JUST A FRIEND”.

The key here is knowing the type of girl she is first and try to figure out why she is acting flirty around you.

Here is a helpful tip: if she just wants something from you, it would be onetime stuff. Also, it would usually end with her making the request. But if it’s more than once and she hasn’t made any request, then she definitely likes you more than a friend.

flirting in the office

8.  Blush differently when you compliment her

With you, everything is magnified. A simple compliment that another guy would give her and she will smile politely to and brush it off. When you give her the same compliment, she will react completely different to it. The key to spotting this sign is to first know how she reacts to a compliment from friends, then match it with her reaction to yours.

9.  Being protective over you

“Your wonder woman in a time of danger”. She jumps to your aid when you are in trouble. She fights for you in her own way when the time comes. A girl that likes you can’t stand another person bad-mouthing you.

10.  Care a lot about your opinion

When a girl likes you more than a friend, your opinion would weigh more than any other friend she has. In a time of indecision, she automatically decides in your favor. Once you start noticing she favors your opinion more than her other friends, just know it’s a sign she likes you more than a friend.

11.  Takes keen interest on the things you love

This sign shows clearly when you have something you are very passionate about. Most people will just admire your passion from a distance or even think it’s silly. But when a girl loves you more than a friend, she would begin to pick interest in your passion and start trying to see them in the same light as you. This sign alone isn’t strong enough for you to jump into a conclusion. It gets its strength when you combine it with other signs.

12.  Laughs at all your jokes even the ones that are not funny

This is one of the most common of all the signs and probably the easiest to notice. You don’t have to be a joker to make a girl that likes you laugh. A girl who clearly likes you a lot will find all your jokes funny. Jokes other people may and may not find funny will be funny to her. She becomes attracted to your sense of humor.


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