Some may believe it is impossible to tell if a man wants to marry you or not. But the truth is, no matter how well he tries to hide it, there will always be signs of his real intention in his actions. So today, we will be looking at 15 of those notable signs that indicate he wants to marry you.


1.  He includes you in his future plans

It’s only a man who sees you in his future that will include you in his future plans. If you have noticed on several occasions that he keeps including you in plans he has for the future, there is a high chance that he already has plans to marry you so you can be part of that future for sure.

2.  He brings up marriage talks some times

Trust me on this, hardly will any man bring up marriage talk by himself in a relationship. Talks about walking down the aisle with you or how honeymoon would be like. Men who have no intention of marrying you won’t ever bring up the topic on their own. So if he daydreams of your wedding day, it’s a sign he wants to marry you in the future.

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3.  He talks about how he wants his own family to be like

This is similar to the marriage talks but this one is a bit more intimate. Talks of how many kids he wants and how he would like his home to be is only shared by a man in a relationship he believes is leading to marriage. He is telling you before time so you can be aware of what he has already planned because he believes you will be part of it.

4.  He wants to meet your family

A lot of guys dread this move a lot. There is this age-long stigma that is placed on meeting your partner’s family. Usually, your continuous relationship with that person lies in the acceptance of you by the family. Plus going to meet a girl’s family is like screaming “I want to marry your daughter!!!” and when he gets there, the parents are likely to ask him of his plans with their daughter. So if he isn’t planning to marry you, he wouldn’t want to go through all that.

5.  He introduces you to his family

This isn’t a really strong sign that he wants to marry you, because it’s becoming common these days and even playboys do it to trick a girl. It becomes a strong sign he wants to marry you when he is a person that holds his family in high regard. Such a man will only introduce a lady officially to his family when he has the intention to marry her.

Family dinner
He introduce you to his family

6.  He defends you in front of his family

“Bros before whores” I am pretty sure you are familiar with that phrase. It’s one of the guys code. The instant a man starts putting you before his family, he has started seeing you like his own family and not just a girlfriend. That’s a sign he wants to marry you. By putting you in front of his family, he is putting his honor on the line. He is telling them that you are his potential wife.

7.  You have access things he holds dearly

Access to his finances, house, business place, etc. These are things men don’t joke with easily no matter what. The moment he starts giving you access to things he holds next to his heart, it is a strong indication he has intentions of marrying you.

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8.  He is proud to call you his girl

This isn’t a really good sign either but it’s worth mentioning. Guys are really possessive and territorial. When he likes something so much that he can proudly show it to his friends and flaunt to the world, he won’t want anyone to take it from him. The same thing applies to marriage. If he is really proud to call you his girl, he may already have the intention to make it legal.

But be careful on this one, it should not be the main reason why he wants to marry you. Because after tying you with a ring, he can change very fast.

9.  He wants the best for you

This isn’t just about buying the most expensive gifts for you. A lot of guys can do that for a girl who is great in bed. This goes beyond what money can buy. It has to do with giving you the best things in life, bringing out the best version of you the world hasn’t seen yet, being your pillar as you stretch yourself to achieve your dreams. Any guy who tries to do such things has no plans about letting you go for another man. So this is a great sign that he wants to marry you.

10.  He is still head over heels in love with you

It’s been a long time of being together and he still looks at you with love like the first time you started dating him. He still does crazy things for you. He still says “I Love You” and means every word. That’s a huge sign he has plans of marrying you. A man can’t love a woman that much and toss her out at the littlest thing.

11.  He is scared of losing you

Has he told you how scared he is of losing you to another person? Does he still get jealous because of another guy who just entered your life? Him showing any sign he is scared of losing you is a good indicator that he wouldn’t want you to be available in the market for long.

12.  You are the only girl in his world

I don’t mean this literally. You obviously can’t be the only girl physically in his world. But when a guy has eyes for only you, when other girls don’t move him anymore, he is faithful to you genuinely, such a man has every intention of marrying you when the time is right.

when he wants to marry you
The only girl in his world

13.  He has something to gain by marrying you

This one is pretty obvious. When marrying you is a means to him achieving what he wants, he will try to ensure he gets married to you. If he wants a green card or he wants the inheritance left for you or he is just broke and want all your money to be his or wants to be married for a promotion at work. Things like these can make a man pop the question a lot faster. So be very watchful for such reasons.

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14.  He tells you he sees himself marrying you

Plain simple “I would like to marry you when I have ….” At this point, you don’t need to a magician to tell you he wants to marry you. The problem with this is, many guys say this a lot without meaning it when they notice the girl wants to get married. If you are dating a very honest man and he tells you he wants to marry you, it’s no more just a sign, it’s a fact that he wants to marry you.

15.  You are good in bed

I am sure most of you didn’t think this would be part of the list, you are almost right. The only reason why it’s coming into the list is that bed game is becoming an important factor guys now consider before getting married. If you are really good in bed, it can make him not want to leave you. But the truth is that this factor alone is NEVER enough to make him marry you, it’s just a compliment of the real deal.

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