I won’t claim to be a pro in dating, but I have been in a relationship for over 3 years. Within those years, we have never taken a break or fallen out of love even for one second. It is from these rich 3 years of dating that I got the inspiration to write these 18 dating tips for men. Hope it helps you achieve a better dating experience.

1.  Respect your lady

Dating tips 101, never disrespect a lady. All ladies, I repeat, all ladies want to be respected in their relationships. Respect her wishes, needs, alone time, job, body, and feelings.

2.  Good personal hygiene

This should be something you are already practicing regardless of you dating a lady or not. Your lady is meant to enjoy your scent and not run from it. If you are in a relationship and your ladyfriend keeps hinting on your body or oral odor, then you have some work to do.

3.  Don’t keep a lady waiting

This is another dating tip that can raise your score with the ladies. It’s been like an age-long tradition that the men do the waiting and the ladies take their time in looking pretty for you. So if you are going on a date with your lady, don’t just try, be there on time. Don’t keep her waiting.

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4.  Be a man of your words

Less and less of such men exist in the world today. Be a man of your words. A man’s words are his honor. Don’t make any promise you can’t keep. If you tell your lady you would do something for her, don’t come up with excuses, just do it and do it well.

5.  Never cause her to cry

Dating is meant to fill a person with love and joy. The world is filled with a lot of reasons to make one cry from the day he is born until the day he dies. Just don’t be part of anything that would cause your lady to shed tears.

6.  Be friends with your ladyfriend’s friends

This is a dating tip that can potentially make your relationship last longer. Peer pressure is really powerful. If your lady has a clique of friends, then you have to make them your friends as well. The last thing you want is spending all your time trying to keep her love and her friends keep giving her a million reasons why you are a douche bag.

7.  Treat her like a queen

Every lady wants to be treated like the queen they are. They want a man who will worship the ground they walk on. A man who would treat her as royalty, who would treat her like the only lady in the world. So this is a really important dating tip.

Treating her like a queen

8.  Win her family’s love

“Blood is thicker than water”. It is very important you have her family’s backing when dating her. They can make or break your relationship regardless of age. Even if she isn’t on good terms with her family, you have to still win their love. You can easily do that by being a key player in mending her relationship with her family.

9.  Know her love language and use it always

The 5 languages have been widely talked about since Dr. Chapman wrote on it in his book “The five languages of love”. But if you haven’t heard of it before, you can read the summarized version here Understanding The 5 Languages of Love (Simplified For You). The key to making her always feel loved is loving her through her love language first. So discover her love language and always express your love first in that language.

10.  Act like a man

You have a pair of balls, use them. She needs a defender, she needs to know she is in safe hands when she is with you. You don’t have to be the strongest man in the world to achieve this. Simply make show she is safe whenever she is close to you.

11.  Include her in decision making

We ain’t in the 18th century were women’s role ends in household management. Women are a lot smarter and bolder now. So try to include her in the decision making but still have the last say as a man.

12.  Be romantic

When you were chasing her, I am pretty certain you were as romantic as you could be. When you start dating her, don’t stop being romantic for anything in the world. Find new creative ways to be more romantic to your lady.

13.  Think of only her and no other lady

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. The mind is the bedrock of all our actions. If you really want to remain faithful to only her, it has to start from the mind. You can’t be thinking of getting down and dirty with 3 other ladies and still think you would remain faithful to her. One day, you would cheat on your lady when the other ladies you have thought about frequently make a pass on you.

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14.  Dress to kill

This is a bonus tip. You should even pay for this one, but I love my readers so much so I will give it out for free. Dressing matters a lot when dating. Can you date a lady in rags? (not referring to torn bum shorts :)) Same with the ladies, they don’t want to date a shagged looking guy.

When you are dating, you ain’t just dressing for yourself, you are also dressing to impress your lady’s friends. Not just your lady’s friends, but also to impress other people so they can know your lady made the right pick.

The bottom line is, dress to kill.

Dating tips for men in love

15.  Tell her the truth

“The truth will set you free”. Should I be totally honest with you? Not every lady wants a man to be 100% truthful all the time. Some ladies prefer their man to lie when it’s necessary. But for the Ladies out there who love their man to be 100% honest, you have to always come clean with them.

16.  Be available in hard times

Being available in times of crisis for your lady would mean a lot to her. It tells her you are not just there for the rosy days, but your love and commitment to her never wavers even on rainy days.

Another additional benefit of being available in hard times is after that crisis passes away, she would love you much more for being there.

17.  Don’t just be good, be great in bed

I kept the best for last. You don’t have to be a machine in bed to have a great relationship. But it would go a long way if you are a gentle man in public and a machine in bed. Be the best she has ever had. Become great in bed to the point she keeps fantasizing about the next time.

18.  Never break her trust in you

“When trust is broken, it can never return to its original shape”. Do not joke with this last dating tip for men. Your lady trusts you in so many areas, that’s probably why she said yes in the first place. But if you break her trust in you, it would start making her doubt you in the other areas she had trusted you in. And that might lead to the end of the relationship.

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