Over 200 emotional breakup statuses you can easily post on any of your social media accounts by just copying and pasting.

WhatsApp Breakup Statuses

Heartfelt breakup statuses you can post on your WhatsApp status for him or her:

Breakup status

1.  No matter how much you prepare for the end, it would still hurt as if it took you by surprise.

2.  The only way I’m coming back to you is if you’re dreaming.

3. My pillow; a miserable book of your name written with my tears Click To Tweet

4.  This is why I prefer keeping my feelings to myself. It’s just too hard for others to understand.

5.  Some day, you will look back to what we had and regret every action you took to let it end. 

6.  I’m broken, mad, stabbed, angry. But guess what? I will dust myself up, put a smile on my face and move on. You don’t deserve my tears.

7.  It burns, but I guess it will heal with time.

8.  It hurts now, but it will be a funny memory someday.

9.  I can take the pain of a knife ripping through my skin, but why can’t I bear it in my heart. It hurts.

10. Even with all the overwhelming evidence that it was all a lie, my heart can't still let go. Why Click To Tweet

Breakup status for whatsapp

11.  Over a million toys to play with, yet you chose my heart.

12.  I was not a philanderer; I was helpless.

13.  The tears come pouring when you realize it was all a lie. 😢

14.  I guess the butterflies in our stomachs all flew away.

15.  How many frogs do I have to kiss before finding the prince? Is there even a prince anymore?

16. True love is built with both hands, but I guess yours was too busy in her skirt. Click To Tweet

17.  I guess I was only a game to you. You dropped me when things got hard.

18.  There comes the point in every journey where you either turn back or double your efforts. I guess you chose the easy way out.

19.  I guess to let you go, my heart must be torn because you were all that was in it.

20.  You weren’t just my heart; You were the blood coursing through my vein. That’s why I feel dead inside without you.

WhatsApp breakup status

21.  I don’t miss him; I only miss who I thought he was. #disappointed.

22.  It feels like someone dropped a bomb in my heart.

23.  Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer give a damn.

24. I am not angry at you for what you did to me. I am angry at myself for letting you do it. Click To Tweet

25.  I guess this is the end.

26.  When you walk out that door, there is no going back.

27.  Don’t worry about me; I will be fine.😓

28.  Why is moving on so damn hard?

29.  Will you even miss me?

30. Even after picking up the pieces of what's left of my heart, it still beats for you.😔 Click To Tweet

Breakup status for her

31.  It isn’t the heartbreak that hurts; it’s the number of times I have been played for a fool and still never learned.

32.  I dived too deep and loved too hard, only to have you walk away. I’ve learned the hard way.

33. Forgive who hurts you, but never forget the lesson it taught you. Click To Tweet

34.  Woke up this morning to realize I deserve better.

35.  You promised you’ll never say goodbye. I was a fool to believe you.

36.  I wasted my time trying to make it work. In the end, it didn’t work, and it left me too exhausted to breathe.

37. The darkest nights produce the brightest stars. Click To Tweet

38.  One thing is certain; the world doesn’t stop because your heart is broken. So the quicker you get back into the game, the better for you.

39.  I know I said I would be OK, but that was a lie. My heart can’t stop bleeding.

40.  I will be the best you ever had.

Good girl breakup status

41.  Good girls are the best, but it’s just sad that they get hurt the most.

42.  One day you will look in the mirror and realize what a fool you were to allow me to walk out of your life.

43.  Some relationships aren’t meant to last; they are only meant to prepare you for the final one. So pick the lessons and move on in grand style.

44.  This is the end of your chapter in my life.

45.  I dare you to find a better person to replace me.

46.  You never appreciate what you have until you lose it.

47. You will never understand how much I loved you, and I will never understand why. Click To Tweet

48.  It’s better to be single and happy than to be in a relationship and never smile.

49.  Why must they all leave? What am I doing wrong?

50.  Roses and thorns, relationships, and pain.

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Twitter Breakup Statuses

50 heartbreaking statuses your boyfriend or girlfriend you can share on your Twitter status today:Breakup quote

51.  Life is too short to stay with a person who doesn’t love you.

52.  Nothing beats the pain of being discarded by the one you held so dear to your heart. That shit can leave you broken for months.

53. PROMISES: We break them. MEMORIES: They break us. Click To Tweet

54.  Ever since you left, I lost my reason to smile.

55.  From the moment you walked out of my life, I have never found another you.

56.  Breaking up with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

57. I have never been more proud of my heart. Even after the stabbing, crushing, burning, it still works just fine. Click To Tweet

58.  I made so many sacrifices for love to the point I got nothing left to sacrifice. 

59.  If I had known it was going to be our last kiss, I wouldn’t have let go of your lips.

60.  You can’t say you love me and still hurt me this bad.

Breakup quote

61.  No matter how far or wide you search, no one will ever love you as I did.

62.  We would have worked if only you loved me half as much as I loved you.

63.  I’ll never be able to love anyone the way I loved you. You were one of a kind.

64. I'm longing to be wrapped around by your hand even though they no longer want to hold me. Click To Tweet

65.  Without you, I’m lost.

66.  My life seems empty without you in it.

67.  Breaking up is more painful than I thought.

68.  Being dumped is the worst feeling on earth.

69.  The bed feels too big without you in it.

70.  Yet another day has gone by without you in my arms.

Breakup status for Twitter

71.  Sailing in the treacherous sea of life, I have lost money, friends, and relatives, but none sank me until I lost you.

72. Is it normal to feel this hurt even if you are the one who ended it?

73.  From strangers to friends to lovers and then strangers.

74.  Strangers → Lovers → Strangers

75. How do you forget a person who gave you so much to remember? Click To Tweet

76.  Even though I pretend like you mean nothing to me anymore, I still love you with all my heart. It’s yours forever.

77.  I’m done holding on to the past. It’s time I move on and leave you in the past where you belong.

78.  I claim to be over you, but I still smile at the thought of you.

79.  You left so suddenly; I still find the things you left behind.

80.  I will never be able to stand the sight of you with someone else.

Twitter breakup status

81.  I’m not okay, don’t let the sweet smiles fool you. My heart has been ripped out of my chest.

82.  I can’t understand why the universe will bring two people together and still tear them apart. Are we a joke to it?

83.  It is always hard to see people leave you, but it’s twice as hard to remember how many times they promised to never leave. ~Broken promises~

84.  One minute you are mine; the next you are a stranger. Change is the only constant thing.

85.  One thing I will never wish on even my enemies is for them to see the one they love more than anything in the world loving someone else.

86. I still feel like a fool to have been played like a fool in love. Click To Tweet

87.  Can’t get the sight of walking in on you with her off my mind. It’s eating me up.

88.  There is no hell in love but loving you was like walking in hell.

89.  Your memories are forever engraved in my heart even though you are no longer mine.

90.  Words can not describe how I feel when I think of all we could have achieved together.

Beautiful breakup status for twitter

91.  My mouth says I’M OK, my fingers text I’M FINE, my heart says I’M BROKEN.

92. You were bad news from the moment you walked into my life. It just took me too long to pick up the morning papers and read the headlines. Click To Tweet

93.  I still think of you when I hear our song play on the radio.

94.  The doctors said there is nothing wrong with crying. So I can cry all night and still be honest when I say I’m okay.

95.  Tears come naturally when your heart feels like it has been smashed into tiny little pieces.

96.  Even though I have buried myself with work, I still remember you when I take a break.

97.  Moving further, I will do what makes me happy. People don’t deserve the sacrifices you make for them.

98.  Lonely nights, slow days; all I can think about is you.

99.  How do I wash away all the beautiful plans I have made for our future together? 

100. It's all fun and sweet when cupid shoots his love arrows into our hearts, but no one talks about what happens when he rips them out. Click To Tweet

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Facebook Breakup Statuses

Perfect breakup lines you can post on your Facebook status 

Facebook breakup status

101.  It took me too long to realize your heart was never mine to keep.

102.  Sometimes, it’s not the butterflies in your stomach that tell you you’re in love. It’s the pain that lingers in your heart when they are gone.

103. The pain stops immediately you realize the person is the one who lost a gem and not you. Click To Tweet

104.  Head up, fake smiles, and move on.

105.  The biggest mistake I made was not listening to my friends and falling for a player.

106.  You never loved me. Now I can clearly see it.

107.  It’s better you stab me with the truth than heal me with a lie.

108.  There is always that one breakup that changes our minds about what love is.

109. I'd rather leave now with all our beautiful memories than stay and watch them turn ugly. Click To Tweet

110.  Don’t hold back the pain. When it’s done, you will come out stronger than you ever were.

Breakup status quote for FB

111.  I thought our story would be different. I thought we would conquer all but I guess I was just too naive.

112.  People make moving on sound so easy. Why is it so difficult for me?

113.  I thought love conquers all. Why couldn’t he pull down my walls?

114.  I guess love isn’t enough.

115.  You learn to forgive. Not for their good but for your own good. Unforgiveness is a disease.

116.  Even with all the changes I made for you, you couldn’t still love me.

117.  Being single is far better than being with you.

118.  Trust me; you will never find a lover like me.

119. Whenever I look at you, I still feel the knife you left in my heart. Click To Tweet

120.  I hope you get haunted by a ghost for breaking my heart.

Sad breakup status for facebook

121.  Is it possible that I was meant to stay alone forever?

122.  My only problem is that I push people away and then hate them for leaving.

123.  When I love, I love with all my heart. When I hate, I hate with all my heart. 

124.  We both knew we would never last, but it still hurts anyway.

125.  My heart keeps calling your name even though my mind wants to forget about us.

126. My greatest regret isn't meeting you. It's believing you were different. Click To Tweet

127.  Don’t break someone’s heart because you can’t create one even if you try.

128.  Maybe in another world, I would have been your first and only choice.

129.  I feel like my heart has gone cold ever since you left.

130.  Perhaps someday I wouldn’t feel sick whenever I hear your name.

Breakup status for a player

131.  You were the most precious trophy I had, but I was the best game you played.

132.  My only problem is I always love more than I should.

133.  How can the one who made you smile a million times cut you so deep that you forget how to smile?

134.  Maybe we should just quit while we are ahead.

135.  Were you ever going to tell me you never loved me?

136. With words, you tore every piece of my heart apart. Click To Tweet

137.  It’s better to break your heart by leaving, rather than having that person break your heart every day you’re with them.

138. When I close my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes, I miss you. Click To Tweet

139.  You flooded my heart with love, and you flushed it all away with pain.

140.  I cry not because I’m weak. I cry because I’m too strong-headed to run after him.

Bad breakup status for facebook

141.  It hurts so much that I even find myself crying in my dreams.

142.  That point when walking away is all you can do.

143.  How can a heart without bone break like it was made of bone?

144.  Hope is the power that gives a person the confidence to step out and try.

145.  I am not crying over you; I’m crying because of the dust in my eyes.

146.  Never fall completely for a person until you have seen their bad side and still love them anyway.

147.  You are my one true love, but I am just a toy to you.

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149.  I pray you meet someone who would do to you the exact thing you did to me. Only then will you understand my pain.

150.  What did I do wrong?

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Instagram Breakup Statuses

Sad breakup statuses to post on your Instagram status after breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Breakup status for her

151.  No matter how strong the bond, when it’s time to let go, LET GO.

152.  When did we grow so far apart?

153. Did my feelings ever mean anything to you?

154.  It’s not the lies that end a relationship; it’s finding out the truth that hits the final nail.

155.  I guess loving you was a crime. That’s why I’m being punished with a broken heart.

156.  You will always have my heart, even if there are a thousand reasons why we can’t be together.

157.  I feel BROKEN without you, and my HEART can’t stop calling your name.

158. I am torn between loving you or hating you. I just can't seem to pick one. Click To Tweet

159.  Always acting tough even when my heart is the weakest there ever is.

160.  I still love you, but I will only love you from a distance.

Sad breakup status for instagram

161.  Tears are the language of the heart when words can’t express how bad it hurts.

162.  Every time I open up to someone, they give me a million reasons why I shouldn’t.

163.  I think in my next relationship, I would date a person who has had his heart broken into a million pieces. That way, he would think twice before doing it to me.

164.  I miss all those hours we spent on calls, talking about everything under the sun. I would give anything just to have that back.

165. Love people and not things. Use things and not people. Click To Tweet

166.  I don’t know what the future holds, but this I know; you will wish you never broke my heart.

167.  Broken up! Deleted past conversations. Cleared the pictures. Finally breathing and ready to move on! So, where’s the party tonight?

168. I can’t believe I’m finally free from that hell hole. Never going back.

169. You better not come back begging because I don't give second chances. Click To Tweet

170.  My love for you will never die, but I will love you from a distance so you can’t hurt me anymore.

Bad breakup status for instagram

171.  The sudden grief that falls on you when you realize no matter what you do, they will never love you as much as you love them.

172.  Most times, we never appreciate what we have until we lose it. I learned that too late.

173.  Are they all the same? I’m beginning to think they all are.

174.  Tired of kissing so many frogs. When will my prince come?

175.  Relationships end the moment they both stop trying. After that, they are both passing time till someone summons the courage to break up.

176. You once meant everything to me. Now you mean nothing to me.

177.  The hardest part is walking past you without being able to touch or hug.

178.  I have been trying very hard to keep all the pieces of my heart together, but have run out of string and super glue.

179. A breakup is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to put the pieces together. Click To Tweet

180.  Sometimes you need a break to catch your breath and think properly.

Instagram breakup status

181. Who should be sadder? The one who lost a gem? Or the gem that was lost.

182. I’m tired of this love crap. It always ends in premium tears.

183. Even though I still tremble when you kiss me and get goosebumps when you touch me, I have to let you go.

184. I hope someday you meet a nice person who would love you better than I ever could. Click To Tweet

185.  Once upon a time, I was foolish enough to think you were different.

186.  Love isn’t for everyone. Heartbreak can actually kill.

187. It hurts badly when you realize you meant nothing to the one who meant everything to you. Click To Tweet

188. Tired of all the fights and headaches. I’m slowly giving up.

189.  If you can not save the relationship, at least save your dignity.

190.  2 years ago, I looked at the 3 years we had been together and stayed even when I should have gone. 2 years later, nothing has changed and I have wasted more than 2 years. It’s time I look forward and move on 

Painful breakup status for instagram

191.  The most painful goodbyes are the ones said through actions and not by words.

192. Dear heart, I followed you and got burnt. Can you please leave the mind to take charge this time and just pump the damn blood? Thank you!

193. I don’t know what’s worst; being heartbroken or being in a broken relationship?

194.  I knew you would regret leaving me; I just never expected it to be this soon.

195. Letting you go is the hardest thing I have ever done, and the best decision I ever made. Click To Tweet

196.  You would think you can’t live without them, and then they leave, but you are still living.

197. Stop walking the extra mile for someone who won’t cross the street for you. Click To Tweet

198.  It’s only a matter of time; I will get over you.

199.  Surviving a narcissist is like surviving an earthquake of 7.5 magnitudes.

200.  It’s over!

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