You probably met this awesome guy or you have known him for a while. He fits all your specifications of your perfect guy, yet he seems to not just notice you exist. Ouch! that hurts. Don’t lose hope yet, there are numerous ways to get a guy to notice you, but I will be giving you just a few ways that almost always works on all guys. Now all you have to do is read to the end.

Before we talk about ways to get him to notice you, you have to do a little digging. You have to find out:

  • The type of girls he likes
  • His favorite hangout spot
  • Friends
  • His hobbies
  • And choice of food

All the above information would be needed in order for you to successfully get your prince charming to notice you.

young man noticing a girl

5 Ways to Get a Guy to Notice You

  1. Body language
  2. Staged encounter
  3. Be the odd one out
  4. Like what he likes
  5. Walk up to him

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·       Body language

Body language is the oldest style of getting a guy to notice you. Most guys can easily read a girl’s body language to know if she’s interested in him or not. The simple act of holding eye contact with him just a little longer will get him to notice you instantly.

There are other subtle body languages you can do to get any guy to notice you instantly. However, be careful not to lead him in the wrong direction, be modest.

·       Staged encounter:

This is a very fast and effective way on how to get a guy to notice you, ‘‘if’’ you do it the right way. It’s also a trick used by guys to approach a girl they have a crush on. In order for this method to be a success, you have to know where he usually goes during specific periods, then show up when he’s there.

Next, you can use the old ‘bump -into-each-other’ trick or something different like trying to buy an item from the same vendor at the same time. Do not be limited to these two options, they are cliché. I advise that you should be a little bit creative and make it seem like a natural occurrence.

·       Be the odd one out:

It’s not a big secret that by being different everyone will notice you. Similarly in this context, if you try to stand out in the right way that is pleasing to the guy, he will instantly notice you.

This is the same effect a naturally beautiful girl has in a group of hard core makeup girls. Don’t get me wrong, I am not implying that girls without makeup are better or not noticed. The human brain by default tends to spot the odd one out, like in the picture below.

odd one out

Now that you have understood the concept of standing out, it’s time to apply it to you. From the list of things he likes, pick one and stand out in it.

·       Like what he likes

This can be a really slow approach, but it will definitely work in the end. All you have to do is to like what he likes, if he likes clubbing, go to the club. If he likes parties, attend more parties. And if he is an artist, go to an art exhibit or art galleries. Please don’t do things you aren’t comfortable with or lose yourself while trying to like what he likes. Keep it simple and limited to just things you’re comfortable with.

This is a more natural way of getting him to notice you, but it is very reliable and organic. My friend once told me about this girl he had seen in 3 different church programs. The girl takes the same classes with him but he never noticed her until he spotted her in 3 different church programs.

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·       Walk up to him

Some will find this funny, but the quickest way to get a guy to notice you is to walk up to him and say hi. Most girls think that if they do this, it would make them look cheap, but it won’t. You can start an interesting conversation with him. This would require you to be bold and generally, girls who can pull this off are those who have high confidence and high self-esteem but who says you can’t be one of such girls. Remember, all you have to do is to start an interesting conversation with him.



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