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6 Easy Steps on How to Get Out of the Friend Zone – 2019

How to get out of the friend zone can be very easy or very complicated, depending on how you look at it. The simple act of telling a girl/guy you have feelings for them or kissing them spontaneously would get you instantly out of the friend zone. So if you’re looking for the fastest way to escape the friend zone, that is your answer.

The down side to this method is that it’s most often met with a strong rejection, especially if the person has zero romantic feelings towards you.

If you looking for a way to get out of the friend zone the right way, then I suggest you sit back and read this article to the end because I will tell you all you need to know about the friend zone and ultimately, how to break out of it.

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Meaning of Friend Zone

A friend zone can be said to be a situation in a friendship between two people, where one has an unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest in the other.

The friend zone is a situation in which a person within a friendship wishes to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship with the other, while the latter considers the former as a platonic friend.

Its meaning and definition is endless but the general idea is; Friend zone is a position where you have romantic feelings for someone who has platonic feelings towards you.

group of friends in the friend zone

How To Know If You’re In The Friend Zone

There are popular signs to watch out for to know if you’re in the friend zone. Here are a few of them.

  • He/she always tells you about the person they are attracted to.
  • You are their love instructor. They always ask for relationship advice.
  • They feel completely free around you.
  • You are their shoulder to cry on through hard times and breakups
  • They always try to play matchmaker for you.

Benefits of Being in the Friend Zone

Most people usually make the friend zone look totally horrible and try to coach you on how to get out of the friend zone but the truth is, there are special benefits that you get being in the friend zone. Here are some of them:

  1. You get to know who they really are from a safe distance and avoid unnecessary heart breaks
  2. Friend zone gives you time to form a strong bond which will be stronger than most couples IF you break out of the friend zone successfully
  3. The last is something most people over look; you get a true friend. A friend who got your back through thick and thin.

How to Take Advantage of the Friend Zone

Instead of constantly worrying about how to escape the friend zone, why don’t you begin to take full advantage of it. Here are few ways to take full advantage of the friend zone before getting out of it.

  1. At this point, the person will honestly answer all questions you ask because they are not in love with you (yet). So it’s a good time for you to look behind the scene and know deep things about them that will help you strengthen your relationship later on when you get out of the friend zone.
  2. Take the person out on dates or hang out more often. If you two already hang out more then go on casual dates. It’s time for you to build as many beautiful memories as much as possible with that special friend. Give the person memories he/she will never forget.

How To Friend Zone Anyone

It’s a fact that we can’t date everyone that’s in our lives, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to make friends when we start dating. We need to have friends who will stand by us in the good and the bad times. Friends who can go that extra mile for us and whom we can also do the impossible for.

Most often than not, friends from the opposite sex can develop feelings for us or enter our lives with the motive of starting a romantic relationship with us. It’s then up to you to set the boundaries A.K.A friend zone. There are 2 ways on how to friend zone anyone.

How to friend zone any one and how to break out of the friend zone

1.    Direct Method

The first way is the direct method and is usually the simplest and commonly used, especially if you know the person wants something more than friendship which you can’t give, but you don’t want to lose such person. What you simply do is to put your cards on the table and tell such a person that you can only offer friendship. The most used speech for this is “you are a great guy/girl but am dating right now. How about we just stay friends”.

2.    Indirect method

The second is the indirect method which can be a bit slow. It is mostly used subconsciously, especially if the one with the feelings is too shy or doesn’t have the confidence to make the move. Here, they start as friends. Usually, the one without romantic feelings may start setting the boundaries. A.K.A the friend zone, by telling the other person about people he/she is attracted to and also seeks advice on whom to pick, etc. They don’t tell you by words that you can only be a friend, but they tell you through their actions. Like they say, “Action speaks louder than words”.

How to Avoid the Friend Zone

There will be no need to learn how to break out of the friend zone if you can avoid it in the first place. In order to avoid the friend zone, you have to stop the 2 methods listed above in the previous section.

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1.    The direct method

When you’re told that all they can offer is friendship at the moment, make it clear that you can’t be just a friend because you have true feelings for them. Oh, did I mention it’s the riskiest method?  Well, it is. There is a big chance that both of you will neither be friends nor date in the nearest future, but on the bright side, you avoided the friend zone. The cheat in this is to make it clear that you have romantic feelings for such a person, but still, accept the friendship. At this point, it’s not a normal friend zone and you can break out any time with ease.

2.    The indirect method

Action speaks louder than words. For those of us that can’t avoid the friend zone through the direct method, you can use the indirect method. Don’t start the friendship as normal friends do. That’s the mistake many people make. Instead, start the friendship with your feelings and intent known through your action like a simple peck on the cheek or on their hand while making eye contact. The idea here is to get them to know you aren’t just a friend without saying a single word about it. However, if she makes it clear that she can only have you as a friend, respect her decision and back off.

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

In case you couldn’t avoid the friend zone, no need to panic. Before we start I’ll like to tell you that once a friend zone is broken, it’s broken. There’s no going back. So think carefully before proceeding

6 steps on how to get out of a friend zone.

  1. Show them you are capable
  2. Be very clear about your intentions
  3. Flirt with them
  4. Make them jealous
  5. Bring up conversations on dating
  6. Ask them directly


       I.          Show them you are capable

Most times when you are placed in the friend zone, it’s either because their feelings towards you are completely platonic (which in this case, I would advice you to back off), or they think they can’t date you probably because of prejudice or misconception they have about you. It’s high time you change that. By now, you know the qualities they love in a partner. Show them you got it and if you don’t? Easy, show them the qualities you have that make you unique. Show them you are capable of loving them and taking care of them without hurting them. This is one way to get out of the friend zone.

   II.            Be very clear about your intentions

This is the second step on how to get out of the friend zone.

“You are like a brother/sister to me”. You need to get them to stop saying that. The more they say it, the more it registers in their minds that they can’t date you. So whenever they say it, tell them “that’s not true”. That simple statement will go a long way.

Also whenever they try to match you up with someone else, make it clear that you’re not interested.

III.            Flirt with them

It’s time to step up your game. Spice things up. A little flirting is needed to make them stop seeing from the view of ‘just a friend’ to someone who is sexy and really attractive. Go slow; you can peck them on their cheek or hold their hands longer and often, but remember, Do Not come in too strong because it might totally turn them off and seem creepy.

IV.            Make them jealous

“You’ll not value what you have until you lose it”. This time, you have to introduce a third party. Someone who is cool and a matching competition for your friend.

If you can’t do that, you can pick up another person and just talk often about the guy/girl to your friend. Do Not Lie. It’s terrible to start a relationship. In any way you choose to get this done, just make sure the person feels jealous a bit without making them think that you’re already off the market.

    V.            Bring up conversations on dating

I’m of the opinion that before you try to break out of the friend zone, make sure that your friend is single and ready to mingle. So the next step is to start planting seeds into their minds. Start getting them to imagine what it would be like if both of you are together. You can do this by occasionally talking about how you plan to treat your partner.

By now you should have taken advantage of the friend zone and known how they like their partners to treat them. Use that information to your advantage. Remember that anything you promise them now, you should deliver even when you start dating. Don’t be deceitful.

friends hugging


VI.            Ask them directly

By now, you are already out of the friend zone. It’s time to finish what you started. Take the bull by the horn, pour out your heart to the person and don’t hold anything back. It shouldn’t be a surprise to them by now if you have followed the steps correctly. If you can’t say it verbally, you can kiss the person out of the blue.

Nothing says ‘I love you and want to date you’ better than a good old fashioned kiss. Like I said before, by now they would be aware of your feelings and probably have a response for you.

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Getting out of the friend zone may seem like a lot of work if you decide to follow these steps. But I want you to sit back and ask yourself if you love that person so much that you are willing to sacrifice your time to get them to see you as more than just a friend.

Sadly, there will still be a small percentage who after breaking out of the friend zone, get rejected. When rejected, never beg for love. If you beg for love, you will have to keep begging for it for as long as the relationship last.