Contrary to what many celebrity couples would want you to believe about how spotless and problem free their relationships are, the honest truth is, EVERY relationship has its own issues.

Having issues in a relationship doesn’t automatically mean your relationship is failing or it is the worst relationship on earth. It would please you know that there are some issues that are considered normal relationship issues. These are issues that cut across so many relationships that they are now considered normal issues in relationships.

Here is a list of normal relationship issues:

  • Misunderstanding
  • Moments of drift
  • Different in opinion
  • External problems
  • Money 
  • Couples fight


1. Misunderstanding:

Misunderstanding itself is very common in the world we live in. Misunderstanding happens between friends, colleges, business partners, law courts and even in relationships. As far as the sender and receiver are two different persons, there is bound to be misunderstanding at some point.

This is why it is a very normal relationship issue. There are times when couples are saying the same thing but still end up having an argument because they both misunderstood each other. 

Misunderstanding happens more often when the couple pays more focus in talking and counter-attack rather than listening and hearing the other person out.

2. Moments of drifts

You must have heard people say “Love is never enough” when talking about a long term relationship. Well this is one of the major reasons why that phrase is true. There are rare moments in a relationship when a drift develops between a couple. In those moments, what keeps a couple together is the friendship, respect, loyalty, and the willingness to make it work.

At the early stage of the drift, the couple may be unaware of its presence but the longer the drift stays, the wider it gets and the more noticeable it becomes. 

Relationship issues

This is a normal relationship issue because it happens to all relationships at one point of the other and multiple times to some people. Having this drifts isn’t unusual and it doesn’t spell the end of the relationship in any way. It can come and go without causing any damage to the relationship and that’s why it is considered a normal relationship issue. What makes it abnormal or causes damage is what the couple do/didn’t do within that period.

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3. Difference in opinions

No matter how similar two people make think they are, there will always be a trace of difference that can be found between them. Such differences can either be small or great but regardless of its size, it is still a normal relationship issue. 

Don’t think for one minute that because your opinions and that of your partner are almost complete opposite, so it implies it is the worst relationship ever and it is doomed to fail. Or you get jealous of the couple next door whose opinions are similar down to their political opinion

There is beauty in diversity and sometimes the couple who have everything similar can end up cheating out of boredom. Life and love are very complex so don’t wish for another person’s relationship, just develop your own.


4. External problems

When we talk about issues in a relationship, we always tend to look inward for things that cause it, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, external problems can pose a serious issue to a relationship. Some examples of external problems that can impact a relationship are family problems, work related stress, legal battles, unforeseen disaster.

Because we live in an unfair world where you don’t get to choose to pick only the good things in life and leave the bad, there will always be some external problems. This is the reason why the famous marriage vow quotes “In sickness and in health, till death do us path”. Troubled times must come so that is what makes this a normal relationship problem, it is bound to happen at some point and it won’t end the relationship if it is not extreme.


5. Money

Someone told me money isn’t a normal relationship issue as the super rich and wealthy have it in abundance and it won’t pose an issue to them. What the person failed to understand is how complex and funny how life is. Not having money can pose an issue to the low income earning couples but having the money in abundance can also pose an issue to the rich couple. Therefore it is safe to say that money is a normal relationship issue regardless of how rich or poor you are. 

Couple using a credit card to buy online

6. Couples fight

This is the last normal relationship issue we would be looking at today. Do you know that fighting in a relationship is not necessarily a bad thing? Do you know it actually helps strengthen the relationship?

Whenever people talk about fighting in a relationship, they always tend to see only the bad side of it. Just like how sickness is a factor of growth for all living things, so is couple’s fight a factor of relationship growth. It helps build the couple’s tolerance and immunity against certain relationship problems that have ended the relationship for good.

Also, there are periods where the fighting may be more frequent. It is also a normal relationship problem, as far as the couple are willing to hold hands in love and find a common ground, it will not break up the relationship.

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