Dressed in red and white walking down to a full restaurant/lovers hotspot and once you enter the place, you get diluted by the other valentine couples who are all just like the both of you, which in turn kills the specialness of you and your lover.

Instead of going through all that, there are other special ways on how you could spend your valentine’s. These methods may look trivia but when done with love, it would mean the world to your lover.

  1. Do something manly/girlish

This is one of the easiest to do, pick something your lover does regularly and do it for them. For example, you could help him shave that morning or iron his clothes for him if you haven’t done it for them before. Or you could polish her nails for her or make her up, don’t shy out of it because you are scared you won’t get it right, the joy and love comes from the process of doing it and not the final outcome. If you get it right without a mistake, it will make your lover blush/grin hard but if you fail badly, he/she will laugh hard. And it’s a win-win for you in any direction it goes.

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  1. Indoor romantic dinner

You don’t have to go to an overcrowded restaurant before you can have a romantic dinner. A simple well-cooked dinner or a preordered dinner and a romantic setting can really do the magic.

So plan ahead for the dinner. Find a place that cooks his/her favorite meal and order it on that day or buy foodstuffs for a special dish and cook it yourself, you can go on youtube to learn how to cook something special.

Next, design the dining or any place the food will be served in a romantic way. You can also go shopping for some candles and any other items that will help. If you ain’t good with designing, you can watch this video to decorate a romantic setting.

Spending valentine's day with your lover

  1. Go opposite the crowd

You might be wondering what I implied by “go opposite the crowd”. I simply meant to go to places other couples would be much or somewhere completely secluded and safe.

If you have any secret spot where you go whenever you want to be alone, valentine is a good time to share that spot with your lover.

Pick the right spot, settle down with your lover and cuddle while you both watch a beautiful view or the sky.

  1. Watch romantic movies

This is another really cool way to spend your Valentine’s Day with your lover. Romantic movies have this special feeling it always gives, it makes you feel the power of love.

So pick a couple of romantic movies either from your phone or Netflix or any other reputable source. Next, cover the room so it will have low lighting and then tuck you and your lover in a cozy position and watch till the both of you are bursting with love.

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  1. Dance together

How often do you dance with your lover? When last did you play love music and dance your love out with your lover by your side?

This is a really romantic way to spend your valentine, especially if it’s a love song you both can relate to or a song that symbolizes something special to you both.

So pick a set of love songs, dress light (little/skimpy dress for the ladies and clean light outfit for the guys). Next, play the music on a loudspeaker or just your phone if you have no speaker, then invite your lover for a dance. You can start with fast songs then end with slow songs.

  1. Thick one item off their bucket list

This is one of the most special things you can do with your lover on Valentine’s Day. I am sure you have heard him/her blab about something really cool he/she has always wanted to do or get but because of one thing or another, the person hasn’t been able to get it or do it.

All you have to do is to literally bring their greatest fantasy to life. This would leave the greatest impact on your lover. He/she would never forget this valentine.

I strongly recommend this way of spending your valentine with your lover because it won’t easily be forgotten in the sands of time and tons of other sweet memories.

  1. Make love to him/her in a new way

Valentine is all about love and if I don’t include this in the list, then I’m just fooling myself. This method alone can make your lover feel extremely special and loved on valentine.

On Valentine’s Day, try a more intimate method of making love. The main focus should be on intimacy before sex. If a person really loves you, he/she would really value this.

You can google out some really cool sex positions. Also, you can decorate the room in a romantic setting, those types with red rose petals leading to the bed or someplace else, it would help in making Valentine’s Day more special.

Other ways of making your Valentine’s Day extra special

In the above list, I told you of individual things you could do to make your valentine special, but here I will tell of a combination of things that would definitely make the day extra special.

  1. Prepare a special indoor dinner for two, and just after the dinner make love to your lover on the spot.
  2. Proclaim your undying love for him/her in front of everyone and end it all in a passionate kiss (not too long though).
  3. You can also role-play throughout Valentine’s Day of any fantasy you both have.
  4. Send love text to your lover 3 times (morning, afternoon and evening) even if the person is lying next to you. It will give the person more things to think about when you ain’t there.

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Thanks for reading. I hope this helps you make your Valentine Day special and if it does, don’t hesitate to tell me all about it through Contact Us

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