Let’s be honest, most times men are full of shit. They can tell you literally anything just to get down and dirty with you. I saw a really powerful quote once

“Men are moved by what they see and women by what they hear. That’s why men lie and women wear makeup”

There are times some guys just want to have another girl to warm up his bed for fun or just because his main lady isn’t giving him the joy he craves. Instead of being open with the other girl of his marital status or if he is already in a relationship, he would lie so he won’t chase her away. This is how many girls end up becoming side chick without even knowing they are one.

Today, we will be talking about the signs to watch out for to know if you are the side chick. So sit back and relax because this will be a fun ride.

1.  Whispers when you call:

Men classic. Have you ever called him at an odd hour or times when he just has to be indoors? But he ends up whispering on the call like he is in a business meeting telling you he will call you later. Or does he always have to call you from the bathroom? Where it’s always silent with a bit of echo.

If he does that frequently, it just means he is always hiding to call you. No guy hides to call his main chick. The only time a person hides to do something is when what he is doing is wrong. That means that you are the side chick he is trying to hide from his main girl.

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2.  Sounds vague about his location

This is one sign I learned from the famous program “Cheaters”. Almost every cheater they caught sounded vague about their location when called on live camera.

How often is your man very straight about his whereabouts? Has he ever given you any reason to doubt his words on his location? These are things you need to sit down and think of for a while.

If he is lying about his location, there are high chances that he is trying to cover his cheating tracks. He is either cheating on you or with you. It’s a 50:50 shot you are the side chick. So you would need more signs to confirm it.

But don’t worry, we have plenty of sings to help you confirm.

3.  Doesn’t take you to meet his family

Guy code 10whatever, keep the side chick away from your family. In essence, keep the side chick from far from your real life. Here is a quick question. Are you completely integrated with his personal life or are you just on the sidelines like every other side chick?

Does his family know about you and him being together? By family I mean at least 50% of them because his brother might just be covering up for him and keep you in the dark.

I once saw a friend who picked up his call and all of a sudden started flowing with a lie his friend was telling a girl without even being given a heads up. So you can imagine how much more convincing he would have been if he had a heads up.

This is why you shouldn’t just take one person’s word for it. If you still haven’t gotten to know his family on a personal level as his official girlfriend, chances are you are just the side chick.

family photo
Meeting his family

4.  Introduces you as a friend

His associates: “who’s the beautiful lady beside you?”

Him: “She is a friend”

You: #thinking “WTF”

How often does he introduces you as his woman to his friends, colleagues, family, boss, etc.? Unless you two had and understanding to keep the relationship a secret because it just started or for some very important reason you are 100% sure and aware of, there is no excuse for him to call you just a friend on any account.

Speaking of which, did he ask you to keep the relationship a secret for now? What is he trying to hide the relationship from? Be sure you know the real reason why he wants the relationship to be secret before you agree to it. Because secret relationships are usually that of side chicks.

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5.  It’s all about your body

All about the sex. Whenever you meet him up, it’s always about getting under the sheets. There is hardly anything you guys do other than staying at a place and riding each other hard.

Has he ever showed up when he knows you are on your period? In a normal relationship, a girl on her period isn’t a big deal and it won’t stop the couple from doing other stuff and meeting up.

But when in a relationship with a side chick, things get a little dicey during her period. It would be more of calls and texts than actually meeting.

6. No future talk

One of the signs you are the side chick is when he doesn’t talk about the future of both of you. There is no “Us” only “I” and “You”. A relationship with a side chick has no future. It’s merely a fling that isn’t meant to get serious. So there will be no talks of the future from the guy.

But I must warn you, guys are upgrading every day and this sign is becoming more obsolete as the days goes by. Nowadays, some guys can lie about wanting a future with you even when they know deep down that the future talk is a lie. It is still worth mentioning because there is still a fraction of men that still exhibit this sign.

7.  No serious commitment

Very similar to have a friend with benefit – no string attached. When in a relationship with a side chick, the guy makes no serious commitment to you. Do not take all the lavish gifts or romantic gesture as a sign of commitment. A horny man can spend his life savings on the woman he wants to pin to the bed.

How committed is your man to the relationship? Are you the one doing all the commitments? If he isn’t committed to you, it means he is already committed to someone else and you are just the side chick.

heart break
no love

8.  You can’t be present for important occasions in his life

Inviting a side chick to an important event is just like shooting ones’ own foot. Epic events are usually filled with loved ones and all those whose opinion really matters a lot.

The reason why side chicks are never brought to such occasions is that the moment you step in, you will know you are just a side chick as everyone who sees your man will ask for the main woman they all know.

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So the question is, have you attended an important occasion in his life? Do you go with him to close friends’ weddings or his own birthday party or any important celebration in his life?

If you haven’t done any of this, then be rest assured that you are the side chick.

9.  Scared of being seen with you

When your boyfriend doesn’t like you posting his pictures on your social media. He doesn’t like walking down the street with you as a couple, especially his own street. The locations of all your dates with him are kilometers away from his home and the near ones are really secluded.

Things like these only indicate he doesn’t want anyone he knows to see you with him. That’s the reason why he would go to great lengths to make sure you nothing connects you to him.

Another really shady sign to watch out for is when he is constantly on the lookout when you both are outside but totally relaxed with you behind closed doors.

All of these are strong signs that you are the side chick in his life.


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    Wonderful tips. Ladies can save themselves a lot of heartache if they just look for the signs.


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