Sending breakup texts

A Comprehensive List of Break up Texts, Crafted for Different Types of Break ups

For most people, sending a break up text is a lot easier than breaking up in person. While this method comes off as less empathetic, it’s still one of the most popular styles of breaking up.

If you want to end your relationship via text messages but don’t know what to write or how to begin, don’t worry. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Below are 111 best break up texts to use. All you have to do is to copy and paste.

Break Up Text Messages for Him

Are you breaking up with your boyfriend but don’t know what to say in a breakup text? Use any of these texts:

1. They say ‘first impressions matter a lot’, but I ignored the signs when I first saw them. Until last night. I’m not happy with how last night’s date went. There are certain behaviors I noticed that didn’t sit well with me, so I’m calling things off before it goes any further. I wish you all the best.

2. All the time I gave you my best, you looked me over and decided I wasn’t good enough. You shut me out of your life without an explanation, but I guess that’s because you never wanted the good thing life gave you.

3. I’m sorry, but this isn’t working. I can’t seem to develop feelings for you, no matter how long and hard I try. And believe me, I’ve tried. I’d prefer we go back to being friends. But I would completely understand if you want me gone for good.

breakup text gif4. While you sleep beside me, I keep looking for the man I fell in love with, the man whose smile made my knees weak and whose kisses made me melt away. The more I look, the less I see that man. You’re just a shadow of the man you once were. I can’t keep pretending I am happy in this relationship anymore. I need to find happiness again. Goodbye (name).

5. (Name) our paths seem to be heading in completely different directions. I can’t ask you to quit your path to join mine, and neither can I do the same. So this seems to be the end of the road for us. I wish you all the best in all your goals and plans.

6. You said all those words to me. You treated me like I was all you had and then dropped my heart like it was a lump of burning coal in your hands. There’s no coming back from this. It’s over.

7. Everyone thought we were a perfect fit. Everyone smiled every time we walked by. Little did they know how much it cost me to cover the bruises I bear in my heart and body. I am walking away to heal from your thorn-filled love

8. Trust is like a glass. Once broken, it will never be the same, ‌no matter what you do. I trusted you and you shattered it like it was nothing. There are no pieces to pick. I’m done.

Break up text for him 1

9. It is clear to me that what we have isn’t love anymore. The love has been dead a long time ago. We have been trying so hard and in vain to keep this relationship afloat. I am tired of trying. I just want to get it over with once and for all.

10. You remind me a lot about my ex, who scarred me deeply. I made a promise to always run in the opposite direction whenever I meet anyone who looks/acts like her, and that’s what I am doing right now. Goodbye.

11. (Name), I’ve tried my best to fall in love with you, but I just can’t. I think you deserve a girl who would love and cherish you with all her heart, but that girl just isn’t me.

12. I’m not a cheap toy you can use and dump whenever you like. I’ve always loved you, but it’s clear you don’t value my love. I deserve better and I know I can never get that from you. It’s over.

Break up text for him 213. You’re probably the best I’ll ever have, but there’s never a time that I’ve felt good enough for you. I hope you find someone who’ll believe in the love that they can give you.

14. God knows I have tried my best to love you with every fiber of my being. If that isn’t enough, then there is nothing more I can do to please you. It’s best we both go our separate ways now. Good luck.

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Break Up Texts for Her

You’ve been holding on so long, but now you want to call it quits with your girlfriend. Here are various break up messages for her:

15. You are an amazing girl, and I enjoyed every moment we spent together. But I am not in love with you. I have tried so hard to develop romantic feelings for you, I just can’t. I am certain you are for someone else, and it would be unfair for me to keep holding you here when your true love is out there. Thank you for all the love and care you showed me. I wish you all the best of luck in finding someone you truly deserve.

break up text for her

16. Hi (Name), the last few weeks have been real fun hooking up and all. However, I don’t see this leading anywhere, and I would love to end it now before any of us get hurt. Goodbye (Name).

17. Hi (girl’s name), you looked amazing today. I had a good time and I hope you did too. About our second date, I would like to cancel in advance. You are a great girl and all, but I’ve realized that we aren’t a good fit. And I’d hate to lead you on knowing this. Thanks for your company these past couple of days. Wishing you all the best moving forward. 

18. You are everything anyone could ask for, yet I can no longer find the spark you bring. I have tried in every way possible to find it, but the harder I try, the farther it goes. I have to set you free to go light up another’s world.

19. You are an amazing girl and many guys would do the impossible just to have you, but I don’t think you are the one for me.

20. I know this may be coming at the wrong time due to all the current things going on, but I can’t pretend like everything is ok between us anymore. I no longer want to be in this relationship. Please respect my decision and don’t ‌reach me again. Thank you.

21. I run every time I find myself falling deep into this type of emotion. Not because I don’t deserve it, but because it never lasts. I hope you find someone who will fight for you and the love you give. I hope I find someone who I never have to run from.

22. Why am I always unlucky, falling for the wrong girls all the time? You are the worst of them all. I regret ever asking you out. I no longer want to be in this relationship.

break up text for her 123. They say it takes two to tango. I guess they were right. You clearly do not want this relationship anymore. This is me giving you your wish and calling it off. 

24. While writing this message, tears are rolling down my cheek. The day I had always feared is here, and ironically, I am the one doing the breaking up. I’ve tried and tried to make this relationship work, but I no longer have the strength to go any further. Please forgive me for this, but I want a breakup.

25. You are too perfect for me. I knew it from the start. All I do is give you trouble and weigh you down. But not anymore. I want to give you back your freedom. Thanks for loving such a lost soul as myself. Goodbye.

26. This is my first breakup, and I don’t know what to say or do. But I know it has to end now. I’m tired of being taken for granted. I’m tired of the lies. I’m tired of the hurt. I deserve a lot more than this.

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Break Up Texts for Bad Breakups

Bad breakups can be messy and painful. Send any of these breakup texts if your relationship is ending that way.

27. You promised you’ll always love me; you promised you’d never hurt me. So why did you do it knowing it would hurt me this badly? I can’t continue this relationship any longer. I regret ever meeting you.

28. I’m not mad at you. On the contrary, I’m grateful that you gave me the experience that’ll help me ‌ avoid your kind in the future. Thanks for the bitter lesson.

Break Up Texts for Bad Breakups

29. Loving you is the biggest mistake I’ve made in my entire life. You bring out the worst in me, and I no longer want to be in such a toxic relationship. It’s over.

30. I’m glad I finally got to see the real you before we took this relationship to the next level. I’m sorry, but I can’t date you anymore.

31. My only crime was loving you. You took my love and gave me pain, sorrow, and bruises. All I ever did was love you and try my best to please you at all times, but I guess that wasn’t enough for you. I can’t continue this way. It is over.

32. I no longer want to be in a relationship with you. Period!

33. You never trusted my feelings and my words, no matter how hard I tried to prove them to you. I hope one day you will realize they were genuine, but I won’t wait around till then. Goodbye.

34. This relationship has gotten too toxic for both of us. I don’t want to be your girlfriend anymore.

35. I always knew you were bad for me, but I thought I could change you. I thought you could love me enough to change, but clearly, I was wrong. It’s time to end things.

36. Behind that pretty face of yours lies a monster I can’t imagine. You are the worst person I have ever met, and I can’t stand being with you for one more second. I’m done.

Break Up Texts for Bad Breakups 1

37. I want nothing to do with you anymore. Don’t bother calling or texting, you won’t be able to reach me.

38. I’m tired of all the arguments and nagging. Let’s end it once and for all.

Break Up Texts for Peaceful Breakups

Here are the best break up texts for ending your relationship with your boyfriend peacefully:

39. This is very hard for me, that’s why I chose to say it through text. Life with you has been amazing. I count myself lucky to have such a great boyfriend as you, but I no longer want to stay in this relationship. I feel caged, though not through any actions of yours. I want my freedom.

40. The truth is, I don’t love you anymore. I don’t want to lie to you, because you deserve to be treated with respect. You deserve someone who’ll treat you better. But I just can’t do it. I’m sorry. Goodbye.

41. I remember when the mere thought of breaking up with you used to shake me to my bones. But now, there’s not a doubt in my mind that it’s time to break up. It might take some time, but I know I’ll get over you. Bye.

42. I know it’s rude to break up through text, but I feel we’ve done enough talking and there’s nothing more to say. Goodbye.

43. Breaking up with you is as difficult as staying with you. I’d rather choose the first option and save us both time and energy.

44. Loving someone means never having to regret giving love a chance. I’m certainly not sorry that we met and fell for each other. It was a wonderful time, but all good things come to an end, and this is it for me.

45. The truth is, we broke up a long time ago. We just didn’t want to accept it. This is me accepting reality. There’s no “us” anymore.

46. All I ever wanted was to be loved by you for who I am, not for who you want me to be. But I guess that’s too much to ask from you. We’re done.

Break Up Texts for Peaceful Breakups

47. I’m sorry we can’t be together anymore. I pray you find someone who’d love and cherish you as you deserve.

48. Love isn’t always about holding on. Sometimes, there’s also love in letting go. I love you, darling, and I want you to be truly happy with someone better than me. I know I made you suffer a lot and I want it to stop. Please be happy without me.

49. Life will go on even when we are no longer together. I’m sorry this has to end. Good luck.

50. I have no clue when, how, and why I stopped loving you. But I’m certain that I don’t love you anymore. This is goodbye. Please forgive me.

51. I met someone. Someone who loves me for who I am and not who they want me to be. I feel 10x better with him. I don’t have to pretend or feel bad for being me. You won’t be hearing from me again. I hope you move on too.

52. Sadly, there are very few things that last forever, and our relationship is not one of them. I’m glad we met and for the times we spent together. But now it has come to an end. Thank you for everything.

Break Up Texts for Peaceful Breakups 1

Break Up Texts for Cheaters

Did you catch your partner cheating and you want to break up with them? Send any of these break up texts tailored for cheaters.

53. I hope he can give you what you’re searching for because clearly, I can’t give it to you as you’re already in his bed.

54. I can’t believe you cheated on me after all we’ve had together. After all the sacrifices I made for you, the only way you could repay me is by sleeping with my best friend? I want nothing to do with you again. Don’t ever try to call me, or I will call the cops on you.

55. Did you really think I wouldn’t find out about all the cheating and lies you’ve been feeding me from the beginning of this relationship? I can’t believe I fell for such a conniving cheat like you. Good luck with your life.

Break Up Texts for Cheaters

56. I knew something was up the moment you started smiling around him, but I never knew you could stoop this low to sleep with him. Goodbye (name), I wish you both the worst of luck!

57. I can’t continue with this relationship. I’ve tried so hard to get past the cheating, but I can’t. I can’t forgive you. We’re done.

58. Never in a million years would I have believed that you could cheat on me with my best friend. I don’t think I can ever get the image out of my head or the pain off my chest. I h*t* you with every fiber of my being.

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Break Up Texts for Gold Diggers

Use these texts to break up with any gold-digging partner who only takes and never gives.

59. You’re nothing but a gold digger. You never loved me. The only thing you ever loved was my money. Can’t believe it took me this long to realize it. I never want to see your sorry ass near my property.

60. For the record, you never loved me, you only loved what you could get from me. But I won’t let anyone use me that way. I’m done with this parasitic relationship.

Break Up Texts for Long-distance Relationships

Not every couple can survive long-distance relationships. When you’ve reached your limit and wish to break up with your long-distance boyfriend, send him any of these break up texts.

61. The distance has finally caught up to us. The spark we once had is gone. Our calls and chats feel more like formalities than lovers talking. There’s no need for us to kid ourselves anymore. This relationship has reached its limit.

62. I’m no longer happy in this relationship. Maybe it’s the distance that has made our hearts drift so far apart. Maybe it’s because we stopped trying. It doesn’t matter now, I no longer want to continue in such an unhappy relationship.

63. Before leaving, you made a promise to me you’d never forget me. You promised the distance would never break us apart. It’s been barely 3 months and you’re already forming busy all the time. I’ll save you the stress of breaking up and doing it myself. I wish you the best of luck over there. Goodbye.

64. Hi (name), I don’t think I’m cut out for this whole long-distance relationship thing. I won’t be able to wait that long. Please forgive me for not saying this earlier. I honestly thought I could do it, but I can’t.

Break Up Texts for Long-distance Relationships65. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but not in our case. The distance has only created a rift so wide that I don’t think we can ever get over it. This long-distance relationship isn’t for me. I’m sorry.

Break Up Text for Players

Being played for a fool in a relationship is the worst feeling ever. You gave out your heart, and it was used as a toy. Kick a player out of your life with these perfect breakup texts:

66. It’s funny how you can claim to love me and still play with my heart like it’s nothing to you. I’m done with your games. It’s over.

67. Everyone warned me about you, but I didn’t listen and followed you like a fool. Now you’ve broken my heart in the worst way possible. I curse the day I knew you.

Break Up Text for Players

68. It’s obvious you’re only playing with my heart. I guess that’s what I get for falling in love with a player. Too bad I had to learn the hard way. Goodbye (name).

69. I just need to get this off my chest. I’m calling off this relationship. You’ve toyed with my feeling for so long, and I’ve just been too blind to realize it and too weak to walk away. But not anymore. I’m done with you.

Break Up Texts for Toxic Relationships

No one should be in a toxic relationship. If you find yourself in one, copy any of these texts and use them to break off such a toxic relationship.

70. We were never meant to happen because we’re like the phoenix—setting ourselves ablaze and forming again from our ashes. But in this case, we’re stuck on the destructive part and that’s not good for either of us. I’m doing what I should have done a lot of time ago; walking away.

Break Up Texts for Toxic Relationships

71. I promised you that if you ever raise your hands against me, I’ll walk out of your life and you’ll never see me. Well, this is me keeping my promise. Don’t bother looking for me again. It is over.

72. All we do is fight, argue and shout at each other. There is no place left for love and understanding. Let’s just end this now.

73. I’m walking away because you’re too busy finding faults in me and in everything I do. I’ve been covering your flaws for the peace of the relationship; not anymore. I want us to break up now.

74. I thought it’d never end. I thought I only had to hold my breath to make it okay, but this is killing me slowly. I have to let you go so I can live.

75. There’s nothing more painful than staying in an unhappy relationship. It gives only disappointment, sadness, and depression. So, it’s time to end the relationship before I lose my mind.

Break Up Texts for Toxic Relationships 1

76. I’ve had enough of your abuse. I want out of this hellhole called a relationship. I’m done.

77. I am tired of all the fighting and quarreling. This isn’t what I bargained for. I just want to be left alone. It’s over for good.

78. I can’t be in this relationship anymore. It’s too toxic and I’m beginning to lose myself. I need time away from you to heal and move on. I never want to see you again. Don’t contact me ever again.

79. You know what? You were right! I’m selfish, cold, and a spoiled brat. But you were wrong when you said I never loved you because that’s what I’ve always done, even if I am not perfect. I’m walking away from this toxic relationship.

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Break Up Texts for Unhappy Relationships

Copy and paste any of the texts below to break up an unhappy relationship:

80. I’m tired of pretending I’m happy in this relationship when I’m not. I’ve tried my best to be happy with you, but I just can’t. I’m done.

Break Up Texts for Unhappy Relationships

81. I held on, and it hurt so badly. I thought I could keep choosing the pain with your face on it because I didn’t want to lose you. But what’s the point if I lost myself? I’d rather bear the pain of not having you in my life than have you in my life and still hurt.

82. When I met you, I felt warm. Like a morning when the sun hit after the rain, you warmed my heart. Now I’m frozen on the ice you’ve left me in. This isn’t love.

83. I feel like I’m slowly losing myself trying to keep this relationship going. I can’t continue this way. I need time to rediscover myself alone. This is goodbye.

Break Up Texts for Unhappy Relationships 1

84. I feel like we are moving too fast, and I’d like to take some time to process things and decide what I really want.

Break Up Texts for Relationships With No Future

When you no longer see a future for your relationship, it’s best to end it and move on. These breakup texts will help you to do that.

85. There was chemistry, no doubt. We had our share of joy and love. But from the start, our dreams and goals have always been far apart and over the years, it has created a big gap that’s too wide to ignore. I’ve realized that to accomplish our goals, we must first let go of this relationship.

86. I’m done wasting my time on a relationship that has no future. It’s clear you have no plans for us. This is the end of the road for us.

87. When a relationship feels more like a burden than a blessing, it should be broken. Our relationship has felt more like a burden for a while now. It’s time I let it go and free myself.

88. I’ve had a great time deceiving myself, pretending that what we have is a relationship. But it’s not. I’m done fooling around with you.

89. Thanks for showing me what true love feels like. You are the first person I’ve ever loved this deeply and may be the only one, but this relationship isn’t going anywhere. You refuse to commit to anything or even acknowledge that we might have a future together…someday. I can’t continue like this.

Break Up Texts for Relationships With No Future90. All I want to say is that we have a good relationship but I don’t see any future for it any longer. Let us end it now and say our goodbyes.

91. Why waste more time when we both know this relationship has no future? Let’s break up now and focus on meeting new people and potentially finding a happy ending.

92. I’ve realized that there’s more to me than loving you. I got so used to being your other half that I completely forgot I needed to be myself in the first place. I’m sorry, but we can’t see each other anymore.

93. We’ve both tried our best to fix this relationship for some time now, but it’s now clear that there’s nothing we can do to bring back the old times. I no longer love you or want to be in this dead relationship. Goodbye.

Break Up Texts for Relationships With No Future94. This relationship can’t work. We’re too different and incompatible. No matter how hard we try, it’ll never work. I guess we should both save ourselves from the stress and end it now.

95. I think we’re too young to be in such a serious relationship. I want to have fun and explore other options as well. Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.

96. We can’t save something that has already died. The only thing we can do is to let it go. Our love has died, and it’s time to admit it and take another step. I want to be happy and I wish you happiness too, but it will never happen as long as we are together. That’s why we should break up. I’m sorry.

97. This relationship has no future. Let’s not drag it any further. We should end it in peace and move on.

Break Up Texts for Taking the Blame

When you’re the major cause of why your relationship failed, it’s important to own up to your mistakes and take the blame when breaking up. You can do that by copying and pasting any of the break up texts below.

98. I don’t want to be that guy who stopped you from achieving your dreams. I love you way too much for that. I’d rather end the relationship now than hold you back from greatness.

99. It’s all my fault that things turned out this way. If only I had listened more and paid more attention to you, then we probably wouldn’t be in such a mess. I’ve made peace with the fact that I have lost you for good. I hope you find a man who is far better than I ever was.

Break Up Texts for Taking the Blame100. I hope you get a better boyfriend than I ever was. Please don’t ruin your perfect beauty by crying over a douchebag like me. You are beautiful, loving, and caring, and deserve someone who would cherish you more than I did. I don’t deserve you…never have.

101. After what I did, I’m covered in so much pain, guilt, and shame that I can’t stand to face you. I’d rather end things through this text. Goodbye, baby.

102. You were right; there is nothing left between us. So this is the right time to say goodbye.

103. Don’t assume I’m breaking up because you’re not enough. The reason I’m letting you go is that I’m not worthy of your love anymore. I did something terrible that I can’t get past. I’m sorry.

104. I know you said you’ve forgiven me for cheating, but I can’t forgive myself for cheating on you. The guilt is killing me inside. You deserve better than me. Thanks for always loving me. I fucked up and I have to live with the consequences.

105. I can feel the trust and love you have for me slipping away and it’s deservingly so because I haven’t been honest with you in the past. Watching you hurt every day is tearing me apart and I know that, for once, I have to do the right thing. I have to let you go before I break you more than I have.

106. I think we need to take a break, give ourselves time to breathe, and know if this is what we really want.

Break Up Texts for Breaking Up Before It Begins

Prevention is better than a cure. Stopping a possibly bad relationship before it even begins could save you lots of stress, time, and resources. Below are the best break up messages for this scenario.

Break Up Texts for Breaking Up Before It Begins107. I truly appreciate the time you spent chatting with me, but honestly, I don’t think we are compatible. It’d be best to end things here before it goes any further. Good luck with your search for the right one.

108. I am flattered by your interest in me, but I have no interest in getting into a relationship right now. I do hope you find the right person for you. Good luck.

109. Going out on dates with you has been fun. However, I can’t take this dating any further because I’m not in a good place right now. If we’re meant to be, I believe fate would bring us together once again when the time is right. Until then, this is goodbye.

110. After spending a little time with you, it’s clear to me you’ve not yet gotten over your ex. As much as I really like you and want to be with you, I know you aren’t ready to be in a relationship. And I’m not ready to be your rebound guy. I wish you all the best and hope you find someone who can make you forget the past.

111. Hey (name), thanks for being open with your feelings about me yesterday. I gave it much thought over the night and decided I don’t want to start a relationship with you. I don’t feel the same way you do, and it’d be unfair if I choose to be with you, knowing differently we both feel. Please don’t get mad. We can still be friends if you wish.