15 Biggest Turn Offs for Guys You Should Know About

Have you found someone you’re interested in? Or perhaps you started a relationship and now you’re wondering what could possibly make them lose interest? 

Well, there are many reasons a man could suddenly find you less appealing. And almost all of these reasons come down to your behaviour. 

To find out the biggest turns off for guys, we got answers from men on Quora and Reddit about traits or behaviors that they think make a woman less desirable to them. But before we get into that, let’s see what a turn off means in case you’re not familiar with it. 

What is a Turn Off?

A turn off is anything that someone does that you find unappealing or unpleasant. It might be a habit, trait, or characteristic that makes someone appear less attractive or desirable to you. 

In a relationship, a turn off is something about a person or a situation that discourages or dissuades you from continuing a romantic or sexual relationship with them. It could be a specific behavior, quality, or characteristic you find unappealing or incompatible with your values or desires.  

What Are Some Biggest Turn Offs for guys?

Some of the things that turn men off are:

1. Poor Hygiene

Foul smell
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According to a respondent, one of the biggest turn off for guys is “poor hygiene”.

While most would endure poor grooming, a lot of men think what turns off a guy are poor toilet habits, body or mouth odor, and other poor hygiene habits. 

2. Manipulation

Some of the biggest turn offs for guys are mind games, using their words or emotions against them, and gaslighting. Aside from these, other manipulation tactics like the silent treatment are also considered a turn off for a guy. 

Additionally, men find it unattractive when a woman ghosts them and comes back to talk to them as if nothing happened. 

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3. Zero Accountability 

Not taking responsibility for your actions is a huge turn off for a guy. Many respondents say that men hate when women blame zodiac signs for their actions. One respondent says “I absolutely despise the whole ‘I am tough to deal with because I’m a Cancer.’ Like, no, you ARE ‘cancer’.”

Another says “using ‘my truth’ as an explanation for poor behavior” is one of the biggest turn offs for guys. 

While more users went on to say “no accountability for the actions they do or what they say” is a turn off for men.

This shows that pushing blames, not apologizing, or taking responsibility for your actions will dissuade a man from continuing a relationship. 

4. Dishonesty

Being dishonest is not only the biggest turn off for guys, but it’s also a solid reason for any gender to end any type of relationship. When you deal with a dishonest person, you never know what’s real or not. And a relationship built on lies will fall apart even before it begins. 

5. Lack of Attention

Biggest turnoff for guys
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Not giving attention to a man dissuades them from starting or continuing a relationship. This is because they take your lack of attention as a sign of disinterest. For instance: being on your phone during a conversation shows you’re unconcerned about what they’re saying.

Coincidentally, having your undivided attention is also one of the things men want on a first date. This shows how much men value you being present in the moment rather than being distracted. 

6. Disrespect

What turns off a guy more than disrespect? Not respecting a man is top of the list when talking about some of the biggest turn offs for guys. 

One user believes that “a man seeks respect. That’s all. If you DISRESPECT a man, be assured that you’ll lose him”.

When further asked what it means to respect a man, he said it means “valuing our opinion, not interrupting us to drive your point, and not raising your voice or talking to us like a child”. Also, it’s a major turn off when a girl comes on too strong or orders people around. 

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7. Entitlement 

Entitlement is one of the biggest turn offs for guys. When they do something for you, it’s important to show appreciation.

But acting like you deserve whatever they did for you from the kindness of their heart is not ideal. Once it becomes a regular attitude, it discourages them from pursuing or continuing the relationship. 

8. Selfishness

Naturally, being selfish will get you fewer friends or a bunch of equally selfish people. 

No man would want to get close to you once they realize that you only think of yourself. 

If they eventually start a relationship with you, they’ll leave when they notice you’re only interested in what you can receive and never what you can give. 

9. Gossiping

Gossiping is a turnoff
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Most Reddit men say they’re turned off by gossip. For instance: Revealing personal information about everybody in your life when you’re on a first date is a huge turn off. 

If you’re just meeting a guy for the first time, rather than gossip about your friends or people around you, find some great conversation starters that would make the date fun and less awkward. More so, avoid talking badly or gossiping about other people all through your relationship. 

10. Arrogance 

More respondents say they’re turned off by women who are arrogant and make every situation about themselves. Acting like you’re better than everyone else will make you appear less desirable to them. 

One of the men also says sentences like “I’m a strong independent woman” makes a man feel you don’t need him. So, if he isn’t needed, why should he be with you?  Although being independent isn’t a bad thing, men are turned off when you make them feel worthless or constantly remind them you don’t need their help in anything, no matter how little. 

11. Bad Personality

Anyone would be turned off by people who are bitchy, complain constantly, and are a misandrist. Men feel the same way. More so, most men would discontinue a relationship if you’re a chronic user of sarcasm. This is because women who are always sarcastic appear bitter and angry. 

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12. Lack of Communication 

Aside from constantly interrupting them during an argument, men are turned off when a woman doesn’t communicate. For example: when you expect a man to know what you want without saying it. 

Also, they’re turned off by women who express their hurt in loud tones, rather than effectively communicate how they feel. 

13. Being Fake

Source: Darrell Fraser on Pexels 

Being fake is one of the top reasons men are discouraged from starting a relationship with a woman. But what this means to each man varies. For instance, some of the respondents say they’re turned off by man-made boobs, and too much makeup or filters. 

In addition, they’re likely to end a relationship when they realize a woman is not who she said she is. 

14. Indecision

According to respondents, there is nothing more annoying than a girl who doesn’t know what she wants and can’t make up her mind.

For example, a man will stop making efforts to win you over when you can’t make up your mind about dating them.

15. Cheating

A man will find you less appealing when he sees you cheating on anybody. Cheating doesn’t only end in infidelity. It could be when making a purchase or in your daily activities. They won’t see you as girlfriend material once they catch you cheating someone because they think you’ll cheat or rob your way through the relationship.

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Wrapping Up 

It’s important to remember that what might be a turn off for one person might not be for another. This is because everyone has unique preferences and boundaries in relationships. 

However, check which of these biggest turn offs for guys fits your situation. Then have an honest conversation with your partner and work on your relationship before it’s too late.