the right guy

Finding the Right Guy the Right Way Today

The question about how to find the right guy has been in the mind of so many girls. Trying to find that one guy you can stick to, the guy you will never let go off and who won’t let go of you either. Someone who would love you and only you till the end.

The truth about finding the right guy may not be something you may want to hear, but you sure need to hear it.

Who is the right guy?

The right guy is any guy who truly loves you as much as you love him or more and he is willing to do anything to keep you.

He is that one guy who fits you perfectly like the Japanese yin and yang symbol. He won’t just make you feel complete, but he will complete you.

Him being the right guy doesn’t mean he won’t have his flaws, he would. But where he is lacking, you will be there to help him through it.

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Dream guys

Difference between the “right guy” and “your dream guy”

The right guy like I said earlier is someone who truly loves you and who you love wholeheartedly, he also compactible with you.

While your dream guy is a young man who has all the qualities and features you desire in your date. He is usually this perfect image you have about who you want in your life.

The major difference between the right guy and your dream guy is a 4 letter word and that’s “FLAW”. The right guy isn’t as perfect as the dream guy, but weirdly he is better than the dream guy.

How to find the right guy

Finding the right guy is more passive than active. Hope you didn’t get lost in those words, what I meant was that when a girl is finding her right guy, she doesn’t take active steps like wooing guys. It’s usually the duty of the guy to do that. So what she can do is something more passive like the list below. Which will still end up in finding the right guy.

  1. Be open-minded

This is where many girls get it wrong. They usually have this perfect image of the type of guy they want and they tend to focus all their attention on getting that perfect guy and most times overlook the right guy who has been under their nose the whole time.

Be open-minded. The right guy might not be as perfect as you planned, but he would be much better. So don’t close your mind to other guys who are not a perfect match.

87% of those who found their right guy notices that he doesn’t have all the specs they initially thought they needed. But they realized they didn’t really need any of that and they super love their boyfriend just as he is.

It’s not settling, it’s being in love.

happy couple

  1. Work on yourself

Now that you have an open mind, it’s time to work on yourself to ensure you can keep him when he comes and not cut it all short because of a piece of baggage of the past or a habit of yours.

Here you have to let go of your past hurts and prejudices. You have to learn to forgive. I strongly recommend you read these two articles

They will help you prepare for a long lasting relationship with your right guy when you find him.

  1. The arrivals

As a girl, there will always be guys after you. Most of them just there to try their luck or have fun. But there are a few who would love you genuinely especially after you have worked on yourself.

Remember I told you earlier that finding your right guy is all passive and not active. This is the main reason. Guys will make many of the action moves in trying to get you and you will just have to decide who is right for you.

  1. Follow your heart

This will be the hard part. You finally found a guy but you are not sure if he is the right one or not. Sometimes you might have two worthy guys after you.

One may not have all the features you want from your dream guy. The second has all the features you want. At this point, you need to decide with your heart and not your desired features.

Always follow your heart. Your heart is like a compass when searching for true love and the right guy. Your heart will decide who the right guy is, regardless of what you want or not.

  1. Going the extra mile

Well, this is an extra step for those couldn’t find their right guy on the list of guys who came after them. Or you have already found your right guy, the guy of your dreams.

What you need to do now is to get him to notice you and possibly fall in love with you.

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