There are tons of really cool fun things to do with your boyfriend if you are really up for it. These fun activities can really help in spicing up your relationship and even increase the bond between you and your boyfriend.

Oh, before we get started, promise me one thing. When you do these fun activities with your boyfriend and it gives your precious priceless memories, you will come back and comment your feedback.

10 fun activities to try with your boyfriend

Warning, these activities should only be tried with your boyfriend and your boyfriend alone to avoid catching feelings for another guy ;). Here are 10 things to do with your boyfriend.

Couple and mountain

  1.  Go somewhere completely new and bizarre

Look for a place the both of you haven’t been to before and go there with him. It shouldn’t be an uptight place like an opera or even a movie.

Pick a place you both can be free to express yourself. Places like the beach (only if it’s the both of you first), or a hidden fountain. You can also try going to camp at a mountain top.

I am sure you get the idea now, and probably have a better place in mind (you can share the location in the comment section for other readers).

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  1. 7 things I love about you

Another thing you can try with your boyfriend is the 7 game. In seven days, both of you are to tell each other seven things you love about the other person. That is, one thing you love about the person per day for seven days.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. You shouldn’t just tell the person these things straight up. Instead, you should look for creative ways to tell the person.

When I did this with my girlfriend, on one of the days, I wrote what I loved about her on a piece of paper and slipped it into a novel of hers. When I got home, I called her and told her to open that particular novel and she found it. It really really made her happy.

  1. Roleplay

Time to get naughty. I am guessing you already know what sexual role-playing is. For those who don’t know, sexual role play is all about both parties pretending to be different characters of their desire and then acting out a fantasy of their choice which leads to having sex in the end.

If you haven’t tried it with your boyfriend, then you should. It’s a really cool thing to do with your boyfriend. It will also spice up your sex life too.

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You and your boyfriend should take turns deciding what the role play should be all about. That way, both of you get to play out your fantasies.

#thinking, I would like to know what your fantasy would be about. I am certain you just thought about it now. No worries, just tell it to your boyfriend and get him to role play it with things to do with boyfriend

  1. 30 days rule

This one is for those really strong couples who have built their relationship on love and not just sex. The 30 days rule is about abstaining from sex for 30 days.

Did that surprise you? Well, that’s not all. In these 30 days abstinence, you both can tease each other crazy. But no sexual contact between the both of you.

You are only allowed to flaunt what you have to him and drive him to the edge. He can also flaunt his too. But no sex or make out in any way.

And when you lie with him on the bed, it should just be about intimacy on another level. Purely enjoy the warmth and comfort of one another.

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  1. Playing games

This is a really super cool way to pass time with your boyfriend and also bond with him more. It’s no news that almost every guy loves playing games.

Find a game you and him will love playing and play it with him over the weekend or anytime you both are free. But remember, you are his girlfriend and not his male buddies who he normally plays with, so make it more interesting.

Disturb him when you can and you can even distract him with a kiss or something naughty just to get him to fail. (Don’t tell him you learned this from here)

playing game with boyfriend

  1. Building something cool together

This is another really fun thing to do with your boyfriend. It also helps in passing time and creating something really memorable that you both won’t forget.

All you need is to both decide what you two want to build and get the materials. There is really no restriction on what you both can attempt building together. It could be as small as a necklace or as big as an airplane.

The fun is in the building and learning process and partly in the finishing. So if it’s a really complex and time-consuming build, don’t rush it.

And remember, the focus is spending time together. So always remember to have fun more than the actual work. Even if it takes a year to complete, when you look at it, it will symbolize how much time you both have put into it and how many fun memories you but have had because of it.

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  1. Pranks

This is the fun 101 of many relationships. That moment when you prank your boyfriend real good, you are laughing seriously but he gat that super cute pitiful face on.

If you are looking for something fun to do with your boyfriend, then this is the Holy Grail. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or life-threatening prank. A simple well-executed prank will do the trick.

  1. Movie night

Movie night is really a cool thing to do with your boyfriend. That’s if you haven’t done it already. Anyways, you can still have movie nights with your boyfriend even if you have had it before.

And if you are like me who is yet to actually have a movie night, then go and search for a nice movie that you both will enjoy and pick the date.

You can also buy popcorn for the night or even make them yourself if you are up to it.couple watching movie and popcorn

  1. Cooking

“The way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach”

Have you heard of that saying before? It’s actually true, even if he tries to deny it. So it’s no surprise that one of the things you can actually try with your boyfriend is to actually cook with him.

I will recommend that you both start with a meal that is simple and easy to cook. This way your first time cooking together won’t be horrible. Here is a list of simple dishes to cook. After that, then you can go for some really complicated dishes that require more time. Here is another list of harder dishes to cook.

But you should also remember that you both are a couple, so you two have to fun while cooking and really make it a special memory.

  1. In house date night

This is truly romantic, top notch. It gives you and you boyfriend the privacy you both need on a date and still have the feel of a fancy restaurant (if done correctly).

There are three keys to making an in-house date night a complete success. And they are:

I.  Special meal

You don’t have to calm to be a chef and serve a less quality meal. Also, you can actually order in a complete meal for two and set it for dinner. You should inform him you plan to buy the food beforehand.

But if you still want to cook for him, that’s still cool. He would appreciate your effect really well and it’s far more romanticSpecial meal

II.  Fancy decoration

The table and the part of the house where the date will happen should have a little decoration to signify that this is different from the regular dinner you both do have.

III.  Dress for the occasion

Dress like you are actually going to a fancy restaurant to eat. So dress to kill. Oh and let me give you a friendly reminder. After the date, your boyfriend might be moved so much that he may make love to you right at the spot, so have that in mind when selecting the dress for the night.


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