how to know if you are in love

How to Know if You Love Someone? 10 Signs of Love

Butterflies in your stomach, shaky hands, pounding heart… Are these true signs to know if you are falling in love?. The question “How do you know if you love someone”, may seem silly but it’s a very important one.

Every human is unique so the signs may vary, but there is always some common signs that cut across almost everyone. So, I will be writing on 10 signs to know if you are falling in love.

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How to know if you are in love with someone – 10 signs

There are over 100 signs to know if you are in love but here are the 10 most common signs.

  1. Always thinking about the person
  2. Your body feels different around the person
  3. Finding excuses to always be around him/her
  4. Missing them a lot when they aren’t around
  5. They make you happy
  6. You tend to like what they like
  7. Their opinion counts big time
  8. They always look dashing in your eyes
  9. You try to prolong body contact
  10. Self-denial

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·        Always thinking about the person

I still remember when I first fell in love with my girlfriend. Thoughts of her kept my mind busy for months. I thought about different things, how she talks, how she looks when she is focused, how beautiful she is without makeup. I just couldn’t stop thinking. Even to this day I still think of her everyday and our future together.

That’s just what love does; your mind keeps thinking about the person. This sign is the most common one.

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·        Your body feels different around the person

This is the second sign on how to know if you are in love with someone.

Butterflies in your stomach, sudden shyness, speechlessness, the list never ends. You would always react differently in their presence than you will when you are with a friend.

In my case it was speechlessness. Most times I have to rehearse what I’ll discuss with her the next day in the night so that when I’m with her and I go speechless, I’ll try to recall one of my planned speech. But it didn’t always work.


·        Finding excuses to always be around him/her

Not everyone will admit they have done this once or twice, but in reality, everyone who is in love have done this. That’s why it’s a very good sign to help you know if you are in love with a person or not.

It’s human nature to try and cling to what makes us happy. So  when you’re in love, you wouldn’t want to leave the person easily. When you notice you’re putting in extra effort just to  stay around the person more often, then you should know you are beginning to catch some feelings.

What is the silliest excuse you have made up just to be around a person? Drop your answer in the comment section.

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·        Missing them a lot when they aren’t around

That feeling of not being complete; you long to see the person even if it’s just for a second. A minute you haven’t seen him/her feels like hours.

The funny thing about this is that after counting the minutes to when you’ll see him/her and you both finally meet, you act like all the time you spent counting every second never happened.

·        They make you happy

Love is happiness. Although just like a rose, it can hurt at times but it’s all about happiness. So it’s no surprise when at the mere sight of the person, you feel truly happy.

When I was still wooing my girlfriend, I still remember walking into the class and instantly searching for her. I would feel extremely happy when I see her at her usual spot. But when I can’t find her (which rarely happens; she’s a bookworm), it would affect me for the rest of the day. The day wouldn’t just be the same.

·        You tend to like what they like

This is the sixth sign on how to know if you are in love with someone. Have you ever changed your opinion about a thing just because they either like or hate it?. This is one of the clearest signs that you have feelings for a person. It could happen with food, activity, or any other thing. You might not really like a particular activity, but because you’ve noticed the fun side of it through how he/she approaches it, you decide to give it a try and might end up actually liking it.

However, it doesn’t happen with all likes and dislikes. You won’t magically like everything the person likes but you will learn to like few of them.

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·        Their opinion counts big time

Most times no matter what others tell you, you’ll always be waiting to hear what he/she has to say. They are always the first person you talk to about that issue you have. You value their opinion and always put it into consideration while making decisions.

·        They always look dashing in your eyes

Even if they are in their worst outfit, you can still see the beauty in them. When the person walks in, you can’t help but admire how good looking they are. Whether sweaty and dirty or scarred and unique, they’re beautiful.

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·        You try to prolong body contact.

You get very conscious over every body contact you have with the person. Even the lightest touch from the person can send all sorts of feelings towards you.  Whether you’re strolling, sitting, or standing, you always desire to hold his/her hands and when you finally get your desire, you never want it to end.

Hugs, kisses, sexual attraction; you wish for these when it comes to them.

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·         Self-denial

This sign isn’t very common but it’s worth mentioning. Some persons who are experiencing love for the first time or who have been hurt by love before will try to deny their real feelings. Even when they experience all the signs above and more, they still deny their feelings strongly.

But what they fail to realize is that in most cases, the singular act of trying to deny your love for someone is in itself a sign of love. You won’t be trying so hard to deny it if you didn’t feel the love in the first place. So instead of constant denial, start acting on the love. Love is a beautiful thing, especially with the right one.

18 Other Signs to Know You are in Love with Someone

  1. Everything makes you think of him/her
  2. You can’t stop talking about him/her
  3. You replay all conversations in your head
  4. You love spending time with him/her
  5. You want to know their entire story
  6. Five hours with them feels like five minutes
  7. You love being around him/her even if he occasionally gets you mad
  8. You can’t take anyone talking negatively about him/her
  9. You can talk to him/her about anything
  10. You can’t concentrate
  11. You have a photographic memory for everything involving him/her
  12. The thought of losing him/her terrifies you
  13. You’ve become a daydreamer
  14. Their pain becomes your pain
  15. You genuinely want them to be happy
  16. You can’t stop staring
  17. It feels effortless with him/her
  18. You feel totally secure



We have come to the end of this beautiful topic on how to know if you are in love with someone You might not experience the whole 10 signs. If you experience at least half of it, then you likely have feelings for the person, and I’m glad I was able to help you realize your feelings for that person. If you choose to act on those feelings, please tell me how it turned out through the Contact Us page. I’ll be waiting for your feedback. Thanks for reading!