Who doesn’t want to find their dream girl? That “one” girl who ticks all the boxes in your dream/fantasy girl book. The one girl you can fight the world for.

Well, many will tell you that you can never find your dream girl. That it’s all a fairy tale. Just forget about those dream girl fairy tale nonsense and pick any girl.

What if they are right? But, just what if they are wrong too? You are in the right place. In this article, I will tell you how you can find your dream girl, and how to get your dream girl after finding her.

Who is your dream girl

I have to warn you. The answer you will get isn’t something you may want to hear, but it’s the TRUTH and it’s something you need to hear. So let’s down to it.

The truth about finding your dream girl is, you will NEVER find any girl that ticks all your box completely. There will always be something about her that will be off. If you are trying to look for a girl that ticks all your boxes, you may have to wait a little longer and send a custom order to God Himself, maybe you will get her in heaven.
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Is that harsh? But it’s the truth. Does that mean there is nothing like your dream girl? There is. But your dream girl isn’t one who ticks all your boxes. Instead, your dream girl is one who completes you. The one who fits you perfectly even when she isn’t perfect. You may think that this isn’t true right now. But when you find your dream girl, you will realize how true this is. I am speaking from personal experience.

getting your dream girl

How to find your dream girl

This is the complicated part. But I simplified it into just 3 steps. If you want to know how to find your dream girl, then here is the answer.

1.   Follow your heart and not your list

I have mentioned this earlier. It’s cool to have a list of specs you need to guide you, but it should be 80% your heart and 20% your list.

The reason is very simple. You will not be able to find any girl that will fit into the list perfectly, because whether you know it or not from the get-go, there will always be that one thing you need to change in her.
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Also, when following your list, it isn’t about love. You are just following your head and it is bound to fail.

But when you follow your heart in searching for your dream girl, it will never lead you wrong. You will get a nice girl who blends into most of your list requirements and she can still work on herself a bit to fit into some other specs you need.

But DON’T try to change everything about her. It’s a bad move and it never ends well.

2.   Have some patience

This is really important if you want to find the girl of your dreams. You gat to have patience. Trust me, you will see a lot of other girls who will make your head spin and for a tiny moment, you may think they are the ONE.

But trust me, you just have to wait for a little longer. When you find your dream girl, all the fiber in your body will be in agreement.

So exercise patience, finding your dream girl might take longer than you may want or shorter. But don’t be in a rush, it will always be worth it in the end.
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3.   The light at the end of the tunnel

This is the part I would tell you “I told you so” the patience will finally pay off. You will finally find the girl of your dreams. And guess what, she would be more than you ever dreamed for.

Sometimes, you will be thinking you don’t deserve someone like her. But you do and she will love you to the very end.

She will come into your life in a way you can never think of. One minute she isn’t there and the next minute, your dream girl just walks into your life.

The only catch is, sometimes you won’t know it’s her until the right time. While other times, it’s love at first sight. But mine wasn’t love at first sight I think it’s stronger than that.

Oh, I almost forgot. After finding her, you may need a little tip on getting the girl of your dreams. So read on.

Finding your dream girl

Getting the girl of your dream after finding her

It took me 20 years to find my dream girl (that’s from the day I was born and after some other fruitless loves) and another 1 year of chasing to finally get my dream girl. Today, am still with her and totally still in love.

Now for you to get your dream girl, you have to read How to Ask a Girl Out – With 85% chances of getting a YES. I have already explained everything in full detail there. But what I can tell you here, is NEVER GIVE UP on her no matter what may happen.

If she is really your dream girl and the love of your life, then she is worth every battle, every fight, and every hassle. She also doesn’t have to be perfect, but she will be perfect for you. So read the post How to Ask a Girl Out – With 85% chances of getting a YES and go get your dream girl.


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