Asking a girl out can be as easy as spelling the words out for her or as easy as texting her “be mine”. But the difficulty is in asking a girl out in a manner in which she is most likely accept to be your girlfriend. 

This is the difficult part because everyone is different and every girl is unique. However, there is a natural process flow of asking a girl out that cuts across all girls. It gives you a 50 50 chance of getting the girl. What makes increases your chances to 85% is… will be discussed at the end of the article.

Process Flow To Ask a Girl Out

Follow these steps to ask out any girl of your choice. 

  • Show her the real you
  • Step out of the friend zone
  • Pop the question

Asking a girl out

  1. Show her the real you

To ask a girl out, you must first make her see the real you. Before we go further, I have to warn you: DO NOT LIE about anything you tell her, not even by omission. This is very important because the truth always comes out and if you lied to look cool, you will look like the biggest fool ever when the truth comes out and worst of all, you might lose all chances of ever being with her again.

Now that’s off my chest, let’s dive into the juicy part. Try to show her the real you. Before I asked my girlfriend out, she had a lot of misconceptions about me, so I had to correct those bad impressions she had about me.  The girl you’re interested in may have some misconceptions about you that you may not know about; she may think you’re a “ladies’ man”, or you aren’t smart, or you are a nerd”, or anything that’s a big “No-No” to her.

Now there is a real chance that her impression about you may be right. In that case, you have two options. One; show her why you do the things you do and how cool they are as well. For example, if she is an outdoor lover and you are more of an indoor guy, and she thinks you are boring, try showing her why you love being indoors and how you can also have fun indoors.

Maybe you play games indoors all day, why don’t you invite her over to play a round or two of games. Your second option is to actually change some bad habits you have which she may not like. The main point of this is to introduce her to your world and show her how cool you are in your own way.

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  1. Step out of the friend zone

The next step of asking a girl out is to step out of the friend zone. This is where my guys get it all wrong. They stay too long in the friend zone that the girl finally starts seeing how cool they are but as a brother/buddy/BFF.

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When that happens, she starts relating to you as a brother or friend, rather than a potential date. So you have to avoid this zone carefully. If you’re already in this zone, luckily for you, I know how to get you out of it. The most effective way to stay in the friend zone is to confuse her a bit. Did that surprise you? I told you earlier not to lie to her, yet here I am telling you to confuse her.

Well think of it this way, the human mind works like the shelving system of a supermarket; all electronics one side, all fresh food one side, and all canned food another side. This same thing applies to the human brain. All friends are filed on one side and all potential dates are filed on another side. So you should not always act like just a friend so you won’t be filed as just a friend.

Also, you do not want to jump into the potential date zone so she won’t she forced to decide if she wants to date you or not. So what you have to do is to keep giving her subtle signs that you are interested in her not just as a friend. Ensure you don’t get carried away and give her strong signs that you want to date her because this may scare some girls off especially if they think you’re moving too fast.

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  1. Pop the question:

Your next step is to place your cards on the table. Before doing this, please observe her behavior towards you; is she trying to draw nearer? Or is she distancing herself? Or is she indifferent? If she is drawing closer, then you have succeeded. You can pop the question confidently and expect a positive answer. All you have to do is to come out straight with your intentions known to her.

A toss to love
A toss to love

She has already seen how cool you are and she wants to date you already, so your mission has been accomplished. But if she is trying to create a distance, that is a subtle sign that she knows what you want and is subtly telling you NO. You shouldn’t feel too bad because that’s not necessarily a bad sign.

My current girlfriend of 3 years gave me a resounding NO for 8 months before finally agreeing to date me. So all you have to do in this situation is to respect her decision if you can’t wait, but if you are head over heels in love with her, you have to push on as I did, show her that you care about her, show her you are trustworthy, show her how much you love her.

It worked for me but please, do not stalk her. If after all this she’s still indifferent, you can walk away if you wish.


The 85% secret of getting her to say yes

The secret is going the extra mile for love. Put in extra effort in winning her heart, be special, unique and be yourself. 

She probably have other guys lining up to ask her out, so you have to differentiate yourself from the crowd. 

You can do this by showing her you genuinely love her and also what she stands to get by saying yes to you. When you do that, it will increase your chances of getting a Yes when you ask her out

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