Men are moved by what they see and women are moved by what they hear

That is the famous quote that has held true for a long time. But in a situation where you ain’t good with words, how then are you expected to attract a girl you like without speaking a word? This is a very challenging task, but “challenge” is our first name.

To attract a girl without speaking, you have to use a technique I call “Zero Speech”. 

How to attract a girl without speaking a word using the zero speech technique

Normally, to properly attract a girl requires a certain amount of conversation which usually includes things like introduction and other brief charming talks to express who you are. But with the zero speech technique, you can attract a girl without even speaking a word.

The zero speech technique relies on 3 key senses which are

  • Sight 
  • Scent
  • Touch

To attract a girl without talking, you have to look, smell, and feel more attractive than the average guy. We will show you how you can greatly improve in these key areas to help you become more attractive to attract more girls.

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  • Sight 

There are 4 elements that improve one’s physical attractiveness to the ladies. Improving these elements would make girls get attracted to you from a mile away and the best part is, you wouldn’t have to say a single word.

1.  Be Neat, Look Neat:

Overall neatness can not be overemphasized when talking about attracting the opposite sex. One wrong smell, one tacky look can completely repel any girl from looking at you twice. 

You have to take your personal hygiene very seriously. Completely get rid of any body odor

Clean up properly when leaving a dirty area to avoiding hidden dirt embarrassing you later

Keep your hair neat and properly groomed at all times. 

Rinse your mouth regularly after eating avoid residue spoiling your immaculate smile

Wear only clean and straight clothes, wrinkled clothes are not attractive in this time and age. Who knows, it can be a fashion trend in the future. But for now, it’s negative. Read more on personal hygiene

2.  Gain some fashion sense

You can’t attract a girl in clothes of the 80s unless it’s a party with the 80s theme. Dress to suit the type of girls you want to attract. Each fashion style has the class of girls it can easily attract. 

But not every guy is fashion-wise. The good news is, you don’t have to be a fashion expert to attract a girl from a distance without speaking (though enlisting the help of a male fashion expert will go a long way). All you need is to know some evergreen male fashion styles that are attractive to the ladies.

Here are a few pictures of some evergreen male fashion to help you look attractive

Male evergreen fashion style
A little chest exposure enhances attractive
Attractive male
Glasses + The gentleman look
Coo guy fashion
He checks all the list on being attractive

3.  Improve your composure 

To attract girls without speaking, you have to act like you are worth their head turns and more. Don’t act shy or cowardly. Although shy guys are also attractive to some girls, a confident well-composed gentleman is attractive to all. 

Attitude is also important, don’t act like a snub or overly proud. Your composure should be open and welcoming. 

Act smart, no girl wants a dumb ass. You don’t have to talk to show a person you are smart. Just act smart.

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4.  Eye contact and Facial expression 

Eye contact is a great way to attract a girl especially when you are a shy guy. If you are terrible at maintaining sexy eye contact with a girl, then I recommend you read Eye Contact Flirting for Shy Guys

Lastly, you have to have a gentleman’s facial expression. Let your facial expression do the talking for you. Facial expressions have the power to convey strong messages whether you are aware of it or not. It is used in detecting a lier and even identifying a creep. 

You have to learn how to harness the power of your face and speak loudly through it without opening your lips.

A personal favorite of mine that does the trick most times without me trying is the half-hidden smile facial expression while holding eye contact with a girl. You can throw in a nice sexy wink if she seem interested in you as well. 

A little experiment on attracting a girl without talking: 

When you have done all you have read to this point. 

  • Go somewhere that has the kind of girls you want to attract. 
  • Stay in a position where you can be seen by her
  • After settling down, look in her direction and when you make eye contact with her, Hold the contact for a few seconds with a calm face
  • Add a half-smile and a soft wink next time you make eye contact.

If she still maintains eye contact with you for the third time without giving you a disapproving look, then she is attracted to you.

  • Scent

Improving your physical appearance is a major point in your favor when you are a few distance away from a girl. But when you are in close proximity to the girl, there is another additional point that can help you attract a girl without altering a word. That addition point is your SCENT.

Do you know that there are certain scents the ladies find more attractive on men than others? I call them the magic scents. I bet you want to know what these magic scents are. Well instead of telling you, why don’t I show them to you. Watch the video

A little experiment to help you pick which scent attracts girls more

  • Buy the different perfumes 
  • Put one on each day 
  • Then observe which one got you the most compliments

Any one that gets you the highest number of good compliments from the ladies should become your top choice

  • Touch

This is important to mention in case the situation presents itself to you. You might be thinking you need to know the person first before the power of touch can be added, you’re damn wrong. 

I not only attracted a girl who was a complete strange without saying a word using touch only but I also semi made out with her on a public bus without saying a word to her to this day. 

I am in no way advising you to make out with a complete stranger, it is reckless and can cause unimaginable chaos to your life. So I strongly advise you to stay away from this one until you know what you are doing. 

Back to the topic of the day “Attracting a girl without saying a word”. This comes in handy when you have the opportunity to handle something over to her. While giving it to her, ensure at least one of your fingers touches her hand gently while making eye contact.

Soft touches are always the best when you trying to attract a girl. This can easily be perceived as creepy or pervy if done wrongly or at the wrong time. So be careful of how you do it and if she withdraws her hands fast, apologize to her politely.

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Thanks for reading to the end. I hope you try the little experiments to help you improve your ability to attract a girl.

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