How to be a better boyfriend

How to Be a Better Boyfriend – 30 Rules of Boyfriendery

Awesome!  You’ve finally gotten her. After all that hard work, she’s finally yours. But the work does not stop there, you have to keep the fire of love burning brighter and brighter. In fact, you have to be the best she has ever had. And that brings the mighty question. “How to be a better boyfriend?”

It’s easy to be the best boyfriend she has ever had if you truly love her. This is because it will come naturally to you. But if you are looking for some pointers to point you in the right direction, then here is a list of 30 do’s on how to be a better boyfriend.

1.   Listen to her

It’s as simple as it sounds. Everyone loves to be heard. It’s not just about hearing, you have to listen so you can understand what she needs. You might think she’s saying one thing, but if you listen well, you will hear what she’s really saying. And by doing that, she would know you aren’t like the rest of the guys she has met before.

2.   Text her

Now you’ve gotten her, you shouldn’t stop sending her all those sweet texts you used to send when you were still chasing her. Text her randomly for no reason at all. Text her with things that’ll put a smile on her face, things that’ll brighten up her day. It will help you to become the best boyfriend she has ever had.

being a good boyfriend

3.   Always find creative ways to tell her you love her

It shouldn’t always be through these specific words “I Love You”. There are over a million ways to express love to her; ways she will feel loved more than just saying it. So it’s up to you to search for the right ones to use. Love letters still work. You can also consider singing for her. If you already do these, kudos! But you still have to look for more ways once in a while.

4.   Do crazy things for her

Love naturally makes you do crazy things. So my advice is — don’t hold back, let it flow naturally. Do things that will make her laugh hard, smile hard and blush none stop. Just be crazy. Love isn’t about being serious all the time. Love brings out the child in you. It brings out the better version of you you never knew existed.

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5.   Surprise her often

Almost every girl loves a good surprise. It’s high time you start planning something cool that’ll knock her off her feet. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It doesn’t even have to be monetary. Just choose something that will make a big impression in her life.

6.   Be honest

Everyone loves honesty, but not everyone is honest. I bet she has met lots of liars and she’s tired of it. So stop the lies and be more truthful.

7.   Never break her trust in you (How to be a better boyfriend Special)

Trust is just like a glass. Once broken, it can never return to its original form even if you patch it up. You can’t afford her trust in you to be broken, because in some cases, it could mean the end of your relationship. So stay away from things like cheating and lying, or any other thing that could break her trust in you.

8.   Go on dates

Dates don’t have to stop once she agrees to date you. Take her out on romantic dates. Go for picnics. To be a better boyfriend, make her feel special. Keep taking her out as much as you used to because it’s also a way of telling the world that she is the love of your life and you are proud to have her. Plus it builds good memories that strengthen your relationship.

9.   Make her jealous once in a while in a healthy way

It’s a proven fact that girls love it when their man is the envy of other women. The idea that she has what other girls want but can’t have, is one way to ensure she never loses interest in you. The goal here is to get her jealous in a non-offensive way. Don’t flirt with other girls or go as far as cheating. Be constructive, you could use jokes other cool means.

10.   Gift her regularly

When we think of getting a gift for our girlfriend, our mind usually runs to lots of money. Lots and lots of money. But it doesn’t have to be. Being a better boyfriend means you have to get her a gift within your available means. With little money, you can still get a cool gift she would truly love and appreciate.

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Boyfriend and Girlfriend

11.   Help her with some bills

Phone bill, rent, water bill, electricity bill, you name it. Pick any or some your pocket can carry, even if she can comfortably pay those bills herself. Ladies love it when their man shows that they are capable of taking care of their financial needs. So show her you are capable, foot some of her bills but don’t go broke doing so.

12.   Help her with some chores

Everyone loves a little help once in a while. Helping her wash the dishes once in a while won’t hurt, but it would make a great deal of impression on her that you are really a great boyfriend. It doesn’t have to be dishes. It could be running to the grocery store, or arranging those throw pillows for her. You could also find a chore that consumes her time and help her with it.


13.   Flirt with her regularly

I’m sure most of you haven’t stopped flirting with your girlfriend, but I still have to mention it for other readers who might have stopped. Flirt with her regularly. It livens up your relationship and increases her sexual attraction to you.

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14.   Get better and creative in bed (How to be a better boyfriend special)

Give her mind-blowing sex. Try new things, improve your sex life. Ask her what she wants. Every girl has her fantasies, ask her for hers. Do not laugh at what she says. Implement them next time you have sex. Make her feel special in bed.

15.   Be there when she needs you the most

Be a better boyfriend by being available. You can’t claim you love her when you aren’t always around when she needs you. Be her shoulder to cry on. Her pillar when she’s about to take a huge step in her life. Be there for her.

16.   Argument is good once in a while

Arguing once in a while is normal. In fact, the occasional argument is healthy for your relationship. Don’t be a pushover just because you want to be the best she’s ever had. Don’t change so much to fit what she wants that you end up losing yourself in the process. Learn to stand your ground when it comes to things you know you either love or can’t tolerate. DO NOT be scared to argue.

17.   Motive her

When it seems like life is pulling her down; stumping on all her efforts like it’s nothing, you have to be there to hold her hands and tell her it would be alright. You have to be there to support her and give her the push she needs to continue the hard work.

18.   Go on vacations (How to be a better boyfriend Special)

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay Vacation!!!!!” A time you put the busyness of both your worlds on hold and focus on just the both of you for a short period of time. It could even be a weekend trip. This will bolster her love for you, especially if it’s a place she handpicked. If you don’t have the funds or time for it yet, no problem. Just keep it in your mind and plan for it. Vacation spots

spicing up things

19.   Tell your friends how much you love her

“You are truly a lucky girl, your boyfriend can’t stop talking about you. He really loves you.” she would instantly blush when she hears that from her friends’ mouth if it’s genuine. It would remind her how lucky she is to have you in her life and know that you’re serious about her, and make her realize how much better you are than any other boyfriend she has had.

20.   Quality time is necessary

This is just like vacation. I call this home vacation. I can’t overemphasize how important quality time is. No matter how busy you may be, you still have to create enough time for her. Quality time is important for the healthy growth of every relationship. So you always have to create time for that.  Create time you can both focus on each other, talk heart-to-heart, heal from every hurt over previous issues and bond.

21.   Connect with her family (How to be a better boyfriend special)

If her family is very important to her, then you have to try to connect with them. She would love it if her family approves of you, especially if she’s serious about you. Make an effort towards your relationship with them. Even if you don’t hit it off with them, it’s okay as long as you gave it your best shot.

22.   Still look cool

She is yours now doesn’t mean you can stop looking good and think that she wouldn’t mind. SHE WOULD MIND. Still trying to maintain your looks, how you dress or even upgrade if possible. The point is to get her to always see that you haven’t lost your cool style.

23.   Do not revolve your life around her

Follow your own passion and career. Give her space.  I’ve seen so many relationships go down the drain because of this reason. Nothing kills a relationship faster than a clingy boyfriend who’d sacrifice his sleep just to see how long she has been online and wondering whom she has been talking to. Or a boyfriend who follows her everywhere; even to girls night out. Study her and know what works for her — Does she like her own space most of the time? Or is she okay with just a little space? Remember, what one person sees as care, maybe stifling to another.

24.   Forget about your exes

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Remove the old texts, pictures or letters from your ex(es). She might tell you it doesn’t matter, but in most cases, it matters a lot. So cut off all exes and do not make her feel that you still have feelings for your ex. If she does, then she might start drifting away slowly when you fail to change.

25.   Compliment her frequently

This is a must on the list of DOs on how to be a better boyfriend. Compliment her as much as you can. It’s never too much, as long as it’s genuine. Compliment her smile, her beauty, the way she laughs, how she dresses, etc.

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26.   Don’t play ‘hard to get’ in the relationship

Movies and books might have propagated that every girl digs a Christian Gray 50 shades of gray. They don’t. Be responsive. Talk. Care. Hold the door for her. Occasionally try to make her laugh with your sense of humor. Trying to be mysterious and hard to get, is at your own risk.

27.   Don’t stare at other women while you’re with her

This is also a must on the list of Dos on how to be a better boyfriend. Let’s be honest. Almost all men do this. Most of their girlfriends say that they’re cool with it. But to be honest, they’re not. So my advice is — as far as you’re with her, don’t stare at all. There will always be a girl with perfect curves, sexy dress, or longer legs. But guess what — they won’t be the girl who would love you the way your girlfriend does right now. So don’t ruin it.

28.   Do not underestimate the power of simple gestures

Simple gestures such as hugs, kisses, holding her hands, cuddles, pecks, etc, are really important. It gives a warm feeling of love. It reassures her that you love her and she’s perfectly safe with you. So hug her as much as you can. Shower her with those warm kisses as much as you can and it will work magic for you.

29.   Do not nag! I repeat, do not nag!

Where are you baby? Why didn’t you wake up early? Did you put those things in the exact order I told you to? Who did you meet today? There is a difference between care and nagging. Ask her about the little things but don’t pester her. Nobody likes being nagged.

30.   Love her

This might sound funny to you but to be a better boyfriend, you have to love her. You can’t succeed in all the things listed here if you don’t truly love her. With love comes the patience and the zeal to do all things on this list.



With all that you’ve read, you have a chance of becoming the best boyfriend she has ever had. But I have to warn again — DO NOT in the quest of being the best boyfriend, lose who you really are.

Also, you don’t have to practice all I have mentioned at once. You can try to do them one at a time over a period of time. Thanks for reading!