How to be a girlfriend material

How To Become A Girlfriend Material – Lesson 101

Going with the world population statistics of 7.8 billion people on earth, and the human sex ratio of 1:1 on average, which implies there are 3.9 billion females on planet earth. Removing too old and too young, we might be left with 2 billion girls (potential girlfriends) in the world right now.

So the big question is “Why should a guy/man choose to date you out of the 2 billion girls in the world right now?” Or let me put it this way “What do you have that sets you apart from the 2 billion girls in the world today?”

There are some basic key features every guy desire in a girlfriend and these features are what make up the Girlfriend-material list. So the more features you have from this list, the more guys you would see you as a girlfriend material and the more guys you would attract.

Here is a basic list of things that can make you a girlfriend material

1.  Respectful

This is the No. 1 feature everyone is looking for in a girlfriend. No matter how beautiful or smart a person is, without respect, the person isn’t attractive. Every guy out there wants a girl who would respect him at all times. A girl who is not the number 1 rude girl in the block. You do not have to turn to a doormat before you become respectful. Be respectful but also know where to draw the line from being used (very important).

2.  Beauty

This tops the chart becoming a girlfriend material. Every guy wants a beautiful girlfriend, by every guy I mean EVERY GUY. This is usually the first attribute that catches a guy’s attention. The more beautiful a girl is, the more guys’ attention she would attract at first sight. Luckily, every girl is beautiful because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder (and a little makeup 😉 ). To become a girlfriend material, you have to sharpen your natural beauty as much as you can. Just be the best version you can be and that’s more than enough.

3.  Maintain proper

I just read an answer to the question What instantly makes a person less attractive? on Quora. The guy built up the courage to talk to a potential girlfriend. She laughed at him loudly but that wasn’t just what instantly put him off, she had bad breath and her tooth wasn’t clean.

No guy wants a girlfriend who has bad breath. Just imagine for a moment that you are about to kiss a guy but what kisses you first is his bad breath. Will you still kiss him?

To be a girlfriend-material, you have to be clean from the inside out. You can’t afford to have body odor or always look haggard.

4.  Seductive

This is another really cool feature guys around the world want in their girlfriend. A girl who knows how to use her girly power to push down the most muscular guy with just a gentle touch of one finger. You don’t have to be the curviest girl in the room to be very seductive, all you need to know is how to use what you got in the best possible way. This is a skill every girlfriend material should have. With this kind of skill, you can easily drive your boyfriend crazy whenever you want.

Girlfriend material
Girly power

5.  Be fun to be around

Relationships are meant to be a source of happiness and joy, it’s a lot easier to be one when the girl is fun to be around naturally. So one of the qualities of a good girlfriend material is that she is fun to be around. She can brighten her boyfriend’s day no matter how bad the day is going, she has the ability to break a smile on his sad face even in her sleep.

Are you clueless about how to be fun-to-be-around? Here is an article that can help you with that. 21 tips to be more fun and less boring to be around

6.  Have people’s skill

Another great quality of a girlfriend material is that she can easily relate with her boyfriend’s friends. It is important to remember that those friends were in his life before you showed up, so it is always advisable for you to relate with them well. The friends of a guy can have a direct/indirect influence on his relationship life. A girlfriend who is loved by his friends would earn the guy lots of praise and accolade in her absence.

So to become a girlfriend material, you need to have good people’s skill with his friends. But If you can’t relate well with people, just try your best not to be hated by his friends and that would be enough.

7.  Be loyal

Loyalty is a quality that is slowly trying to disappear in the world today. Cheating is on the rise and so are broken hearts on the rise also. But nobody goes into a relationship hoping that his girlfriend would cheat on him someday.

Here is the honest truth, loyalty is a choice. In the world there is always going to be someone who looks finer than your boyfriend, funnier, greater body, more charming, smarter, better in bed, richer, etc. While dating him you would probably meet any of his better versions. It is up to you to choose to remain faithful or not.

The conscious decision to stay faithful to him regardless his shortcomings is what makes you a girlfriend material.

8.  Be great in bed

Kindly skip this number if you are a virgin or celibate and want to remain that way. For those of you ladies who have had some fun or planning to have some soon, then this number is for you.

After love, the next thing on a guy’s mind is lovemaking. Every guy is out there looking for a girlfriend who is gentle in the public but a freak in bed. A girlfriend who has the capacity to make him go crazy in bed.

 To become a girlfriend material, you will have to make some improvements in bed. No matter how good you think you already are, learning a few new things won’t hurt a fly.

9.  Be smart

Girlfriend material 101. No guy wants to date a numb skull unless he just wants to keep her around for her body. A good girlfriend material is smart. She has the ability to hold up a conversation with intellectual people and not be ridiculed.

Now I must tell you that there are levels of smartness, every level attracts certain types of guys. For example, a girl who is club smart i.e. she knows the ins and outs of a club, knows about almost every party joint, and how to easily get her hands on drugs will be a perfect girlfriend material for a guy who shares the same passion as she does.

But when a girl is academically smart to the extinct that she is tagged as a bookworm. She becomes a perfect girlfriend material for a guy of similar nature.

dinner date with girlfriend

10.  Supportive

It’s no news that all humans are passes through different phases of their lives. Some Phases are filled with trails, pain, loss, etc. Those phases are always less painful when you have someone who loves you so deeply by your side. It’s like falling on foam instead of the concrete floor.

This is one of the major reason why everyone male and female alike always wants a supportive partner. A partner who is not just around for the rosy times, but also around when the going gets tough.

11.  Great with his family

This is actually a bonus quality. Family is an extremely important aspect of everybody’s life. A person’s family has a huge impact on who a person becomes in the future, good or bad.

To a guy who has a good and healthy relationship with his family, he would want his girlfriend to have the same good relationship with them. So to become a girlfriend material of such a guy, you must be great with his family because his family acceptance of you means a lot to him.

But if the guy doesn’t give a damn of what his family opinion is of you, then this is not a girlfriend material requirement for you.

12.  Earning her own money

This is yet another bonus feature of a girlfriend-material. There is nothing sweeter than having a girlfriend who can take care of herself, who pays her own bills. Whenever her boyfriend is away for a long time, he knows she can take care of herself without the help of any other man.

But not every guy digs a lady who earns her own money because it threatens them in a funny way. I come from a society that thinks a woman’s education ends in the kitchen. Lots of men here prefer to go out there and work hard all day and their wives stay home and take care of the home. But of recent times, change has started creeping into society as the younger generation is starting to hate the ideas of wives staying home idle all day. Now, more guys are starting to love the idea of their girlfriends working and earning money for themselves. So in a decade, this would be a compulsory feature of a good girlfriend.

13.  Be mature

“She is very mature” I can’t count how many times I have heard that line from a ton of guys when they are explaining to their hommies reasons why they love their new girlfriend. Not everyone gets mature with age, there are tons of people out there who are old in age but someone half their age is more mature than them.

No guy wants to date a kid, even though the kid has the age of an adult. So to become a girlfriend material, you have to be mature, act mature, and speak maturity. 15 Traits Of An Emotionally Mature Person

Girlfriend material
Dating an emotionally mature person

14.  Be real

To become a girlfriend material, you have to be real. We already live in a world were faking is the new real, fake looks, fake laughs, fake friendship, fake life, and even fake boyfriends. If what you seek is to become the girlfriend of a real guy, a guy that won’t lie to you or fake anything and even be there with you in times of trouble, a boyfriend that you can be truly intimate with without getting naked, then you have to become real as well.

If you must live a fake life and still want a real boyfriend, you would have to show your real side only to the guy who you believe is real enough to handle the real you. Did you understand what I just said? Reread it slowly if you didn’t



The truth is, no girl can possibly have all the features of a perfect girlfriend material without a flaw. So, to become a girlfriend material, you have to have majority of the features listed above.

Here is another really ugly truth. When love sets in, it doesn’t matter if you are a girlfriend material or not, it would make a guy love you for who you are and accept you how you are.

In other words, it is good to aspire to become a girlfriend-material, as it would be a huge blessing to your boyfriend. But at the same time, do not force what you are not. Just be the best version of yourself, work daily on improving yourself, be kind to others and you will definitely find love and be someone’s girlfriend someday.

Thanks for reading and do have a nice day.