Everyone wishes they could be the BEST their current spouse/partner could ever have in this life and even in the next life. The main problem of that wish/desire is how you can make it come true, how do you become unforgettable to your boyfriend/girlfriend, lover, or spouse. 

The Elixir of living eternally in the heart of your loved one will be discussed below, so you better prepare yourself for a life long transformation.

The Right mindset 

Becoming unforgettable in the life of a person can be done so many ways, both through good and bad ways. It is easier for you to make yourself unforgettable through a bad means, for example, making yourself unforgettable can be as walking up to the person’s workplace and getting him/her fired through wild accusations. Or cheating on the person in the most gruesome way ever. Such terrible events can make you unforgettable in the person’s life forever.

But, that’s probably not what you want. You want to be remembered in a good way if you both ever break up. You desire for the thought of you to put a smile on his or her face regardless of who they are currently with. If the person was to write an autobiography of his/her life, you will have a dedicated chapter.

Sweet love

Enough of the daydreaming, let’s get down to how you can attain immortality in the heart of your lover.

Ways to become unforgettable to your partner

Here are a few practical ways to become unforgettable to your partner.

1.  Create some first-time memory

I bet you still remember the person who deflowered you. You still haven’t forgotten the first person who took you on a real date. How about the person you were with on your first romantic vacation. What about the first person that comes in mind when you hear a particular song or taste a particular food.

First-time memories are always hard to forget, when you mix that with intense emotion, it becomes extremely hard to forget. That’s why it is hard to forget a person who was there with you during a powerful first-time event.

So the fastest and easiest way to make yourself unforgettable to your partner is to actively be with him during a first time activity. It’s not just enough for you to be present, you have to play an active role, so when the person remembers that unforgettable moment, he/she will remember you.

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2.  Grow beyond average

The world is filled with a lot of uniquely average people (did that make sense to you). Each person is unique in a certain way, but in a general sense, there is a common average. 

To become unforgettable, you have to evolve above that average. You have to be so much better than anyone your partner has ever met or will ever meet, or you can settle for the top 3. 

To achieve this, you have to self-improve most areas of your life, especially the part that directly affects your relationship such as, your attitude, character, finance, dressing, humor, sexual appeal, sex life, and work on areas you are lacking.

Ask yourself this question, can you forget anyone who is more than average in all these qualities? I bet the answer is NO. The beauty of making yourself unforgettable through this method is that it is a win-win situation. 

If after all this self-improvement and the person still leaves, guess what, you are still an amazing person that many people out there would find themselves truly lucky to have. 

First red flower
Grow beyond average

3.  Help the person to achieve a personal goal

Remember we are still on the quest on how to become unforgettable to your partner. The keyword in there is “your partner” so the focus should be more on them. With that being said, another pretty cool way to become unforgettable is by helping the person achieve their personal goal or ambition. 

People generally spend their whole life trying to achieve a particular goal or a couple of goals. When they finally achieve it, they can never forget what or who ultimately helped them achieve that dream/goal (Well, except for ingrates).

So pick one of the person’s important goal, and work on helping the person to achieve it. You should pick something long term and not a season goal, that way it would still have value to the person years from now.

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4.  Fix a major problem

Fixing someone else’s problem is another insightful way to leave your mark, though you should be warned that this method might get your heart burnt. 

Usually, everyone has one problem or the other, be it socially, mentally, or even academically. Helping them solve their greatest problem is a way to become unforgettable in the heart and mind of your partner.

For example, if your partner has a terrible relationship with any or both of his parents, helping him/her fix that problem can leave a tremendous impact on your partner’s life.

But as stated earlier, helping people solve personal problems of this magnitude can come with unforeseen circumstances which can result in more pain to everyone involved.

5. Lead the person to Christ

I’m pretty certain you never saw this one coming, but leading your partner to Christ is the biggest and most effective way to make yourself unforgettable. Religion is a core belief that shapes the heart and mind of every person. You being able to stir the person towards the right direction towards Christ the one true God won’t just make you unforgettable to your partner, it will also add a reward to you up in heaven, plus it will make you a better Christian because the best way to truly convert a person is through your actions.

So this method stands to outweigh number 2 as this is a triple win. It will make you unforgettable, it will make you a better Christian, and earn you a reward in heaven. This is like the ultimate package.


Thanks for reading, hopefully, you were able to find a method you can try out. I would love to hear your questions and contributions in the comment section, so don’t hold back on leaving a comment.

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