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How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend the Old Fashion Way (works like magic)

It’s every girl’s nightmare to find out that the one person whom they love the most and have sacrificed a lot for, including resources and other guys who have come around, is actually cheating on you.

So in this article today, I will be showing you 5 pretty easy ways to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you. Also, I will give you some signs of a cheating boyfriend and then my own advice if you actually find out he is cheating.

7 obvious signs of a cheating boyfriend

  1. Passwording his phone

Relationships are built on transparency and trust. When one person starts hiding secrets and passwording their phone, it’s usually an indication that there is something they don’t want you to see.

90% of the time, what he is trying to hide from you by passwording their phone is a side chick. But you really can’t use only this sign to accuse him of cheating.


  1. Always complaining about you

“You can’t cook” “You can’t dress” “You are getting fat, lose some weight”.

One sign of a cheating boyfriend is when he suddenly starts complaining excessively. Remember I used the words “sudden” and “excessively”, so if he has always been a complainer from the get-go, then this is not a valid sign for you.

  1. You are not good enough

All of a sudden, nothing you do is good enough for him anymore. He always finds fault in the littlest things you do. No matter how much thought and energy you put into it, it will never be enough.

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This is another sign that your boyfriend is cheating because when a person gets a taste of what “he” thinks is better, any other thing looks inferior. That’s why if he is actually cheating, he will think you are inferior and the other girl is the best.

  1. Less time with you

He becomes unnecessarily too busy to spend quality time with you. He is always coming up with really dumb or creative reasons why he can’t see you.

If your boyfriend is actually cheating, he would want to spend more time with the side chick and that translates to less time with you.

This can’t be used as an absolute sign of cheating because he can be really busy with other things and that’s why I will soon show you how to catch him cheating directly.

  1. Giggling to secret messages

Do you remember how you laugh about everything your boyfriend says? It all seems funny to you, well guys do it too.

When your boyfriend begins to giggle or smile really hard while chatting with another person other than you on his phone repeatedly over a long period of time and he doesn’t allow you to read those messages plus a passworded phone. That’s almost a certainty that there is a new girl in his life.

  1. Too tired for sex

A sex freak now too tired of having sex? If your boyfriend normally can’t get his hands off your body and all of a sudden he doesn’t seem interested in touching you in the first place. Then something is definitely wrong.

In this case, don’t assume first. Find the right time and ask him about it. If he doesn’t give you any legit answer, then that’s a sign he is getting it elsewhere by cheating on you.

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  1. Less emotional attachment to you.

One of the signs that a guy is in love with you and has only in his life is that he will be emotionally attached to you.

Most guys find it hard if not impossible to stay emotionally attached to two women at the same time. So when they start cheating, they have to detach from one first.

That’s why this is a prominent sign of a cheating boyfriend.

But hey, don’t act on signs alone, it’s time to find out the real ways of confirming if your boyfriend is really cheating on you or not.

5 ways to catch your boyfriend cheating on you

Time for the juicy bit. Finding out if your boyfriend is cheating on you can be easy or difficult depending on how bad you want to find out.

Here are 5 proven ways to catch your boyfriend cheating on you.

  1. Stalk him

This method has been used for centuries by lovers who desperately want to confirm if their suspicions were correct and it works every time. How can you beat such a track record? This method has worked for ages.

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Pick a day when he gives you a crappy excuse of why he can’t see you. Go to his apartment and give him a good surprise then act like you just wanted to surprise him only in case you are wrong. Or you can stay from a mile away and watch who enters his house or who he goes out with.

Another way is to follow him around in incognito mode and see who he meets throughout that day or a period of days.

If he is actually cheating, he would have to visit her once or twice and when he visits, you will be following him and definitely catch him cheating. That’s why this method works like a charm.

  1. A little pressure

If your boyfriend ain’t strong-headed/strong-willed, he wouldn’t do well under pressure and that’s why this method will work on him.

What you have to do is to mount pressure on your boyfriend to get him to confess if he is cheating. You can mount pressure by repeatedly asking him if he is cheating.

You can also mount pressure by making him believe you found out something truly bad about him and you are willing to forgive him for it if he confesses by himself.

I have watched this method work like magic when my brother used it on his girlfriend. You can’t imagine all she said.

Remember for this to work he must not be strong-minded.

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  1. Out of town trick

This another really effective method that can be used to confirm if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

People seem to do pretty dumb things when they think no one is watching them and that’s what this method leverage on.

In this method, you have to give your boyfriend a makeup story of you not being around for a while, either because of family issues or job or anything really juicy that he will believe without a doubt in his mind.

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Next, you stalk him and if he is really cheating he wouldn’t try to cover his moves anymore because he thinks you are out of town and he will quickly go to her or ask his side chick to come over.

catching a cheating boyfriend

  1. His friends

This method isn’t as effective as the others, but it still works in some cases.

His friends might already know he is cheating and they may also know who the other girl is.

Your mission will be to get one of them to spill the bean. It won’t be easy at all because they are all loyal to him. But if you can get one of them to leak you in on the secret one way or another, it would save you a lot of time.

Like a said, they are all loyal to him so this method might not always work. But it was worth mentioning.

  1. Look closely.

Love is blind. Most times it can really blind us to the obvious. All you have to do is to look closely and you may be surprised by what you would find.

The evidence that he is cheating might be lying around the house or somewhere close, all you have to do is to look a little closer.

That’s the reason why some ladies check their boyfriend’s/husband’s pocket, wallet or clothing for proof of another lady.

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My advice to you if you catch him cheating

You may be asking yourself “what will you do now you have confirmed that your boyfriend was really cheating on you?”

You have to decide if you can really forgive him for it. Forgiveness is key, if you can’t ever forgive him for it, then it’s time for you to leave. Instead of staying with him and hurting yourself every time you see him.

But, if you can forgive him then you should and try to make sure you get him to know that if he cheats again then you will leave him for good. Let him feel and know for a fact that you mean every single word you say.

After all said and done, if your boyfriend still cheats on you again, you either leave him straight up or accept he will always cheat on you and you have to forgive him every single time from the bottom of your heart or you will get very resentful.

Thanks for reading, hope you found the article helpful.

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