There are days your girlfriend would be feeling a little bit under the weather or sad or even hurt over something you did or didn’t do. Times like this, it pays to be able to cheer her up as fast as you can.

You may think it’s really hard to cheer up your girlfriend fast or that you have to be a clown before you can cheer her up in the shortest time possible.

Good news, you don’t have to be a clown or a comedian before you can cheer her up (Though it would have really helped if you were one 😉 ). Here are 11 ways to cheer up your girlfriend fast when you ain’t a comedian.

1.  Get her a gift she would love

I promise you a fast way, right? Well here is it. The right gift will cheer up your girlfriend in a heartbeat. Notice I said “The Right Gift” not “An Expensive Gift”. For this method to work quickly, it has to be the right gift and nothing else.

Pick something she has always loved unconditionally but has never had. Such gifts would work magic in cheering her up. It like bribing her to cheer up, so better make the bribe juicy enough for her to fall for it.

But I have to warn you, be really careful with this method and do it only when really necessary or her primary love language is a gift. Using gifts to cheer your girlfriend up constantly will have some unforeseen consequences you may not like. So read on for more safe methods.

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2.  Tease her till she laughs

This is another very quick way to make your girlfriend cheer up. Teasing has proved itself over centuries to be a quick and effective way to make a person cheer up.

By teasing here I mean calling her with different sweet pet names you have given to her while touching her with a very cute puppy face. The puppy’s face would work wonders if you get it right. But if you don’t want to do the puppy face, you can stick to just calling her sweet names.

The mood and manner you tease her matters a lot too. So be sure to make sure you set up the mood. Here is a simple guideline of cheering her up by teasing:

  • She has to be calm first
  • Walk up slowly to her
  • Call her by her first pet name with your voice a bit down
  • Touch her cheek and call her by another pet name
  • Then say something like “Please cheer up for me, it hurts me to see you this sad”
  • Pause for a while and watch her reaction
  • Call her more pet names if she still isn’t cheering up and repeat the process
Teasing girlfriend
teasing his girlfriend

3.  Press her must-laugh button

Every human has this button. The button is simply anything that makes the person laugh instantly once done. Even when you think the person doesn’t have, the person actually has it. Have you watched “Boss Baby”? The baby never knew he had one until he was tickled under his foot. I also thought I didn’t have one either until my girlfriend found it.

So one way to cheer up your girlfriend instantly will be to press her must laugh button. It would get her to laugh instantly, then it’s up to you to ensure she doesn’t deep dive into moodiness again by talking to her more and playing with her.

4.  Solve the problem for her

There are times where what is making her sad is something you can actually solve. In situations like this, you don’t have to try to move the heavens and earth to cheer her up. All you have to do is help her solve the problem and it would instantly cheer her up and also make her very happy. She might even reward you with a kiss or something really X-rated. This method is the best and fastest way to cheer up your girlfriend because you will get rewarded for it.

5.  Take her out for some fresh air

How to cheer up your girlfriend? Easy, take her out for some fresh air. When a person is feeling sad, staying idle and at a place wouldn’t help as it would only aid to brood the moodiness more. A simple walk in the park or a stroll in a really buzzing street with a lot of eye-catching places would help stop the sadness in its track and cheer up your girlfriend for you.

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6.  Crack some jokes

I know I said you don’t have to be a comedian to make her laugh, but I just had to still include this as it’s also a pretty fast way to cheer up your girlfriend. When a girl likes you, she finds it easier to laugh at your jokes, even the ones other people don’t find funny in any way.

So it’s time to use that to your advantage. Crack some quickie jokes to help her laugh for the first time. The best joke to crack at the moment for a fast result is a joke about the reason why she is sad i.e. if someone humiliated her, you can crack a joke to ridicule the person.

7.  Make her do things that give her joy

You are her boyfriend so I assume you already know the list of things that gives her the most joy. Which of them can she do at this point in time? You either make her pick something to do herself or you pick something fun for her and persuade her to do it.

Remember to be soft and gentle while persuading her to prevent the transfer of aggression or a rude response. When you get her to do something that gives her joy, it would cheer your girlfriend up quickly.

8.  Do something really romantic for her

Grand romantic gestures have always proven to the perfect way to sweep a girl off her feet and into your arms. In this case, doing something truly romantic for your girlfriend when she is down would help lift her spirit up quickly and cheer her up.

Like every other method listed here, you have to do the right gesture in other for your girlfriend to be cheered up faster. The goal here is to get her emotions to shift from sad and moody to romantic and lovey-dovey.

So get creative and prove you know the girl you claim to love by giving her a jaw-dropping romantic gesture to wipe the bad mood off her mind.

playing guitar
Playing guitar for her

9.  Just be there for her

This may sound really questionable or look untrue but I can promise you this can also cheer up your girlfriend in record time. Feeling sad sometimes isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, just sometimes you have to let the person get out all the bad feelings themself, they don’t need a knight in shiny armor to come to rescue them.

In times like this, the best way to cheer up your girlfriend would be to just stay by her side and let her pour her heart out. Or just let her brood as much as she wants till she decides to get up.

The simple act of staying by her side through the process will warm her heart and make her cheer up faster than she would have without you.

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10.  Invite her close friends over

If you have tried everything and nothing worked or you are so far away that you can’t be physically there with her to cheer her up, then you can try calling for help. Her close friends or best friends are the best set of people to help cheer up your girlfriend fast enough.

Call them and tell them of the situation on the ground and how you feel they are in the best position to cheer her up faster. If they are free, they would quickly rush over to her and you will get back your happy girlfriend in no time.

11.  Encourage her

Want to cheer up your girlfriend? Then give her words of encouragement. Words of encouragement are really powerful heart medicines. The right words can stare up a whole nation. It can also make already worn-out soldiers to fight like they still have all the power in the world.

Encourage her that the problem at hand won’t be the end. Let her know she will bounce back better. Only you know the right encouragement at this time since you know what the problem is. So use that information and give her the best encouragement possible.


Thanks a lot for reading to the end and I wish you success in cheering up your girlfriend. Tell me which of the numbers you like better and is easier for you to do. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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