Breakups can be a little messy and a lot painful especially when it was you who was dumped. It has a way of messing you up mentally and filling your heart with sorrow and heartburns. But the funny part of all this is, even with the aching heart, the depressing feeling, and the overwhelming feeling of loss, you still love him. 

You can’t get him out of your head, almost everything reminds you of him. The beautiful memories you both created keep flooding your head, but you know it is time to move on, he dumped you. 

The problem seems to be how do you forget someone who has made such an impact on your life. Someone you once thought was The One, but he has dumped you like a hot potato, and you are left with the task of picking up the pieces of your heart he had shattered.

Today we will be discussing on how to forget your ex-boyfriend who dumped you.

Steps to take in order to forget your ex-boyfriend

To forget your ex-boyfriend, follow these steps below;

1.  Let go of him in your mind

The first and extremely important step in forgetting your ex-boyfriend is, you have to let go of him emotionally. This is the hardest step but the most important. You can not truly forget your ex-boyfriend if you do not let go of him emotionally. 

Stop holding onto someone who has dumped you. It is crystal clear he wants nothing to do with you. Stop acting like an abandoned pet and get a grip on yourself. You are truly unique and there is only one of you in this world, he just missed out big time.

If you think you will never find someone as good as him, you are grossly wrong, if he was that good he wouldn’t have dumped you. The truth is, there is a guy out there who would do anything just to have the chance to be with you. A guy who would love you unconditionally and never leave, but you may never find that guy if you don’t let go of your ex who clearly doesn’t want you anymore.

When you let go of your ex-boyfriend in your mind, you automatically remove the importance your mind attached to him. Then guess what? Your mind easily forgets things that are not important.

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Getting over a guy who dumped you
Letting go of it all

2.  Delete him from your life

Once you have let go of him emotionally, it’s time for you to erase as much of him from your life as much as you possibly can. Burn the bridge so you can’t go back. To forget your ex, you need as little reminder of him as possible, so it’s time to delete all of him from your life. 

Delete his contact, unfollow him from your social media accounts, stop taking routes where you know he frequents if you can. Delete your pictures of him. Yes, including all those cute ones you love so much that gives you butterfly in your stomach whenever you view them. Get rid of all the gifts he gave to you that constantly remind you of him. Delete any song that reminds you of him. Whatever reminds you of him, get rid of it, or replace it with something better.

Remember, the less reminder you have of your ex-boyfriend, the faster you get to forget him.

3.  Stop trying too hard to forget him

After taking all those tedious steps to erase as much of his reminder as possible, I want you to put a big smile on your face and commend yourself for your progress so far. Be happy for who you are, be happy because you have just dodged a bullet, be happy for the true friends and family you have by your side.

From this moment onward, stop trying too hard to force your mind to forget your ex-boyfriend. The more you try to forcefully forget him, the more importance you give to it, and the more you would remember him. It is time to let things take its natural course and erase him. 

Whenever the thought of him comes up in your head, don’t try to force it out. Instead of that, put a sweet smile on your face and in your heart and say to yourself “He isn’t worth my precious time anymore”. After doing that, find a sweeter thought of something else you love so much, it can be a memory you had long ago with your family or thoughts of your future plans and ponder on it.

4.  Keep your mind busy

“An idle man is the devil’s workshop”. The more idle time you have, the higher the chances for crazy thoughts to enter your mind, including thoughts of your ex-boyfriend. So it’s time to get busy. Find some really fun and mind consuming activities to engage in. 

The idea here is to keep your mind busy long enough to make it speed up the process of forgetting your ex-boyfriend. So you can volunteer to charity or take an extra shift in your job for a month or two. It will give you more cash and drastically reduce your ex-boyfriend thinking time. 

I have to warn you of something. Do not overdo this, try to find a balance so you can still have time for yourself. The last thing you want is to fall sick because of a dude who dumped you. Just find a balance.

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5.  Have some fun

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Life is too short to keep moping around or work non-stop over a boy. It’s time to start having fun. Remember all those little or big things that give you so much joy when you do them? It’s time you start doing them once more.

The best way to forget your ex-boyfriend who dumped you is to truly have fun without him. The more fun and happy memories you create without him, the lesser you will remember him and all the moments you shared.

Ways to get over a boyfriend who dumped you
Having fun

6.  Meet new people

At this point, you would have almost forgotten him entirely, but I know we can do better. So here is another cool step that would make you forget your terrible ex-boyfriend who dumped you.

It’s time you put yourself out there to meet new people. You don’t have to start dating a new guy right away, but you can let some new guys who are attracted to you come a little closer to you. Having people around who are willing to move the heavens and earth for a chance with you would help boost your self-confidence again that your ex-boyfriend crushed.

Make sure you scrutinize everyone you allow to get close to you properly. You don’t want a guy like your ex-boyfriend again, so make sure you select who and who you allow to get closer to your heart again.

7.  Change the environment

If you have done all of the above steps and you still feel sad whenever you think of your ex-boyfriend then it’s time for the last and final step to make you forget about your ex-boyfriend for good.

I am sure you are no stranger to the concept of taking a break in a whole new environment when your current location seems to be choking you. Even if you haven’t done it before, I am pretty sure you have thought about it for once. Well, it’s time to finally stop thinking and start doing.

If you have to call in a favor from a good friend who is miles away or in another state or country, it’s time you do it. Leave all these negativity behind and let the experience of a new environment wash away the memories and pains your ex caused you, then ultimately make you forget him for good.

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Making the best of your breakup

This thought just rushed into my head as I was about to round up this article, so I decided to quickly write it out before moving on. 

We have been looking at your hurt and your pain as a complete evil that needs to be ridden off as fast as you can. What if I tell you that you can make good use of all these bad emotions and bring out something good from it, just like making lemonade out of lime. 

Why don’t you try channeling your intense emotions into something else, something production, something that will change your life forever. Find something you want more than anything in the world. It could be starting a new business or taking a long-delayed vacation or even a foundation. 

Do you know that the best foundations were formed from a very tragic event and even the best players (refer to heartbreaking playboys) become the best because of serious emotional trauma from the past?

So choose something positive you want more than anything in this world and then run towards it using the strong emotions you are feeling now as the fuel. 

But I have to warn you, if you do this you may never forget your ex-boyfriend as he would be the backbone of all you would accomplish when you decide to do this.


Thank you so much for reading to the end. I would love to hear from you and your thoughts about this article. So freely drop a comment below and I will reply to you personally. 

Thanks once more.



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