There is always a trace of jealousy in everyone. But just like I do tell my friends, it’s the degree that matters. I am sure even you get jealous once in a while. But the jealousy we are referring to is those high scale jealousies.

So, in this post today I will instruct you on how to deal/cope with different levels of jealous boyfriends, from the slightest to the most jealous boyfriend.

For the record, I don’t blame your boyfriend for being jealous all the time, just look at yourself, you are an angel walking the earth.

What level of jealousy is too much?

At what level is your boyfriend’s jealousy too much?
Even the scripture tells us our God is a Jealous God. That shows your jealousy isn’t as bad as you think, but when it starts to threaten the relationship, then it’s too much.

A perfect example of an extremely jealous boyfriend is when he can’t stand the presence of you and a platonic friend talking. He will try to control and monitor your social media pages, even ask you to stop talking to many of your male friends if not all.

coping with jealous boyfriend

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Ways to deal with a jealous boyfriend

I will be giving you a couple of ways to deal with a jealous boyfriend. Each of the ways is addressed to a certain level of boyfriend jealousy. You know your boyfriend best, so look for which of them relates to your own boyfriend.

Jealous Boyfriend Level 1

The perfect scenario of level 1 jealousy is when your boyfriend sees you with another guy and instead of flaming up or acting out, he just feels curious who the guy might be and in no way scared of him swooping you off your feet. He might later ask you who that was, but not from a territory point of view.

At this level, the jealousy is in no way a threat to your relationship. And it’s even a healthy one. Except for girls who derive joy when they see their boyfriend get all jealous and defensive.

How to deal with jealous boyfriend level 1

Since it’s of no threat at all on your relationship, you should do nothing. Don’t try to stop him from getting jealous on this level. He is only human and humans get jealous by nature. And this is the good jealous type.

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Jealous Boyfriend Level 2

At this level, your boyfriend will show he is/was jealous through his mood. He will act differently and still try to hide the fact that he was jealous. If you ask why the change of mood, he will give you a bogus answer.

But he will end up telling you he was jealous of how you acted around the other guy/s or how the guy/s acted around you

How to deal with jealous boyfriend in level 2

The best way to handle such a jealous boyfriend is to start petting him real good once you find out he was jealous.

While he is still talking about how he felt, you can start caressing his face or run your hands through his hair slowly.

If he continues talking, then whisper into his ears that you have eyes for just one guy and that’s him. You can kiss him at this point.

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jealous boyfriend

Jealous Boyfriend Level 3

Things are beginning to get more heated. A jealous boyfriend at this level will like to instantly mark his territory when he notices another guy getting too close to you or checking you out.

He can do something like, walking straight to you and kissing you there to show the other guy that you belong to just him.

He can also grab your ass or any really silly thing just to prove that you are undisputedly his and his alone.

How to deal with jealous boyfriend in level 3

The best way to handle such a boyfriend is to not oppose him when he is marking his territory as long as he doesn’t go too far.

But when you get alone with him, if you didn’t like what he did, then tell him how you felt about it. Be careful with your words so he won’t start thinking you have feelings for another guy. So you have to tread carefully.

passionate boyfriend

Jealous Boyfriend Level 4

A boyfriend with this level of jealousy can get aggressive once he starts feeling jealous. If the anger continues, he can attack the guy who is being cozy with you.

At level 4, your boyfriend will show high aggressive sides and it can also come in other forms. For example, he can shout at you or even snob you totally and leave.

The most common example at this level is when a jealous boyfriend attack a friend of yours because he believes your friend is crossing the lines.

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And that’s not a good thing because it would make other boys scared of getting close to you.

How to deal with jealous boyfriend in level 4

I have to tell you beforehand that dealing with a boyfriend at this level of jealousy ain’t easy at all and on normal conditions, it will take time to get him to change him to a lower level of jealousy.

That being said, the best way to deal with such a jealous boyfriend is to constantly assure him of your unchanging love for him and talk to him about how it makes you feel when he acts out his jealousy in front of other people.

Then take him to some anger management classes if necessary. So he can control his anger better when he is jealous.


Remember, the key to deal with your jealous boyfriend at this level is your girly charms. You have to let him understand that he can’t keep acting up like that, that it scares you a lot.

Don’t ask him to suppress it, ask him to trust you more. That no other guy no matter what he may have can ever get your heart.

Jealous Boyfriend Level 5

Now, this is a seriously dangerous and life-threatening level. Level 5 jealousy can get really dark and deadly. Many people have lost their lives in this level. There are thousands of documentary of jealous lovers killing their spouse.

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When your boyfriend is jealous and he hit you or hurt you in any way, it a major indication that he falls in this level.

Also, if he attacks the guy who was talking to you that made him jealous to the level where your friend starts bleeding and he still doesn’t stop until people pull him away, that’s also a red flag and a serious pointer that he belongs to level 5 jealousy.

How to deal with jealous boyfriend in level 5

I have just one piece of advice for you “RUN”. Don’t try to change him at this point, even if you want to, make sure you try to do that from a very safe distance. You only have one life, so don’t gamble with it.

Guys at this level are 80% psychopaths, so if he tries to stalk you after the breakup or when you are with another guy, do not hesitate to call the police and inform everyone close to you.

In extreme cases, you would need to change the environment permanently or till things die down.



I hope this article helped you greatly. If there is any ground I didn’t cover or any personal question you may want to ask, send me a direct mail at and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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