Selecting a gift for a loved one is always a tricky business. You either get it right or get it absolutely wrong. If you are always getting the wrong gift, most especially for a partner whose primary love language is receiving gifts, the gift selection process moves from being a tricky business to downright torture.

The thought of each birthday, anniversary, Valentine, Christmas, or any other celebration makes you break out in cold sweat because you know you have to choose the best gift for your partner. A gift that might not go down well. What then is a perfect gift?

What is a perfect gift? Or what makes a gift perfect?

To some, the perfect gift means the most expensive. However, this is not always so. A perfect gift goes beyond the cost of the gift. It has to do with the sentimental value a receiver places on a gift. A gift isn’t perfect if it evokes no emotions or feelings in the person you bought it for. The reaction, feelings, and satisfaction the receiver gets not just on receiving the gift, but also while using or viewing the gift over time, is what makes a gift perfect.

We all have different personalities likes and dislikes which is why your partner’s perfect gift might be a personalized pendant with a special inscribed message from you rather than a $2000 abstract painting. Or a sleek gadget rather than courtside seats to a Lakers game.

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What makes the gifting process perfect for the sender is the pleasure derived from the feelings or reaction the receiver displays on receiving the gift. There are 3 possible reactions a receiver may display. They can be genuinely happy, feign happiness, or just be clearly unhappy with the gift. As someone who has put so much time and effort into selecting such a gift, the last two reactions can be very hurtful. If that person is you, grab a chair and take notes because you’re about to become a pro at selecting gifts for your partner.

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How to select the perfect gift for your partner

There are 3 gift selection hacks I always use to pick out the ideal gift for my partner. So far, it has worked out quite well because he completely loves the gifts and is always eager to guess what gift I’ll get him next —guesses which he fails every single time!

The 3 gift selection hacks are based on getting your partner:

  1. What they need
  2. What they love
  3. What you think they would love

Confused? Don’t be. The last two might seem to be the same but they are not. Let me break it down.

1.      What they need

What gift would be better than a gift you know you’re 100% certain partner would use. You can never go wrong with this hack.  By a gift your partner needs, I mean something that would make their daily activities, hobby, job, or life generally easier for them. For example, If your partner has been complaining about her uncomfortable jogging shoes, you can get her comfortable ones. His camera lens can’t capture the distances he needs? Get him a better one. One way to nail this gift is to pay attention to what they say or do. Once or twice during moments when they would complain about that old toolbox or the tight jogging shoes, they would mention an alternative. Take note of that alternative and get it for them. 

2.      What they love

Another way to get a perfect gift for your partner is to get them something they love. Just like the other methods listed here, this hack also comes down to how well you know your partner and how attentive you are. If you have no idea what he/she loves, skip this hack because it will be a disaster. Pay close attention to your partner. What do they like? What brings them joy? What do they value most? These things will help you figure out what type of gift they would love— if they would prefer an experience such as a vacation, adventure, diving trips, etc., or an item as a gift.

Gifts that align with what your partner loves are more likely to be valued and used rather than gifts they neither need or love. If your partner is into fashion, getting them fashion items will be a hit. If your partner loves sports & games, you could get them tickets to games, sports items like jerseys of their favorite team or shoes, sports headphones, etc.  

You can also go through some of their saved pictures. Chances are that they might have saved one or two things they would love to have.

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3.      What you think they would love

Unlike the first two, this method is based on guesses rather than certainty. This hack is ideal for those who have partners that love variety, suspense, and expect unpredictable gifts. This is because most people who love unpredictable gifts may not like being given a gift they have mentioned at one point they need or love. However, this method is tricky because you might get carried away and get them a gift based on what you would love rather than what you think they would love.

There are some gifts you think they need or some experiences you think they would love but haven’t explored. Get them any of those things. If your partner loves adventure but hasn’t really tried any adventurous activity such as scuba diving or traveling to experience a new culture, and you think they would love this, you could make it possible for them to have that experience. If your partner ends up not loving the gift, it will help you understand them better. If they end up loving the gift, you just helped them discover a part of themselves they’ve been holding back.



These hacks are simple and easy to use. Getting your partner the perfect gift comes down to how well you know your partner— their needs, personality, likes, and interests. Any of these hacks will serve you well in getting that perfect gift. At the end of the day, what matters to them might just be the fact that you made an effort and not the gift itself.

If you try any of these hacks, drop your comments below and tell me how it went down!

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