Getting your boyfriend angry or offended can be really easy. But no one wants their boyfriend to be unhappy for long, especially when you are the cause of it all. And that brings us to the topic of the day. “How to get your boyfriend to forgive you”.

5 Ways to Get Your Boyfriend to Forgive You Fast

I was able to generate these ways with the help of my girlfriend who always finds a way to get me to forgive her even when I am pretty mad at her. So I know it will definitely help you get your boyfriend to forgive you also.

1.   DO NOT get angry also:

Everybody hates this one. After offending your boyfriend and he gets angry, instead of apologizing, you get angry also. It can really be annoying and will definitely make him angrier.

I once had that habit and I got away with it at first. But soon enough, it caught up with me when my girlfriend found out and she got extremely pissed over it.

She has also tried doing it a couple of times, and it really hurt. So the first step on getting your boyfriend to forgive you is NOT to get reflect his anger.

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How to get your boyfriend to forgive you

2.   Apologize and mean it:

This is the part many girls get wrong. When your boyfriend is angry, a simple “Am Sorry” from the depths of your heart will go a long way.

Instead, you might get carried away trying to give excuses for your actions. But that isn’t the right time for it. Giving excuses at that point will only escalate the whole thing.

What you should do instead is to look him in the eyes and tell him you are sorry. Let your boyfriend not just hear it from your mouth, but also see it in your eyes that you are truly sorry.

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3.   Give him time

After the apology, if he hasn’t still forgiven you, give him time. He may need some time to get rid of all the anger he has built up already.

This works a lot. Time heals every wound, so we heard. So with a sincere apology and a little time, your boyfriend is bound to forgive you.

But if your boyfriend is still moody or mad at you, don’t panic I gat you covered.

4.   Right your wrong

Some guys are not moved by your words, they are moved more by your actions. In this case, what you have to do is to simply redo what you did, this time the right way.

If he got angry because you didn’t do a chore as you promised, then you have to fulfill the promise and do the chore. It’s that simple. Or if your boyfriend is angry because of how you behaved around another guy. You can get him to forgive you by kissing your boyfriend in front of the other guy and your boyfriend will forgive you instantly.

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5.   Special Trick

Now, this is the point where you have to do a little thinking, as I can’t tell what works on your boyfriend. This can really speed up the forgiveness process.

Here, all you have to do is to, do that one thing you know your boyfriend LOVE so much. Every guy has that one thing that can work over and over again.

For example, some guys will instantly forgive you if you wear a sexy lingerie and walk right past them. Others can get over their anger if you cook their favorite meal.


So find what works on your boyfriend and do it after performing the other above steps. I am pretty certain that you already know what works on your boyfriend. So it’s time for you to go get your boyfriend to forgive you.



Be WARNED, Going straight to the special trick without first apologizing sincerely will only make the special trick stop working after a period of time because soon enough, he will catch up with it and it won’t work anymore.

So the right way to get your boyfriend to forgive you is to go through the above steps without skipping any step. And that brings us to the end of “How to get your boyfriend to forgive you”.

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