Once in a while we meet a new girl or develop feelings for an existing friend and we want her to look at you and think “Wow, that guy is really cool. I wish he was mine”

There are a host of other reasons why you would want to impress a girl and I ain’t judging you. God knows I have had my fair share of impressing the ladies. That’s why today, I will be showing you how to impress any girl out there.

Rules of the game

Before we talk about how to impress a girl, let’s take a look at the rules of engagement, Rules of impressing a girl.

  1. Think before you act

This is where many guys get it wrong to start with. Failing to think before you act could make you look like a fool flexing muscles to a girl that hates guys with over ripped bodies. (Excuse my choice of words there)

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Therefore, before you make moves to impress a girl, you should think about what type of girl is she and what you can do that will blow her mind away.

  1. Don’t fake what you don’t have

This is another capital NO. While trying to impress a girl, don’t fake what you don’t. It always has a way of coming back to bite you in the ass.

There is another more preferable form that is on the rise now. I call it “Blended truth”, it’s simply the act of telling the truth but implying a lie, 80 if not 90% of the time, people would choose the lie over the truth. Many celebrities do this a lot. For example, they would take photos in a flashy car posing in it like it’s theirs but it isn’t. When you see the pictures on social media you would think it belongs to them but they never told you they bought it.

  1. Don’t overdo it

Even in the courtroom, if you stab a person once it’s different from stabbing a person multiple times and you are almost certain to get an extended sentence.

The same thing applies to impress a girl, do not ruin the whole thing by overdoing it. Let it be moderate to avoid turning her off.


Ways to impress the girl

Let’s dive into how to impress a girl you are attracted to. There are 3 popular ways to impress any girl.

  1. Financially

This is one of the most popular ways guys use in impressing girls all over the world irrespective of who she is. It also works in girls who claim they ain’t moved by money.

But in order for this to work properly, you have to flaunt the money in a way that would get her attention for sure.

Impressed girl

Some girls get impressed when a guy spends lavishly. Things like spraying huge money at ceremonies or in the club. Also when a guy buys unnecessary things for all his friends or if he orders for only expensive stuff and wears expensive clothes and other accessories.

While other girls prefer a more coded money flaunting style. Things like a clean outfit the ricks of money but yet not too shouty, then an expensive car and no much bling on your body coupled with a humble character. Helping her with some bills payment. Actually, this style works on every girl on earth.

Cool ways on how to impress a girl with money

  1. Pay for her shopping (it works every time)
  2. Get a gift for her and all her friends at the same time
  3. High charity donation
  4. Ride an expensive car
  5. Dress rich
  6. Buy expensive thing that everyone wants but only a few have
  7. Take her on a luxurious vacation


  1. Mentally:

This is by far the best way to impress a girl you want to start something serious with and not just a one time show off.

Impressing a girl mentally has to do with showing her you ain’t just a hot body or money bag or an average guy, but you gat substance inside you. It’s about impressing her with what you have on the inside.

I know a girl who fell in love with a guy because he answered a question no one could answer at that time. Thousands of girls find a guy who reads books and novels to be more attractive than other guys.

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Don’t go overboard and become a bookworm to impress a girl, because as much as you will be extremely smart for reading that much, it would also land you fewer ladies. Which isn’t a bad trade-off for knowledge if you think about it.

Girls also love guys who are matured mentally and kind-hearted, it literally turns them on, and so if you can show her you are mentally mature and kind-hearted, you have impressed her more than you know.

Cool ways on how to impress a girl mentally

  1. Comment on any book she is reading as someone who has read the book
  2. Your replies in public have to be mature
  3. Solving hard problems she has been struggling with for a while.
  4. Act intellectual but not geekish
  5. Be kind-hearted and respect others
Impressing a lady
  1. Physically:

Six-packs, cute face, manly looks, dark skin, light skin, tall, short, huge, slim, fat, the list never ends. Sometimes, that stuff you are shy of is what impresses the ladies most about you.

This category is really broad as it includes everything physical ranging from pretty face to special skills. If you naturally possess what she loves, she would be impressed from a mile away. That’s why you would notice how some girls you have never met before would see you and can’t get their eyes off you.

The key to impressing a girl is to know what she has an interest in and impressing her through it. For example, a girl who loves art would be greatly impressed if you do something cool she can’t do or finds difficult.


Possessing a rare skill can definitely broaden the range of girls who would be interested in you, just like how cheerleaders are drawn to the star on the pitch or how the world is drawn to those in the spotlight.

Cool ways on how to impress a girl physically

  1. Dress sleek
  2. Always appear clean
  3. Pull a stunt only a few people can do
  4. Draw a portrait of her
  5. Have nice dance moves
  6. Be a smooth talker
  7. High confidence in yourself without acting proud.
  8. Give her a flower you picked personally

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