It gets to a point where you begin to doubt if your girlfriend still loves you or has she fallen out of love with you. But it’s still under suspicion and nothing concrete.

So in this article today, I will be writing on how you will know if your beloved girlfriend still loves you or has fallen out of love with you.

Common misconceptions on falling out of love

Before we dive into the ways to test for love, I think it’s appropriate that we weed out some wrong notions people have on falling out of love.

Has my girlfriend fallen out of love with me

·      Change in pattern of showing love:

It might sound like a weird misconception, but hear me out. At the early stage of love, she might be showing you love through everything and all the love languages there is.

But as time goes on, she automatically starts trying to focus on the best and most relevant ways she can show you love through. When that happens, it doesn’t mean your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore. She is only trying to specialize in the most important ones for you.

The perfect real-life example is when she might stop texting you like she used to. If you watch closely, you will notice she has started showing you the majority of her love for you through another means like more calls or visits as the case may be.

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·      Breakup is the only option:

Many people have this notion that if their girlfriend is falling out of love with them or has already fallen out of love, it is over. The only option is to break up with her.

That notion is wrong. It doesn’t always have to end with a breakup. What about igniting the old flames of love. Woo her again and again.

Early detection is important. If you detect it early, you have a higher chance of not breaking up. So be watchful and never stop showing her how much you love her.

Ways to know if your girlfriend has fallen out of love with you

Here are the ways to know if your girlfriend has fallen out of love with you.

1.  Doesn’t get jealous anymore

Jealousy is one of the strong signs of love, especially for girls. Just the mere sight of seeing you standing with a girl will get your girlfriend jealous. Then if the other girl in question begins to throw herself at you, your girlfriend will rage in jealousy from the inside.

But once she has fallen out of love with you, she would get jealous again. In fact, she will use it to clear her conscience if she is actually cheating on you. Or she just wouldn’t react at all.

One more thing, do not mistake her full trust in you as her falling out of love. In fact, if she trusts fully in you that she doesn’t get jealous when she sees you with a potential threat that is LOVE.

But if she doesn’t just you that much and still doesn’t get jealous. That is a sign she has fallen out of love with you.

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2.  Don’t care about your welfare

Girlfriends naturally act like mothers to you. They will always try to ensure you are well taken care of in all areas, including in bed.

She will want to know how you are feeling and how far you have gone on any task you are doing. Some will even go as far as planning your finances with you, in other to make you grow and spend wisely.

When all these starts reducing, it’s a huge red flag. But when she stops caring totally then it’s confirmed, she no longer loves you.

Note: This only applies to girls who were very caring from the start and not to girls who didn’t pay attention to these from the beginning.

3.  Don’t sacrifice for you again

Love and sacrifice go hand in hand. There is no love without sacrifice. God Himself who is the father of love had to sacrifice his own son Jesus just to show us how much he loves us.

She doesn’t have to sacrifice herself. But when a girl truly loves you, she will be willing to make huge sacrifices just to make you happy.

Your girlfriend will also be willing to make compromises for you just to keep the relationship going and you happy.

But once the love is no more, she won’t be willing to make those sacrifices anymore and compromise will be very hard to reach.

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4.  Excessive arguments

With love comes a willingness to understand a person. Love makes it easier to hear a person out without wanting to attack immediately.

When your girlfriend still loves you, the arguments will be less. She will automatically be willing to overlook some certain errors you have without making a fuzz over it.

But to know if your girlfriend has fallen out of love with you, she will start picking up fights in every little thing. I have heard of couples who fight over the toilet being up or down.

5.  Creating unnecessary distance

“I miss you so much” “when next are you coming over” “I can’t wait to get back and see you, I just want your hug”

Those are words of a girl who loves you very much and craves your presence a lot.

Some might even go as far as giving you surprise visits just because they can’t stand the distance between the two of you.

But when a girl falls out of love with you, the distances become nothing to her. She wouldn’t miss you that much and in some cases, she would even try to create distance between you herself.

Note: There are girls who naturally don’t like their boyfriends to be close to them. So they are an exception to this one

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How to deal with a girlfriend who has fallen out of love with you

If you discover your girlfriend has fallen out of love with you, it doesn’t have to end in a breakup. Here are 2 steps you can take today to win back her love.

  1. Show her more love.

I want you to show her love as you have never done before. The reason why she has fallen out of love with you might be because she doesn’t feel loved by you anymore, so change that.

Do all those things she used to love when you first started out and even add to it. Make sure she has no doubt that you love her.

  1. Talk to her about it.

If you still didn’t get a positive response from her and her love for you haven’t returned. Then your next step is to confront her about it personally.

Sit her down and ask her why it seems like she doesn’t love you anymore. Is there anything she wants that you ain’t giving her?


Now listen to her and make a decision from whatever she tells you at that moment.

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