You: hi
Friend: Hello
You: How are you doing?
Friend: Fine and you?
You: Cool
Friend: k
You: kk

That’s the conversation between you and a friend who isn’t really your friend.

It’s one thing to make friends and it’s a whole different thing to maintain these friends. In the last article, I showed you how to make lots of friends 5 Cool Ways On How To Make More Friends – Plus Secret Tips. Today I will be showing you how to maintain those friends to avoid them becoming strangers once again.

9 key ingredients of maintaining a friendship

For a friendship to last, there are things that need to be in place. These things act as the support and structure of every great friendship. They not just only maintain the friendship, but they also strengthen the friendship.

1.  Communication

This is the most important ingredient of every friendship. The reason why you are friends in the first place is that you both had a little nice talk at a point. So it is important you keep that communication going. You have to make out time to talk to the person. Catch up with any new thing that may have happened in your absence and vise vasa.

Sharing personal experiences are the bomb. The more personal experience you and your friend share with each other, the more closer you both get. So I highly recommend you tell them some personal experience to maintain the relationship.

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2.  Boundaries

As fences keep unwanted guests away, so does boundaries keep unwanted quarrels. It is important you set boundaries on time to avoid future problems in the friendship.

If you know you want your friendship with the person to end in school or work, you have to hint it in the first place.

Pro tip:

One way to set boundaries without verbally telling the person is to obey this principle.

“Do to others what you want them to do to you”

So if you don’t want the person to touch your stuff, then don’t touch theirs. If you don’t want to person to get close to your date, then don’t get close to theirs.

It really works for average people and if the person is below average and still doesn’t get the code, then simply tell them what not to do when the need arises.

close friends

3.  Occasional sacrifices

Every true friendship has to have a bit of sacrifice once in a while. Sometimes you just have to do what you don’t feel like doing just to make your friend happy. So in other to maintain a friendship, you have to learn how to make some sacrifices.

I ain’t asking you to kill yourself because of your friend. What I am simply saying is that you should learn to bend your ways sometimes because of them as long as it won’t land you into any problem or corrupt you.

4.  Apology

Another important key to maintaining a friendship is to apologize when you are wrong. Nothing kills friendship faster than a person who can’t say “I am sorry”.

A simple apology can heal a wounded soul. It is important you know when you have offended your friend and apologize as soon as you can from the bottom of your heart.

One more thing. You can also apologize when you are not at fault just to maintain the friendship. This shouldn’t be done every time to avoid the friend getting used to it.

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5.  Loyalty

This is one of the rarest things to find this day. It’s more precious than silver and gold. Not all friendship has this and it’s beginning to look like a normal thing but it shouldn’t be.

By being loyal to your friend, you won’t just maintain the friendship, you will make it grow bigger and stronger.

6.  Trust

Trust has different levels and different effects. A person can trust that you will betray him if you get the chance and still trust that if he keeps something in your hands, it is safe.

With that in mind, I won’t just say make the friend to trust you. I would rather say build the right trust in your friendship and maintain it accordingly.

7.  Respect

No one wants to be around someone who respects no one unless they just want something from you. In other to maintain a friendship, you have to learn to respect the person. Not just the person, you have to learn how to respect the person’s perspective.

Each human is different and unique. You have to be open-minded when dealing with friends. They may have belief systems you think are silly, its either you learn to respect it or stop being friends with the person. Do not disrespect the person.

Maintaining friendship

8.  Visits

This method of maintaining a friendship has been used for centuries, It’ is a really old tradition. Paying visits to a friend carries a lot of weight on it. It does not just tell the person you still remember them. Also, it tells the person they are very important for you to create time to pay them a visit.

While visiting is good in friendships, it is also important you don’t over visit or overstay your welcome. You should know when to visit and when to leave. These are very important in maintaining friendships.

9.  Gifts

Gifts symbolize love and care, especially thoughtful gifts. To maintain a relationship, you have to learn how to give gifts some times.

By gifts here I am not just referring to well-packaged gifts with dramatic presentations. I am also referring to those occasional free launch or buying the person a pair of good shoes because you thought it would look great on them.

No matter your level of income, there is always a kind of gift you can afford to give your friend. If you don’t have income, then you have all the time in the world, so use it and make something really thoughtful and it would be appreciated.

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