How to make your boyfriend go crazy about you

How To Make Your Boyfriend Go Crazy About You (7 simple steps)

A relationship is just sweeter when your boyfriend is head over heels in love with you when he is completely crazy about you. It would make him do spectacular things for you and get your friends to be jealous of your boyfriend. But the problem is, a guy can love you and still not be crazy about you at the same time. So today we will be discussing on how to make your boyfriend crazy about you. I am a guy, so I enlisted the help of an amazing girl whose boyfriend is totally crazy about her (I can personally testify to this because …. Read to the end to know why)

These are the steps she recommends to every girl who wants to make their boyfriends crazy about them.

1.  Understand your boyfriend properly

Most of you must have already understood your boyfriend, but I just have to check this box before moving further.

Each guy expresses love in different ways and expresses “crazy-over-their-girlfriend” in different ways. Some guys can stop a whole crowd and stand on something high so everyone can see him and then profess his undying love for his girlfriend. But some other guys can’t do this, but they can express being crazy about you in a different way like buying you a gift with all the money he has even though the gift looks cheap, but it is all he gat.

So you have to understand the type of person your boyfriend is. He might already be crazy about you in his own way and you might not have noticed it because it isn’t the way you expected it.

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2.  Keep him guessing

Everyone likes a might of mystery. When applied in the right amount, it can even make even you fall for a complete stranger. One way to add a little bit of mystery in your relationship is to keep your boyfriend keep guessing on things.

One perfect way to do this is to keep him anticipating what you have planned to do to him sexually next time you both meet. If he is a foodie, you can keep him anticipating the taste of the food you just learned how to cook. There are thousands of things you can keep him anticipating about.

The main reason for keeping him guessing is so that he will never forget about you. His brain will keep reminding him of what surprise you have in store for him. His mind would keep trying to fantasize about the goodies you are cooking up next. So it gives him plenty of reasons to look forward to when next he sees you.

You have to admit, this is a really good start in making your boyfriend crazy about you. But we are just starting so sit tight.

3.  Give what you want to be given

This has to do with the golden rule. “Do to others what you want them to do to you”. The next step of making your boyfriend crazy over you is to be crazy over him as well. Craziness is very contagious in a relationship that has love. The minute one person starts acting crazy in love, the other person starts exhibiting the signs as well. It’s just like someone yarning in your front, it can make you yarn as well. In fact, some of you actually feel like yarning now as you have read the word “yarning”. That’s exactly how craziness works in a relationship.

So one of the fastest ways to make your boyfriend crazy about you is for you to get crazy about him first.

crazy about each other
Be crazy over him as well

4.  Crazy good sex

I tipped you of this number earlier. Sex/lovemaking has been used for centuries (probably from the days of Adam and Eve) by ladies to make their male partners crazy about them at all times. Being great in bed cannot guarantee a guy will stay faithful to you, but it can surely guarantee that he would go crazy about you.

It’s time for you to be creative in bed, find new thrilling ways to satisfy him on the bed. You can try learning pole dance or twerking for him and give him a private dance section with something damn hot and revealing and he would definitely go crazy about you. WARNING! You may not be halfway into the dance section before he rushes you and rips the clothes off. 

5.  Checkup on him regularly

Call him frequently enough to keep constantly thinking of you but not too much so he won’t get tired of your calls. My girlfriend can call me every minute of the day and I will be happy each time she calls, but there are some guys who don’t like to be called too much. So know how your boyfriend likes it and give it to him like that.

Texting and chatting on social media are also cool ways of checking up on him regularly. But something tells me you are already doing this frequently. If you already are doing this, then don’t stop.

The whole point of checking up on him is to show him how much you love him and how crazy you are over him.

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6.  Become his best friend

This is another cool tip she gave on how you can make your boyfriend go crazy about you. Have you ever had a best friend? Remember how you think of the person whenever something cool or bad happens. The both of you were in sync, at a point you understood each other completely more than another person else

When you mix love with that type of closeness and friendship, it results to the couple being crazy over each other. So you have to become more than just his friend or his girlfriend, you have to become his best friend, his go-to girl whenever anything happens.

Relationships that are built on great friendships last so much longer than relationships built on only love. Always keep that at the back of your mind.

7.  Impel him to grow

The final step in making your boyfriend go crazy about you is to help him achieve his goals. Motivate him to become a better version of himself, help him in doing the things he dreams of doing.

There are a lot of shallow girls out there, girls who are just dating a guy because of his pretty face or the reputation dating him would give to them or even for his money. Such girls can only drive a boy crazy in bed (that’s if they can even do that right).

But what really gets to a guy is a girl who understands his dreams and ambitions. A girl who pushes him to take those steps he is scared of taking. Such girlfriends drive a guy crazy because they are hard to find.


When you carefully tick each and every step you just read, you would make your boyfriend go crazy about you. The girl who told me about these steps is actually my girlfriend. I am totally crazy about her and I fall in love with her deeper with each passing day.

So it was only fair that I asked for her help on this topic because she is doing a great job in it already. I hope this piece would actually help you make your boyfriend go crazy about you.