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How to make your boyfriend happy – 13 super cool ways

My guess is. If you are reading this, then your boyfriend most be a really cool guy who has always treated you like the queen you are and now you are trying to reward him for it by searching for how to make your boyfriend happy.
If my guess is correct, then you are in the right place. So sit or lie or stand (anything that makes you comfortable), while you read carefully.

13 ways to make your boyfriend happy

1. Get him a gift

Who said gifts are for just girls. Gifts works on everyone. So one way of making your boyfriend really happy is to get him a gift. To make him happier, get him a gift he secretly wishes for. Well if you are having a hard time deciding on the right one to get him, you can get him something simple like a bracelet or necklace, better still get a cute couple gift.
I can still remember the first gift my girlfriend bought for me. It was a cool necklace and I super loved it and it still makes me smile whenever I see it. So I am pretty sure a gift will have a similar effect on any guy out there.
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2. Respect him

This should be regarded as the Ultimate in any relationship. Guys have huge egos and whether they admit it to you or not, just know he hates been disrespected. So only the easiest way to make him happy is to massage his ego by respecting him.
I am sure some girls would like to skip this one but trust me. It’s really important. I am not asking you to become a YES MAN/WOMAN or his doormat and agree to whatever he wants all in the name respect. No.

3. Give him space

Well, I must confess. This particular method isn’t for everyone. Some guys actually love clingy girls, especially when they are head over heels in love with the girl. But if your boo ain’t like that, then you should consider giving him space once in a while so he won’t feel all choked up.

4. Don’t allow him to feel neglected

It’s a sadden feeling when a guy thinks his girlfriend doesn’t care about it anymore. It comes with a little feeling of being lost and obvious sadness. So one super cool way to make your lover happy is to always be there when he needs you.

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5. Send him love messages

This works like magic on every guy including the ladies. It brings about this smile from the deepest part of his heart. So if you are wondering how to make your boyfriend happy, this is a show stopper.
A little tip. Its better compose something original from your heart than for you to copy love messages from love apps or google. Because most they sound fake to the person especially if it’s not your type of words.

6. Constantly remind him how much he means to you

Just telling your boyfriend “I Love You” can put a huge smile across his face. But you can go a little further than that by telling him “I Love You” in his primary love language. Hope you know about the 5 primary love languages

So, in order to make him truly happy, you have to tell him you love him also with your actions. You can’t be saying “I Love You” and your actions are saying “You are nowhere close to my heart”

7. Like what he likes

You don’t have to be a super fan of the things he is crazy about, but if you can first of all learn to tolerate them and then begin to like them. It would make a huge difference and make him really happy.
I watched this movie where the guy takes his girlfriend to a music concert that he loves so much but she has never been to before. As the concert started, he kept spying at her from the corner of his eyes looking for any sign that will suggest she likes it. And as she began to move her body to the rhythm of the music, a deep smile appeared on his face.

8. Be good in bed

Well, this is a known fact. Sex is one of men’s greatest desire. When you are good at it, it definitely will make him happy. Also, be creative in bed and try initiating a change especially when it starts looking more like a routine and in one position.
A quick tip. To get him really happy in bed, match his sexual urge and exceed it a bit. Guys love it when their girlfriend is crazy in bed. But if you guys haven’t started having sex then you can just skip this one.
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9. Get close to his buddies

When he isn’t with you, he probably is with them. When you don’t have a good relationship with his friends, they might be dissing him about you a lot. Some guys may even go as far as trying to hook your boo up with some other girl they feel is right for him.
But the moment you get close to his friends and they actually like you, they will praise you a lot when you ain’t around. It still happens to me to this day. Most times when am with the boys and we are hanging out. When we start talking about ladies, they will almost always praise me for my girlfriend and always remind me how lucky I am to have her. That alone makes me truly happen. Notice, she didn’t know about all this but she still makes me happy when she ain’t even there.

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10. Spice things up

Wouldn’t be saying much on this because I have already written a full post on this and you can read it here It Doesn’t Have to be Boring – How to spice up your relationship. The aim here is to keep the relationship very interesting no matter how long you two have been together. Always giving him something to smile about. Memories he can never forget.

11. Brag about him to your friends

The same effect I have when my friends keep talking good things about my girlfriend behind her back it almost the same when I hear her friends complimenting us when she brags about us to them.
Am not talking about always boring your friends with the details of your boo but whenever guys topic comes up, be sure to tell them how cool your boyfriend is (Oh, and don’t lie). One day he will surely hear you bragging about him or your friends tell him about it and it will DEFINITELY make your boyfriend happy.

12. Compliment him regularly

I am very sure this works for you too. Complimenting him in the things he does is another way to make him happy. He doesn’t have to get the highest paying job or passed the hardest exam ever set before you compliment him.
Compliment him even the littlest things. He deserves it. This should be easy, but remembering to do it can be a problem at times. Once you get a hang of it, it will be more often and will result in your boyfriend smiling a lot because of your nice compliments.
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13. Always have his back

I am sure if you are reading this, you love your boyfriend so much and you already gat his back. But I still have to mention it because most times this is a deal-breaker in many relationships. So I am obligated to still mention it.
ALWAYS have his back. It’s extremely important. It will always make him happy anytime any day.