Jealous boyfriends love the hardest. Don’t ask me how I know that because I won’t tell. Anyway, if you are searching for how to make your boyfriend jealous then sit back because things are about to get messy.

6 ways to get your boyfriend jealous

These techniques would work on any guy as far as he has feelings for you. Most of the techniques would require another person who isn’t your boyfriend in other for it to work.

To get the best result I recommend you don’t try any of these techniques with more than one guy at a time.

The first requirement to make your boyfriend jealous is to find a suitable guy who can easily make your boyfriend feel threatened.

1.  Flirt with a guy in his front

How to make your boyfriend jealous 101. This is the most used technique to make your boyfriend jealous. It works 100% anytime as long as he still loves you.

To execute this perfectly, you have to do it at the right moment. Pick a time in which your boyfriend can see you clearly. Then strike up a conversation with the other guy and quickly heat up the conversation to the flirting stage.

While flirting with the other guy, act like you are very much into it. Don’t bother about checking the reaction of your boyfriend, if he catches you staring at him, he may code that you are just doing it to make him jealous and nothing serious. He needs to think you are flirting with him for real.

If you cannot flirt with another guy other than your boyfriend. You can still make use of this strategy to get your boyfriend jealous.

This time stay within sight of your boyfriend but you have to be far enough that he doesn’t hear your conversation with the other guy. Once you have done that, all you have to do next is to give him the illusion you are flirting with the other guy without you actually flirting.

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Here’s how you can pull it off:

When you strike the conversation with the other guy, compliment him about him cloth and then touch it. Next, smile or laugh at the tiniest thing the guy says. If he is a muscular guy, you can also try complimenting him on his muscles and touch it too (this particular one would drive your boyfriend jealousy rate from 1 to 100 in seconds if your boyfriend isn’t that muscular).

If you do all of this in his front, you have successfully made your boyfriend jealous.

Flirting with another guy to make your boyfriend jealous
Flirting with a guy

2.  Gush about the other guy to him

Guys really don’t like it when their girl talks much of other guys. Especially if the guy looks or seems better than he is, it would drive him crazy with jealousy. So another cool way on how to make your boyfriend jealous would be to really really gush over another guy to him.

This technique would be a lot easier if you choose a guy who is worthy to hold a conversation and not a boring dude. Next, you have to talk about his cool features with your boyfriend. The first time, he may not get jealous as he may think it’s just an onetime thing. But you have to keep bringing the other guy up in more conversations frequently, it would gradually start making your boyfriend jealous.

3.  Frequently chat with another guy

This is another really easy way to make your boyfriend jealous. Most guys (including me) get jealous when their girlfriends start having long interesting conversations with any other guy.

Here’s my personal experience with this.

“It was back in the university. We had just finished a lecture and our next lecture was in an hour’s time or two. Usually, during such time I and my girlfriend use to chat a lot. But on that faithful day, another guy struck up a conversation with her. I can still remember how they sat. They sat opposite each other and I watched them from a distance as he engaged her with some interesting topics. I don’t know what they talked about to this day but I can still remember the day because I really got jealous. Weirdly, I already knew she had nothing for the guy and the guy wasn’t interested in her emotionally either. It was just one of those conversations that happen once in a blue moon. But yet I couldn’t help myself from getting jealous.”

Now you can see I got jealous even when I knew both of them had no attraction for one another. Imagine how jealous I would have gotten if I suspected one or both of them had an attraction for each other.

You can try this and it would work for you if you do it right. Also, it can be done online by always chatting happily with another guy. Your boyfriend should be aware of your frequent chat with the person so he can easily get jealous. Never do it secretly, it should be transparent, your boyfriend would definitely get jealous over this.

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4.  Peck a boy on his cheek

The power of a simple peck shouldn’t be overlooked. Imagine your boyfriend pecking another girl, how would it make you feel? I’m guessing you wouldn’t like it, you would most likely get very jealous and pissed at the same time.

This is for the bold. I wouldn’t recommend you trying this if you don’t have the mind for it. Try this method if you don’t just want your boyfriend to get jealous but also angry.

pecking another guy
Pecking another guy to make your boyfriend jealous

5.  Emphasis on compliments from other guys

Disclaimer: This isn’t a perfect way to make your boyfriend jealous. But it’s still worth mentioning because it still works on some guys.

Here, to make your boyfriend jealous you have to prolong compliments other guys pay to you. When a guy tells you “you look beautiful” instead of just saying thanks and move on. You should blush a bit and ask him if he really means it or say something like “that’s not true”. That would make the guy try to assure you of your beauty by adding more compliments.

It should be done in front of your boyfriend so he can get jealous.

6.  Showing off a gift by another guy

This is another method I can personally vouch for. If you are searching for how to make your boyfriend jealous but don’t want to do so much work, you can simply show off gifts that another guy gave you. Either a birthday gift or anything you got from another person.

Keep telling your boyfriend how you love the gift and the person must have really liked you to give you such a gift. Be careful not to overdo this, as too much of it may backfire.

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It’s ok to make your boyfriend jealous sometimes but I will advise you to always reassure him of your undying love for him after making him jealous. Also, don’t make him jealous too often as this might make him drift away slowly. Just be careful and good luck with making your boyfriend jealous.

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