The long-awaited day is finally here. Your first official date. No one will blame you for being nervous or for freaking out a bit, it’s your first date after all. There are a million things running through your head. Lots of scenarios of how the date will go.
But ultimately, you want it to go as perfect as it can be. So, what you need now is someone to give you some pointers on what to do and how to prepare for your first date.

10 Easy Steps on How to Prepare for a First Date

To make the steps easier to understand and implement, I will divide the 10 steps into 3 groups, namely:

  • Pre-date preparation
  • D-day preparation
  • Post-date follow up

dinner date

  • Pre-date preparation

It’s the first stage on how to prepare for your first date, and just like the name suggests, this is the preparations needed to be done before the date. It’s very exciting and am sure in the spirit of the excitement, you won’t find anything in this group hard to do.

1.    Pick the outfit

Now, this is the part I like, but I think my girlfriend loves it more than me. The first step is to prepare the outfit for the date.

If it’s a formal date in a fancy restaurant, then you have to get something fitting the location. The last thing you want is to feel so underdressed on your special day.

But if it’s something more homely, a date at the corner of the road or a picnic, then you should get an outfit that fits the place
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Ultimately, Formal or casual dates, you should always dress to make the person fall for you more. Now go shake up your ward rope or break your wallet and get the best dress for your special day.

2.    Personal hygiene

I am sure many of you never saw this one coming. But well, here it is. Your personal hygiene has to be 100%. The most embarrassing feeling you will ever have is your date keeping his distance away from you because either you have bad breath or body odor. So take good care of your body, especially if you are expecting any after date action *wink.

3.    Research your date

This applies to those who don’t know their date well enough. The advisable thing to do is to do a little digging to find out more about him or her. Things like the person’s favorite food and song and other cool little things you can use to spare up conversions later on in the date.

If you could do a little background check, please do. It’s considered rude and unnecessary to many but after I watched several documentaries on how a partner kills the other, I decided that a little rude and an unnecessary background check in exchange for your life ain’t such a bad deal.

4.    Be timely

You have to avoid lateness at all costs. Though I doubt you would be late, I still have to include this for those extremely late people.

You can set an alarm one hour before time or two, depending on how much time you need to prepare and still make it to the place on time or be ready for him to pick you up.
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  • D-deal Preparation

Hurray!!! The day is finally here. I hope you have successfully picked the right clothe and set an alarm just in case you get too busy.

In this stage, we will focus more on things you need to get done on the day of the date.

Alarm clock

5.    Get ready on time:

Your dress is ready and your alarm has done its job to remind you on time, now it’s time for you to get yourself dressed and head out.

Before heading out, here is a list of things for you to double-check:

  • Your hair
  • Your breath
  • If you have anybody odor
  • Any stain on your dress
  • Money/Credit card (Even if you are a girl, you need what I call, vex money. It’s used if the date goes south, instead of you to get stranded and embarrassed, use the money and get home)

After double-checking all that, it’s time for you to head out knowing you have covered every grounds.

  • Postdate follow up

This is not preparation at all. It’s merely things you should do after the date if it went good or bad.

Here is the list of most do when the date goes super well or OK

another date

6.    You can initiate after date sex:

I am sure more than half of my readers will really want to do this, especially if the date was romantic.

7.    Keep in touch:

This will come naturally if the date went great. Most times, pride and ego might set in. So am writing this for those who feel it’s the duty of their partner to call or text. Please put all those thoughts aside and get in touch with him/her before you lose them.
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8.    Try another date:

You guys might have made it an official relationship by now. Congrats if so. Regardless, it’s time to fix the next date. Why stop at one when you can have more *wink

Now, if the date didn’t go so well, here is another list of possible things you can do:

9.    Cut off ties:

It doesn’t have to be completely cut off, just enough to let him/her know you don’t want another date.

10.    Fix a rematch / another date:

If the first one wasn’t too great, you can give it another shot if you feel like it. After all, not every date went well at the first time. Including mine.



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