How to remain faithful in your relationship

How To Remain Faithful In Your Relationship – 6 Helpful Tips

Do you know that people search more on Google for “how to cheat without getting caught” than “how to not cheat in a relationship”? It shouldn’t be a surprise due to the rising number of unfaithful partners but it till dropped me speechless.

Very few people want to remain faithful in their relationships and I am glad you are one of them.

First I have to warn you that it is easier said than done. But you can remain faithful if you really want to and here are a few tips to help you to stay faithful.

1.  Have a strong will

“Where there is a will, there is a way” Are you familiar with that phrase? I bet you are. Here is the deal, the ONLY way you can remain faithful in your relationship is if you really want to. You must be strong-willed if you are to remain faithful. Temptations will definitely come, it must come, no doubt about it. But the only thing that counts is “Are you willing to remain faithful?” “Are you willing to turn down the hot tasty temptation right in your front and hold on fast to your partner?”

Do not think for a second that you cannot resist the temptation or the temptation is bigger than you. Because God won’t allow any temptation bigger than you to come your way 1Corinthians 10:13. So do not think for a moment that you have no choice because there is always another option.

That’s the reason why the first step of not cheating is to desire never to cheat. You must be willing to turn your face away from the temptation when it comes.

2.  love

This is another tool that would really help you remain faithful in your relationship. Love has brought the strongest men to their knees and killed the greatest of kings that have ever lived. It has made even the extremely poor feel like they own the whole world.

That same love has the power to make you remain faithful and not cheat on your boy/girlfriend. All you have to do is to never forget how much you love him/her when the need arises. Think of all the times you assured them of your undying love, remember all the beautiful memories you both shared.

Permit me to draw your attention to something a bit abstract. Did you notice that I placed “Will” as the number one tool to remaining faithful before “Love”? Do you care to know why? Simple, you can remain faithful to someone you do not love much or at all. Because faithfulness is 80% from your mind and not your heart.

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Couple playing guiter
Couple in love

3.  Control your thoughts

Your thoughts have more power than you think. The thing is, every action you have ever taken, you first had to think about it before you acted it out. Therefore, if you let your mind run wild without control, you will end up doing things you would end up regretting for the rest of your life.

So to remain faithful in your relationship, you have to really really control your thoughts. Stop allowing those thoughts that lead to you cheating on your partner. Instead of all those dirty thoughts, try replacing them with something more thrilling. It’s like fighting fire with fire.

4.  Don’t play with fire

This is the exact spot were so many people who never intended to cheat but ended up cheating got it wrong. They all decided to play with fire. They clearly saw that it’s fire but decided to have a little fun with it, only to end up getting burnt.

There are times when the one who wants to lure you into cheating in your relationship will do little to hide their real motive. But instead of putting off the flames the instance, you may decide to have a little fun and in some sick twisted way, your mind would try to convince itself that the fire is harmless.

The moment you sight someone who is a threat to your relationship, you are to set the person straight at once. The longer you play with the person, the harder it will be to remain faithful.

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Couple having fun
Playing with fire

5.  Always remember who loves you

This is another really cool tool to use in fighting off the desire to cheat on your partner. When those nasty thoughts start flooding in, remember who you love, the real love of your life. The one who loves you with all their heart and is counting on you to remain faithful. Your ride or die. The one who believes in you the most and can do anything for you.

Imagine the amount of pain it would cause the person when they find out. Try to imagine the person’s heart would be shredded when the truth comes out. It may even cause the end of your relationship. Are you willing to lose your current partner for this fling? Can your conscience bear the burden of knowing you were the one who causes this much pain on the one you claim to love?

Remembering these things at such times can prevent you from cheating.

6.  Observe the Golden rule

“Do to others what you want them to do to you” That’s the Golden rule. Before you decide yourself to fall, try putting yourself in the shoes of your spouse. How would you feel when you find out the person is cheating on you. I bet you can’t even stand the thought of it, so kindly remain faithful.

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