Amazing boyfriends are extremely hard to find, and it keeps getting harder as the days go by. An amazing boyfriend has a way of making you feel like the only girl in the world and make you feel like the luckiest girl alive. Such a boyfriend deserves to be appreciated and pampered with more love. That’s why today, we will be discussing on some really cool ways to show your appreciation to your boyfriend for him being the best boyfriend you have ever had.


1. Verbally

Appreciating your boyfriend do not have to be complicated. Sometimes the simple things are the best and most effective. If your boyfriend have done so much for you and you are feeling so much gratitude towards him, you can easily tell him directly with just your words loaded with so much love and appreciation. 

Walk up to him, make him pause everything he is doing and then look him directly in his eyes so that he can see your seriousness and will know that every word you are about to say is coming out from the depths of your heart. 

Now that you have gotten his full attention, pour out your heart to him in your own words (don’t cram any message of appreciation). Express yourself in your own words how much you appreciate him being in your life, all he has done for you and for loving you so much. 

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2. Through text messages

Text messages have been the reigning champion as the best means of communication between couples long before the advancement of social media. You may consider it old school but it still has its way of leaving a longlasting impression than a quick social media messages. 

That’s what makes text message a perfect medium to show your appreciation for your boyfriend. Here is a sample of how to appreciate your boyfriend through text messages (from my girlfriend):


The love of my life

My Rays


I just keep falling more in love with you each day even when it seems like I’ve reached the highest level. 

You’re amazing! 

You’re my hero!

You’re special!

You’re everything I ever needed and much more than I ever knew I needed!

I’m lucky to have you in my life and I can’t wait to make more memories with you. I love you with all my heart D. Thanks for being mine💞💞 

With Love From




Action speaks louder than words. It’s time we look into some actions that would scream “I APPRECIATE MY BOYFRIEND SO MUCH”.


3. Take him out to dinner

Sponsoring a romantic dinner is a good way to start. Take your boyfriend out to the most fancy resturant you can afford, order his favorite dish. While he is still in shock about the great lengths you went just for the dinner, look him the eyes and pour out your heart for him, tell him how grateful you are for him being in your life and how much he has changed you for the better. Remind him over and over again how much you love him. Seal it up with a kiss and then enjoy the rest of the evening.

Dinner date to appreciate boyfriend


4. Throw a surprise party for him 

Is your boyfriend the type of guy who loves grand gestures? Is he the party type? If “Yes” is the answer to those 2 questions, then i have got the perfect way for you to show him how much you appreciate him.

Throw him a surprise party in his honor and tell him how much you love and appreciate him in front of everyone at the party. 

This is a really cool and lavish way of showing your boyfriend how much you appreciate him and all he has done for you. 


5. Quality time in bed

Warning!!! Needly skip this number if you and your boyfriend are saving yourselves for after marriage.

No action screams “Baby i truly appreciates all you have done for me” louder than a good old thank-you sex. It is already an old news about how much guys love spending time fantasizing about quality time with their girlfriends. Just whisper the words “Baby i am home alone and horny” they will drop everything they are doing and run over to your place. 

So what better way show him appreciation than showing him in bed. You can buy a new lingerie and some romantic candles to light up the path leading to the place where the magic will happen. Then before getting down to the business of the day, tell him that you did all this as his reward for being the best boyfriend in the world.

Girlfriend in red lingerie


6. Get him a special gift

Gifts has always been a symbol of love and thanks/gratitude. The simple act of giving a gift shows how much you care about them and value them. So you can also get a special gift for your boyfriend as a way to appreciate him. 

Remember, the true value of a gift doesn’t lie in the monetry value alone. In fact, the sentimental value of a gift is more important than the monetry value when dealing with matters of the heart.

So, i will recommend you get him a very cool and sentimental gift, a gift he would still fancy 3 years from now. 

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7. Through your social media

Last but not the least. You can show your boyfriend how much you appreciate him by making a cool post about him on your social media pages. But if you already do this frequently, then you can skip this method. 

But for those of us who usually keep our relationship life private to some extinct, you can easily show how much you appreciate him through your social media accounts. It would carry so much wieght and value because you usually don’t do it.

One way you can appreciate your boyfriend online is by creating a short clip of him with a beautiful love song playing at the background and little sweet write ups about how grateful you are for him being in your life.

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