I’m so happy, in fact, I’m extremely happy that you are considering surprising your girlfriend with a romantic gift. Women love surprises, that’s not a new thing, but the major problem is successfully pulling off the surprise without accidentally tipping her off before time.

      Do you know that some ladies know you are about to surprise them but still act surprised?

Before we talk about how you can pull off the surprise successfully, let’s talk about the gift. I know a good gift means a lot to a woman, but a “surprise good gift”  adds a bigger weight and also spices up the relationship, so I can’t allow you to procrastinate this one away. Here is a list of 16 romantic gifts to give your girlfriend, go through the list and choose any gift of your choice.

how to surprise your girlfriend with a romantic gift

Hope you have chosen one, I personally recommend the number 13.

There are 3 essential steps you have to take in order to surprise your girlfriend with your romantic gift and not get caught. Pay close attention because we are about to get practical.

Steps To Pull a Successful Surprise on Your Girlfriend with Lovely Gift

  1. Purchase the right gift
  2. Keep her in the dark
  3. Reveal it

1.   Purchase the right gift:

Anything can be used as a gift; cellphone, earrings, her favorite perfume, her dream vacation, bracelets, laptop, etc.,  but in order to evoke more emotions and love from your girlfriend in a romantic way, you have to get her the right gift. By right gift I mean, a gift that she really wants or would be super glad to have. I guess an item just popped up in your head right now. So what are you waiting for? The gift won’t buy itself. I’ve compiled a list of gifts that girls usually love and some of them are really affordable.  Here is a link to 16 romantic gifts to give your girlfriend.

Now you don’t have any excuse to wait. To place an order before you continue reading.

romantic gift

2.   Keep her in the dark

Have you heard that funny saying that “women are like FBI”. Well, it’s true. An attentive woman can easily spot the slightest change in your behavior and we all know that after that, it won’t take them long to put things together and realize you want to surprise her. That’s why it’s difficult to successfully surprise a girl with a romantic gift.

So I guess you have to hide all telltale signs; thereby keeping her in the dark. Not everyone can do this, even me, but guess what? I found a way to surprise my super-smart girlfriend, and that’s by surprising myself.

sometimes, the best way to surprise her is by surprising yourself”

Does it sound impossible or just plain old stupid? Well before you answer that, let me share a little experience with you.

Prior to my girlfriend’s last birthday, we talked about the birthday and she said she didn’t want anything special, she just wanted me to be with her all day, so I agreed. On the D-day, I was getting ready to head over to her apartment, when it stroke me “I could still buy her a nice gift even if she didn’t want anything”. I quickly left the house; got her a cake and asked the vendor to customize it real quick. Then, I stopped at a store and got her a gift. When I finally got to her apartment, she was extremely surprised and happy. She kept grinning from ear to ear all day, gushing at the surprise.

 Now, do you understand why I said, “sometimes, to surprise her with a romantic gift, you have to surprise yourself?”

3.   Reveal it

I promised to teach you how to surprise your girlfriend with a romantic gift, but buying a gift isn’t the end. In fact, a man can take an item from his house and with the right reveal, make it romantic to his partner.

After buying the gift, it’s time to get creative. Sorry I won’t be able to tell you to follow certain steps on this one because all girls are different and they all have different various definitions of what is romantic to them but what I can do is give you a pointer and hope you get inspired on what will be perfect for your girlfriend.

I once watched an oyster fisher present a gift to his fiancée sealed in an oyster and when she pried it open, she couldn’t stop smiling.

You have probably watched movies or seen videos of how different people surprise their girlfriend with a gift or a ring. So my advice is: Think of something she will smile over. It doesn’t have to be something complex, it could be as simple as placing it in her bag and telling her to give you a pen from her bag, which would make her look inside and find the gift. You know what makes her smile; use it to your advantage. Usually, a simple presentation will do the trick.


Thanks for reading and I hope you found the article helpful. Checkout WHY IS MY GIRLFRIEND SHY AROUND ME

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  1. Sunshine February 5, 2020 at 10:54 pm

    My boyfriend did this and it worked like magic. I didn’t even know there was going to be a gift. Thanks!!


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