Winning a man’s heart isn’t as hard as you may think. Yes, every man is different and the way to win each man’s heart may vary from person to person. But there is actually a factor that cuts across every man.

They are all in search of a “Great Woman” to give their heart to. All you have to do is to prove is you are worthy and willing to stay by his side no matter what.

Therefore, to win a man’s heart you have to have the qualities of a Great Woman. Here are some of such qualities: (there is an important tip at the end of the article so read till the end)

1.  Soft side

The first key to winning a man’s heart is having a soft side. No matter how independent or strong or ruthless a woman may seem, in order to win a man’s heart, she has to have a soft side. Even if the whole world doesn’t see it, the man whose heart you want to win has to see that side of you.

They have to see past all those hard walls you have built to protect yourself and your heart and see that you are still human and still soft.

2.  True beauty

Hold your horses’ woman, I am not just talking about makeup and pretty fake smiles. A woman’s true beauty comes from the inside out. Her soul has to be beautiful as well. She doesn’t need to look like Ariana Grande or Beyoncé or Nicki Minaj before she is considered beautiful.

YES, outward beauty is important and it can get the eyes of every man in the room drooling. But to win the heart of a man you have to show you are also beautiful on the inside as well.

This is the reason why you see some handsome and powerful dude fall for a girl who isn’t the prettiest outwardly. That’s because the true beauty they saw was from her soul.

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3.  Sexy appeal

The truth is a man can’t fall for someone he can’t imagine himself in bed with. Sex is VERY important to men and their women have to be attractive through and through.

Do you know the fun part of this quality? You don’t have to dress half-naked to have a sexy appeal. You can be all covered and with the right attitude, a man would think you are the sexiest girl he has ever met.

Let me let you in on a little secret. You see all those girls that go almost naked on social media and guys all over the world drool for them, not all of them are as sexy as you are. What makes them look that sexy is a boldness, good camera, and a badass attitude.

There are also people who have used those same things with their bold fully covered and every man thinks they are damn sexy.

So you don’t have to dress like a slot before you can look sexy. You can dress classy and sexy at the same time

beautiful girl on a white gown
Covered but still beautiful and sexy

4.  Strong woman

“Strong Woman” What does it take to be considered a strong woman? When do you earn the tag “Strong Woman”?

A strong woman is a lady who doesn’t need a man to be the woman she is. She is a woman that takes a stand for herself. A lady that can protect and take good care of herself when her man isn’t around.

This is another quality that can help you win a man’s heart. You just have to show you can take care of yourself when he isn’t there. He shouldn’t be scared that when he is away, you will run into the arms of another man for protection and care.

5.  Respectful

How to win a man’s heart? You have to be respectful, especially respectful to him. Do not contend with his power in the relationship. Two captains cannot lead one ship.

Just respect be naturally respectful and that would be all. You don’t have to bow to his every word before you respectful. You can be respectful and still gain respect in turn from your man.

6.  Good cook

In modern times, this quality is becoming rarer. But it is still as important as it was in the times of the old. Have you heard of the saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Well, it’s true. There is something just appealing about a woman who can cook a good meal.

Every man loves good food and prefers their food to be home-cooked than eating out of restaurants every time. So it is a big bonus if you can cook real good food. Though in recent times, this quality is losing its bonus when dealing with men with enough money to hire a home cook. But nevertheless, it’s still a way to win a man’s heart.

Lady cooking
A lady that knows how to cook

7.  Good with kids

Well, this one is only important to men who want to have kids (Which almost every man wants). This quality is only needed if you want a future with the man and not just a fling.

A man can easily give his heart to a lady he can trust to take good care of his kids. One way he can know if you will good with his own kids is from your relationships with other kids.

This is one of the reasons why men fool around with the slay-queens/wild ones and end up marrying the simple girls because they can take care of the home and kids.

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8.  Mystery

This quality is what keeps a man on his toes and always coming back to you. Humans are curious by nature and they love a good mystery. Even you ladies love a guy with a little mystery.

I don’t mean you have to become shady or turn to a life of crime to be mysterious. Just keep the man guessing what’s on your mind.

Does she love me?
Did she just flirt with me?
Am I her type?

Just keep the man’s mind busy thinking about you all day. Give him little pointers/teasers but nothing concrete. Keep him coming back for more clues. Things like this are what mesmerizes a man’s head, fill it with thoughts of you, and wins his heart.


All these are some of the major qualities men seek in a woman before they give their heart to her. But where the differences between each man shows is the degree of which qualities they want more. Some men would give their hearts to women who respects them more before any other quality. Other men seek for strong women to give their hearts to, so the woman has to show she is capable of taking care of herself.

You don’t have to be perfect in all the qualities. As far as you have the major one he seeks from a woman, then you can easily win his heart wholeheartedly.

But if you don’t know which quality he wants more in a woman, you can just be the best version of yourself. Let him love and give his heart to you for who you truly are and not some makeup version of yourself. When a man falls in love with the true version you that love last a longer.

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