Keeping A Relationship Healthy and Alive, Making It A Forever After Affair

Some people who have been together for a long time do not realize that they are putting less and less effort into the relationship, they become complacent and they also take each other for granted, they take their relationship for granted and take the love and affection of their partners for granted. We have virtually become flatmates with the occasional benefits, we put our jobs and our friendships with others above our relationship.

How many times has one partner told the other, “you never tell me that you love me anymore” and the other one replies, “but you should know that I love you”. Believe me that is a cop-out, please use your mouth and words to say the words aloud, if you feel it say it and also do not wait for the other party to say “I love you” then say “Me too” that is another cop-out. 

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Also, we must listen with interest to each other and take notice about what is said, that way we know how the other feels, just because the other agrees with something you want to do,  does not mean that they are happy with your decision or choice, they could only be agreeing to keep the peace. 

We have to treat our relationship with our loved ones like a living breathing thing that needs love, that needs affection and attention, it also needs constant nurturing, kisses, hugs, play, say nice things, and show affection daily. Please notice when he/she has spent the time to dress up or done her hair or if she is wearing that new pair of shoes or a new outfit, compliment her.

I love you

Most of us dress up to go to work but when we get home we get back into our “sad rags” and this is the only way our partners see us. The strangers at work see us in all our glory with our fancy clothes, makeup, and nice hairstyling but our partners do not see us like this. This is why it is so important to have a date night, where we can really dress up for our partners and see how proud they feel hanging off the loved one’s arm. Take them for dinner, to a show, for a coffee, to the movies or just a night out.

Now comes the juicy part, Love, Affection, and Sex is a very important part of a relationship and when neglected, in some situations causes a relationship to loose it’s gloss and in other cases causes infidelity and sometimes causes it to break down and maybe break up completely.  

Because people may have been in the relationship for quite a while the sex may have become boring and dull, it is done as a job or duty. I remember sex with my first wife who put nothing into it at all, it was as if she could have said, just pull down my nightdress when you are finished, in case I fall asleep, here she was only doing it for duty. Today I wonder if sex was boring for her because I was not good at it, or  was it because I did not know how to press her buttons sexually to get her going. Please remember many women do not reach orgasm with their partners through penile penetration, because many of us are not skilled enough or able to use the tool at our disposal to bring her to orgasm. This is where I learnt the next best method to satisfy, use very good and  prolonged Oral sex. 

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Use your lips, use your tongue, use your hands and fingers, lick, suck, probe and explore that beautiful female body all over, starting by kissing the neck, those beautiful breast then go south of the border, you want to make this beautiful body your sexual wonderland, your adult playland. Use your tongue, playing and probing her innermost and looking for the elusive G’ Spot, use your lips and tongue and lick and massage the C’ Spot, be adventurous  and take her to another sexual level, do not give up till you have satisfied her. 

Your pleasure comes from her pleasure believe me. While you are exploring her body she will take out her passion and her pleasure on your organ, your manhood, your pride. Believe me when I tell you that you do not need 9 or 10 inches to please your beloved, you have been born with all the tools you need. Always tell her how much you love and appreciate her.

“Happy wife happy life”