Relationships can be really hard to end. You will try to hold on tight to the good memories you both had no matter how few they may be. You are in a constant law court in your heart trying to defend and keep the relationship but your mind keeps telling you it’s time to move on.

Now you have decided to seek and external and neutral body who would help settle the case. So welcome to LoversBud courtroom, today we will help you decide at what point you should end a relationship.

13 Signs that tell you when to end a relationship

The listed signs below signify that a relationship is over and when to end the relationship.

1.  It starts feeling more like a cage than a relationship:

Relationships should never feel like a cage or limitation. Yes, relationships have certain restrictions like no cheating and never hurt your partner intentionally. But even in these restrictions, it should never feel like a cage.

Because of those two restrictions, there are so many other added benefits it gives you that you can’t get by being single.

Things like being love, companionship, sex, an exclusive person that the whole world can only admire but never get. Also, it gives you a safety net to fall into when it seems like the world is against you.

So if you still feel caged after having all these then you are in the wrong relationship or you need to get your act straight.

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2.  You derive no joy from the relationship:

Joy and happiness is an essential part of every relationship. It’s because of our need to find happiness that we enter into relationships. When the joy becomes too low and you start getting irritated whenever you think about the relationship, then it’s time for the relationship to come to an end.

how to know when to leave a relationship

3.  Love is dead:

This is the biggest and most notable sign that tells you when a relationship should end. Love is the binding force that keeps a relationship going and gives you the passion and desire to fight for a relationship. But if there is no more love in the relationship then it’s time to move on.

4.  Hurting your relationship with other important people in your life:

You would know it’s time to end a relationship when it begins to damage other valuable relationships you have with other important people.

Some relationship becomes so toxic that it starts killing your relationship with others and that is a bad sign. Especially when it starts separating you from a loving family or friends who have been your ride or die before you started dating the person.

5.  When the relationship starts hurting you emotionally:

I have seen firsthand how bad things can get when a relationship starts hurting someone emotionally and mentally.

So I strongly recommend you end a relationship before it damages you to a point it would affect you throughout your life. That’s how baggage is formed and you will carry it with you to other relationships and into damage someone else.

If you do take hard drugs then you should never stay in such a relationship because it can cause you to overdose and cost you your life if you keep staying in such a relationship.

6.  Adds no more value to you:

Relationships are about building each other, adding value to the other person. Pushing the person to become better versions of themselves at all times.

“A person can chase one thousand but 2 persons can chase 10 thousand”

That verse shows you the power of two becoming one. But in a situation where you become one with the person and you still ain’t getting any added value. Then it’s time to end the relationship.

7.  Filled with more sorrows than happy moments

Sorrow itself isn’t always a bad thing in a relationship. The frequency of it is what makes it worse.
“To err is human and to forgive is divine”

But when the errors become too much and cause you sorrow each time then it’s a bad thing. No relationship should give you more sorrow than happiness. If it does, it simply means it’s time to put an end to the relationship.

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8.  Physical abuse:

This is where you should immediately draw the line. Do not wait till it escalates one day and lands you to the point of death before you end the relationship.

Millions of people have lost their lives because of an abusive partner. Please do not be among the number. Say NO to abusive relationships.

No matter how much love you have for the person, it doesn’t give the person any right to lay a finger on you to hurt you.

If you love someone so much that you can lay your life for the person, let it be from circumstances outside your control and not the person killing you with his/her hands. At that point, you died for nothing.

9.  You no longer see a future for the relationship:

Why continue a relationship when you don’t see the relationship heading anywhere? Life is too precious and too short to give the little time you have to pointless relationships.

Once you become convinced that the relationship has no future and is a complete waste of time, then it’s time to end the relationship.

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10. One-sided love:

For a relationship to work properly, love has to come from both ends. But in a situation where only one person gives love and the other person just doesn’t care enough to return the love, then you know it’s time.

One-sided love in a relationship is self-imposed torture. It would get to a point where you will forget what it feels to be loved and start believing you don’t deserve to be loved.

So before it gets to that stage, kindly end the relationship and find someone who would love you back.

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11.  Both parties are tired of it:

If both parties no longer want the relationship, there is no need for still being together. A relationship is a team effort. If both parties stop making effort to make it work then it’s a dead relationship.

Now ask yourself this question. Why are you still in a dead relationship?

12.  Cheating partner:

This is the major cause of many breakups in this generation. The pain of knowing the one whom you love completely and have been faithful to, slept with someone else. The image and pain of it don’t wash off so easily.

So if you are not the forgiving type, instead of staying and keep hurting whenever you look at the person, end the relationship and give yourself time to heal properly.

argument, couples fight.

13.  In love with another:

This is really tricky, I think I should have scrapped this out. But it’s too important to overlook. Like I have said a million times in this post, you are in the relationship because of love. If you no longer love the person, why pretend and hurt the person more in the long run.

But before I jump the gun and say it’s time to end the relationship, I would like for you to take some time off and be absolutely sure you no longer love your current date and you are not leaving love because of a lustful desire you have for someone else.

If you are certain you no longer love your current date, then it’s time to end the relationship


30-days challenge before you end the relationship

After reading all this I am sure you are still battling with yourself. Here is a 30-days challenge to help you decide.

For the next 30 days, I want you to do these tasks and if you still feel like the relationship should end, then break up with the person on the 31st day.

Week 1

The first week is about healing and mending a broken heart. I want you to truly forgive your partner for anything he might have done. Be vocal about it and don’t wait for his/her apology. Forgive the person from your heart. Apologize for any wrong you had done to the person. Also, let go of every baggage you carried from a past relationship. Use the week to clean your heart and mind completely.

Week 2

The second week is about walking down memory lane. I want you to constantly remember all the special moments you both had. Remember those moments he/she did something that amazed you so much that you had to stare at the person for a while.

Remember those moments he/she got you mad but yet you still knew you love him/her so much.

Discuss those moments with your partner throughout the week. Act normal and don’t spook him/her off.

Just take a continuous walk down memory lane for one whole week.

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Week 3

It’s time to take action. It’s time to start professing your love to the person. Throughout the third week, keep reminding the person how much you love him/her.

Be very expressive of your feelings. I want you to reignite those early days of the relationship when you do say it a million times a day to your lover.

Week 4

Final week. This week is dedicated to physical things. You are to fill the week with lots of dates and outings coupled with lots of intensive lovemaking and quality time.

This week should really push you. You are to fill the week with lots of fun activities. Also, try doing something new to both of you.

31st day

The day we have all been waiting for. Now ask yourself these questions,

Do I really not want this person again?

Have I fallen completely out of love with him/her?

With your answer, take a final decision and stand with it.



I hope this article was able to transform your relationship and impact your life. If it did, don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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