Surprises have a way of lighting up the hearts of people and filling it with so much love and making the person feel special. Romantic surprise is on a whole new level. It isn’t just the usual surprise, a romantic surprise would leave your girlfriend loving you harder than ever. Its effect can be felt months if not years after it was done. A good romantic surprise can even heal a broken relationship on the verge of breakup.

Enough on the lectures of how good a romantic surprise is. Now let’s look at a list of romantic surprises for your girlfriend. Many of these romantic surprises has been done by people like you, and they left the girls lovestruck. So if you are still interested in giving your girlfriend the best romantic surprise she has ever had, keep reading.

1.  Tattoo you’re her name

I really do not like this one but it’s still a cool romantic way to surprise your girlfriend. The mere thought of tattooing her name permanently on your skin would not only melt her heart but also evaporate it.

It’s only someone who loves you to the moon and back that can do this. It tells your girlfriend that she isn’t just a fling or a part of your present, but you have every intention of keeping her forever. Tattooing her name means you will never forget her in this life and that is an extremely romantic surprise your girlfriend would totally love.

2.  Handcraft a gift for her

There is nothing more romantic than knowing how much time a person spent just to do something good for you. That’s one of the reasons women hate it when men don’t eat their food after all the time they spent on it.

You don’t have to be a great craftsman to do something really romantic. Just be yourself and try your complete best and craft something really good for your girlfriend. It would surprise her a lot if you ain’t a craft man but still made something truly special for her.

If you want some pointers on what you can possibly craft yourself and how to craft them, here is a list of hand made gifts.

hand craft
Handcrafting for your girlfriend

3.  Write a romantic poem/letter for her

This always works like a charm. Writing a romantic letter or poem for your girlfriend is one of the best romantic surprises you can give to her. Especially if you leave the letter somewhere she can easily find and not directly to her hands. I have personally tried this method so many times and it works like magic each and every time. So I strongly recommend it to you too.

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4.  Give her a shout out in her favorite channel

One type of romantic surprise every girl loves including your girlfriend is the type that announces to the world how much you love her. It’s like you showing off your love for her. Ladies dig such surprises a lot.

So if you want to romantically surprise your girlfriend then I suggest you give her a shout out on her favorite places. It can be a radio station or by a social media influencer.

I once heard of a guy who paid huge money to give his girlfriend a shout out on a digital signboard overlooking a very busy major road she frequents. One can only imagine how she would feel when she sees it herself or her friends calls to inform her of it with pictures. So this is a top-notch romantic surprise for your girlfriend.

5.  Surprise home dinner

This is a romantic classic move and I am sure you must have thought about it. Here is a step by step process of pulling off the best romantic dinner for your girlfriend.

  • Step 1: The invitation

You can’t just expect a girl to show up on time if you do not give her enough time. The way to get the best out of this romantic surprise is to find an excuse to get her a dressed up in time without tipping her off. Some people have tried asking her out on a date to a fancy restaurant only to divert back to the house for a flimsy excuse. Or you can get ask her to meet you at your place by a particular time so you both can take a walk or go for a stroll. Pick any method you prefer.

  • Step 2: The preparation

Order her favorite food from her favorite spot if you can’t cook it (no shame in that). Next, get candle lights to give the place a romantic feeling. Also, get other ornaments that will give the place a loving appeal. The dining table should be really clean and beautiful.

Extra tip: Also get the bedroom ready for after-dinner activities 😉

  • Step 3: The unveiling

The moment you have been waiting for. Once she gets to the door of your apartment, make sure you are all dressed up. Then walk her to the dinner dining area. She would be totally dazzled by now. Help her take her seat like a true gentleman. and enjoy the rest of the evening.

6.  Vacation

Girls love vacations a lot so I am sure this will be a perfect romantic surprise for your girlfriend if you can afford it. For a vacation to be considered romantic, the location has to be very beautiful, a little bit secluded and reek of romance. Then to make it a surprise, she have to be clueless about your plans for it till everything is good to go. Check out a list of really cool romantic vacation spots you can take your girlfriend to today. The Top Romantic Getaways Around the World

surprise romantic vacation
Going on vacation

7.  Take her for a picnic in a breathtaking environment

A picnic doesn’t have to be in a boring park with so many eyes on you two. The earth is filled with so many breathtaking views and places that can make a person fall in love at first sight so take advantage of it. Even a rooftop overseeing a city or a beautiful landscape can do.

Next, pack things she would love to eat and prepare the place before taking here there and sprinkle rose petals on the mat. Then get her to the place without telling her where she is going. BOOM!!! Her heart will melt the instant she sees the surprise and the beautiful location would make her feel so much love.

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8.  Surprise party

A romantic surprise for your girlfriend can be in the form of a surprise birthday/anniversary party for her. Get a lot of her close friends and family with some friends from your side and then take her to the location and SURPRISE!!!!!!! She would definitely love it a lot and would never expect it if you kept the secret really well.

9.  Serenade her

Having a good voice will come in handy here and if you are great with a musical instrument, it’s a big plus. Sing a very romantic song for her or form one specially for her.

If you don’t have a good voice, you can hirer does that have to sing a romantic song for her outside her place. Or you can still sing for her with a bad voice. Some girls love their boyfriend singing for them, good voice or not (Like mine ;)).

10.  Write down the history of your relationship

This is yet another one I have a personal experience with and can definitely recommend for you to use to give your girlfriend a romantic surprise.

Find a way to capture the complete history of your relationship (especially how you first met and how you wooed her) in a very nice way. In my case, I wrote it plainly on a new book and it still worked like magic. But I would recommend you do better. You can add pictures of some moments in the relationship with brief funny explanation of it.

Here is a sample: PICTURE

11.  Grand romantic proposal

You asked for it and here it is. One way to surprise your girlfriend romantically is to propose to her in a grand style. If you ain’t ready for marriage please gladly skip this method.

Over the years grand proposals have proven to be one of the best methods to romantically surprise girlfriends. It would work on EVERY girl who wants to get married and it would take your relationship to a whole new level. Here are some grand romantic proposals done over the years. Grand romantic proposals.

12.  Perform a little display for her

This is another trick boyfriends have been doing for a long time in other to surprise their girlfriends. This one usually requires more people to get involve and lots of practice to get it perfect.

Here you just have to do something publicly to express your love for her. It could be like a mob dance of a group of people holding up cardboards with writings stating how much you love her. If you can do something special for her with little kids, you will melt her hearts instantly when she sees the surprise.

13.  Chariot ride

Just like in the fairy tale movies of how the girl and the princess take a chariot ride and lives happily ever after. Do something like that for her. Maybe after a date or something, pay for a horse chariot and its rider to be outside waiting and instead of stopping taxi or using your car to get home, you take her home with the chariot ride. This would be the best romantic surprise for your girlfriend if she is the fairy tale type or loves the color pink a lot.

Horse ride
Girl with a horse

14.  Simple love text

Never underestimate the power of a simple love text message that shows up uninvited. It has a way of breaking a smile on a girl’s face and filling her heart with love and her stomach with butterflies.

So try sending her a love text message out of the blue and it would really surprise her.

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15.  Buy gifts for her family

We all know women love being given gifts, it’s very romantic to them. The next thing that rivals that, is when their boyfriend buys gifts for her family. You have to be very thoughtful here, you have to know what each member of her family would like then get it for them. Make sure your girlfriend isn’t aware of this. She should find out the same time as every other person. When you start distributing the gifts in your girlfriend’s front, it would surprise her so much. The sight of you spreading joy to her family would be the best romantic surprise she would have ever had.

16.  Short love video clip

I have a personal experience with this very one. My girlfriend meshed a collection of cool pictures of animated couples doing different things. Then I wrote a short description of each slide as they appeared, with a very cool romantic background music. In the video, she expressed how much she loves me and things she wants to try with me. When I watched it, I was so touched and felt so much in love.

You can also do something like that and I very sure your girlfriend would love it a lot and cherish it for a very long time.

17.  Surprise lunch in the office

This is for those who have girlfriends that work in offices. You can take your time and cook a very nice meal then take it to her during her lunchtime. She would never expect it and that’s what makes it a great surprise. What makes it romantic is the fact that guys are usually on the receiving end of cooked food. But the fact that you broke that societal norm and cooked a meal for just her and took it straight to her, it would melt her heart all over again.

18.  Room filled with flowers

Ladies have always had a weakness for flowers so this is another really good romantic surprise for your girlfriend. Get a collection of her favorite flowers and fill her living room when she isn’t home. The moment she walks inside, her eyes will fall for in love with the sight and her nose will be filled with the sweet fragrance of the flowers. It will be very romantic and she will be very surprised.

19.  Take her to his favorite game

This romantic surprise isn’t for every girl as not a lot of girls are crazy over sports as guys. But if your girlfriend a sports lover then one way to surprise her would be to take her to watch one of her favorite games live in person.

Here is an account of a girl who gave her boyfriend this type of surprise

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