It must be an awful feeling for your boyfriend to be bored with you. At the initial stage, he was infatuated by you and you were all he needed. But now things have changed, he no longer finds you interesting and it feels like you are slowly losing him. 

However, you don’t have to be scared of losing him anymore because today you would learn what you should do if your boyfriend is bored of you. 

Things to do if your boyfriend is bored with you

Follow these steps religiously to get your boyfriend from “I am bored of my girlfriend” to “My girlfriend is insanely cool”.

1.  Listen

Most times, the solution to our problem has been staring us in the face all the while but were too busy looking elsewhere and not paying attention. 

There is a possibility that your boyfriend has been hinting you on things he wants you to do or change. 

Maybe he has requested you to do something he considers fun but you keep turning him down or always act uninterested when you attempt it with him. Slowly he has started acting indifferently and now, he longer makes any request. 

What you should do if he is giving you the vibe that he is bored of you is to make a mental list of all he considers fun and not-borrow,  do them all with him. 

This will definitely get him smiling from ear to ear. But if he is too stubborn and still thinks you are boring, try the next step.

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2.  Redo the old things that worked

Right now,  think carefully and try to remember things you used to do with your boyfriend a while back when he still thought you were fun to be around. 

Is there anything you used to do then that you aren’t doing now? It can be as little as those goofy troublesome plays or as big as weekly dates at fancy restaurants or even clubbing every Friday night. 

Start doing all of those old cheesy things you usually do when you first started dating him and see if that would make any difference. Hopefully, it will make a huge difference, but if it still doesn’t do the trick, relax, and read the third and final step.

Cute couple having fun
Doing the old things

3.  Try a mix of cool new things

If after doing 1 and 2 and your boyfriend is still bored with you, then this last attempt would work the magic. 

We all get tired of continuous repetition at one point or the other. Your boyfriend could be tired of doing the same old things with you months in and out. It is time to introduce something new to add some flavor into your relationship and stop making your boyfriend bored of you.

There are a ton of new things you can possibly try. I will only write on a few cool activities, feel free to customize them as it pleases you. Also, add more ideas you think your boyfriend would love (write down the new ideas you have in the comment section to help another girl fix her own boyfriend issue).

Fun activities to fix a bored boyfriend

  • Play games together

Playing games together as a couple is a really fun way to keep the relationship interesting. Pick a game your boyfriend would enjoy playing and play it with him. It can be any type of game, as long as it is fun for him and you to play. 

You can make it a little more interesting by adding a reward or treat for the winner of each round. Ensure the treat is something really appealing to him. 

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  • Set a couples’ goal

Couples’ goals is a really powerful tool in keeping a relationship both interesting and strong. Have a chat with your boyfriend and the two of you should decide on a goal you will both love to achieve together. If the goal is exciting and fulfilling enough, he won’t be bored of you or the relationship any longer.


  • Movie nights

You may already be doing this with your boyfriend. But for the other few who haven’t tried it yet, it is worth mentioning. 

Fix movie night as part of your couple activities. Romantic movies and Horror movies will surely do the trick. Also, remember to make a few touches to the place to give it a cinematic feeling and pick the right spot to snuggle up with him while watching the movie.

Movies night with boyfriend
Movies night with boyfriend


  • Visit romantic places

There are places that are so beautiful and special that they can easily make you fall in love at first sight. Visiting such places with your boyfriend can surely charge up the butterflies in his stomach and yours.


  • Outdoor adventures

Hiking, camping in the woods, skydiving, etc. There are so many things you can do together with your boyfriend to add some fun to your name 😉 . Choose an outdoor activity with your boyfriend to do once a month.

Outdoor adventure with boyfriend
Outdoor adventure with boo


  • Be knowledgeable about his passion

Fun to some guys isn’t going to different locations doing different things. Fun to them is as simple as having a meaningful long conversation with them on interesting subject matters. Taking interest in subjects he is passionate about and talking about then can stop him from thinking you are boring.


You can be rest assured that if you implement all the 3 steps above that your boyfriend will no longer be bored of you as long as he still loves you. So if doing all these doesn’t get him to stop being bored of you then it is highly possible that he has no interest in you again and he just wants a break. But hopefully, it hasn’t gotten to that yet.

Remember to drop a comment on other fun things you do with your boyfriend, other viewers would find it helpful.


  1. Ardnas Haobey 💞🎧 September 4, 2020 at 4:48 pm

    Thanks these really helped me
    And I also think staying in the room for hours alone with my boyfriend and chating about things he’s interested in also does the trick. Sometimes I also make an album of songs that we both love to listen to whilst in the room💞🎧🎧. We also try to teach each other how to dance new moves and it’s really fun and funny but most of all it helps us reconnect in a romantic way ❤️❤️😅

    1. LoversBud Editor September 4, 2020 at 5:03 pm

      🥰🥰🥰 I am glad you found it helpful. Those are nice contributions too, I know some of the readers would love to try them as well.
      Thanks for contributing 💓💓💓


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