The world today is filled with a lot of public relationships. Sometimes, it gives one the impression that relationships are only meant to be public. Slowly couples are beginning to forget the sacred act of keeping a relationship private. Despite the growing humiliation couples in the limelight face after breaking up with the one whom they once claimed was the love of their life.

Today we will be looking at some advantages of keeping your relationship private.

1.  Time to grow stronger

In a private relationship, it’s just you and your partner in the relationship. There are no spectators watching to see how the relationship will turn out, with more than half wishing it would end. With the absence of all other external forces, it gives your relationship all the space it needs to grow to its fullest potential.

Just like how you will first seed in isolation from weeds and other harsh factors until its strong enough to withstand hard conditions. That’s the exact same thing keeping your relationship private do for you. It allows the relationship to gets as much love, attention, and support it needs to become stronger.

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2. Avoids unnecessary attacks

“White teeth aren’t white heart” It’s no more news that not everyone that smiles with you actually wishes you well. There are some persons out there right now that aren’t happy for who you are with. Most of them are seriously praying for your relationship to end so they can either have their shot at you or your partner.

Most times, they don’t just think of it only. They hatch evil plans of how to end your relationship and carry them out. The plan ends up working if the relationship isn’t strong enough.

But when you keep your relationship private, it eliminates undue hatred and reduced/no attack from external forces.

private relationship

3. Lesser interference

This is another prime advantage of keeping your relationship private. Keeping your relationship private keeps all the noise away. There are so many things and people that will try to interfere with your relationship when it isn’t private. A few of such things are

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Society
  • Religion
  • Even social media
  • Your haters

This just a few of it but I am sure you understand the point. There are just too much interference that can sharp or terminate a relationship untimely. This is why keeping the relationship private is very important.

4. Fewer relationship problems

You don’t need a magician to tell you that if your relationship is growing strong in isolation, has fewer external attacks, and no external interference, it would result to lesser relationship problems. You wouldn’t have to fight over little things like “why didn’t you defend me in front of your friends?” or “Why didn’t you post my picture on your WhatsApp status?”

There are just many problems that the relationship wouldn’t face when it is kept private. The only problems you would encounter in a private relationship are core relationship problems. And resolving these types of problems would create a stronger bond in the relationship.

5. Results to a long-lasting relationship

This is the end product of keeping a good relationship private. Just like the example of the plant I gave earlier in the article after the seed is planted in isolation for it to develop a little before moving to its permanent site where it grows till the day it dies.

The same thing happens in a relationship kept private. During its private stage, it grows very strong and addresses all core relationship problems. Then when it finally goes public, it can easily handle anything the public will throw its way. Therefore making the relationship last longer.

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6. Move on easier

In a situation where the relationship doesn’t work in private, it’s way easier for you to move on because you do not have to bother about what other people would think because, at this point, they know nothing about your relationship and therefore have no opinion on it.

Also, if the relationship doesn’t work, you will have closure in knowing you gave it the best shot at it working but it still didn’t work. That’s probably a sign it wasn’t meant to be.

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