Throwing unexpected romantic surprises for your girlfriend speaks more than words in most cases. They are a great way to fill her heart with so much love and show that you care about her. 

Don’t take my word for it? Research shows that your sweetheart will appreciate you more and‌ will feel satisfied with the relationship when you throw her a lovely surprise or make a sacrifice. This has more effect when they least expect the surprise. 

The effect of these unexpected gestures can linger for months, if not years, and spice up your relationship in ways you least expected.

To keep your girlfriend happy, we have listed 20 best romantic surprises for her.

20 Romantic Surprises For Your Girlfriend 

1. Breakfast In Bed

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There is no better way to set the mood for the day than with breakfast in bed. To show  you care about her health, give her the first meal of the day while in bed. 

You could serve simple meals like pancakes, toast, scrambled eggs, or her favorite pastry. 

2. Handcraft a Gift 

One of the best romantic surprises for your girlfriend is handcrafting a gift—it could be woodwork, knitted items, painting, or molded wares. It doesn’t have to be fancy or flawless. Rather, it’s the thoughtfulness that counts. 

The time and effort invested will be appreciated every time she sees or uses it.

However, while you not be a great craftsman, ensure that anything you choose is something she would eventually use or keep in sight. This way, she would appreciate the time and effort you invested in it each time she sees or uses it.

3. Write a Romantic Poem/Letter 

Writing a romantic letter or poem is one way to express feelings.You don’t need to be a poet. But you should be honest about your emotions. 

Also, make the moment fun or a surprise by leaving paper clues to guide her to the letter rather than putting it directly in her hands. You could send a courier to hand-deliver the letter or poem. 

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4. Give Her a Shout-Out

Giving your girlfriend a shout-out on a public platform is like showing off your love for her. You can use a radio station, a social media platform, or an influencer. 

Additionally, mention the things you find interesting about her or how she inspires you to be a better person. To get her to hear the shout-out, ask her  to tune in at the scheduled time if it’s happening over the radio.

5. Surprise Dinner at Home

The oldest romantic classic move is making a surprise dinner. It is also a great way to bond with your partner and make them feel special.

If you have no idea how to pull this off, you can start by cooking her favorite meal or order from her favorite spot, then decorate the table and add scented candles for a cozy atmosphere.

Also, make the moment unforgettable by sending out a handcrafted invite or a text.Ensure you’re ready before she arrives, and add a little fun by playing host.

Walk her to the dining area, pull out a chair and pour her a drink before you sit to enjoy the rest of the evening.

6. Vacation

Going on a romantic getaway is one of the best ways to surprise your girlfriend. It is also a  great way to bond with her and create new and fun memories.

There are lots of comfortable and budget-friendly places both of you can visit, so choose a suitable vacation spot and find out when your girlfriend will be available. To add an element of surprise, you can leave out the details of where the vacation would be when informing her. 

7. Picnic

For a shy girlfriend, a park with so many eyes on you two might not be the best place to go. 

Find other places with breathtaking views, like a mountaintop or a rooftop overlooking a city.

Whatever location you choose, ensure you check out the place ahead of the picnic.

Also, pack her favorite meal or pastries, and take a mat and some rose petals to add a romantic touch to your environment. 

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8. Surprise Party

Throwing a surprise party is also one of the best romantic surprises for your girlfriend, especially on special days like birthdays, anniversaries, or when she hits a milestone. Remembering special occasions and celebrating with her shows you care and are thinking of her. Think of it as a great way to make her l feel loved and appreciated.

To pull this off, enlist the help of her best friend or a family member and choose a comfortable location. The party could either be at your house or a restaurant but ensure she has fewer details or clues on what is happening.

9. Serenade Her

Having a good voice or knowing how to play musical instruments can pay off, but if music isn’t your forte, hire someone to sing a romantic song to her. 

Also, try creating your own words  and express your emotions freely. You could even make the lyrics about your love life and how you met, and then hire someone to create a personalized song from it. 

10. Take Her Back in Time

A walk down memory lane allows you to reflect on great moments, milestones, and important events you’ve shared together. Sparking these memories could help strengthen your bond and connection.

To take her back in time, you can build a scrapbook that detailed important moments in your life. It could be about the first year you dated, a timeline of your relationship, your best past snapshots of her, the first ever vacation you both went to, or a compilation of your love notes, letters, or poems. You can also use a slideshow to achieve this. Not only is this one of the best romantic surprises for your girlfriend, but it’s also a great gift idea for special occasions

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11. Fulfill a Wish on Her Bucket List

Ticking off a goal or experience on her bucket list is another great way to show that you’re intentional about her. This goal or experience might be a vacation, learning, adventure sports, or buying an item. You can make arrangements for the activity or even get her to the place before letting her in on the surprise. 

12. Perform a Little Display

If your girlfriend is a huge fan of public display, this surprise will go down well with her. Putting up a display usually requires more people to get involved and lots of practice to make it a perfect moment. But putting that huge smile on her face will make the effort worth it. 

You can plan for a written public display where people would hold up cardboards with words that state your feelings. A group choreographed dance that ends with you giving her flowers or confettis falling on her could also work.  

13. Chariot Ride

Many women love getting treated like a princess, and splashing a dose of fairy tale is one way to make that wish come true. 

Rather than hail a taxi or book a limo, you can pay for a horse chariot and its rider to take you both on a date. 

Also, you could make this one of the dopest romantic surprises for your girlfriend by throwing a costume party where she gets to dress fashionably and have a horse carriage bring her to the party.

14. Simple Love Text

Never underestimate the power of a simple love text message that shows up uninvited because it has a way of breaking a smile on a face and filling her heart with love and her stomach with butterflies. 

Be spontaneous, text during hours she is not expecting, and only say what you mean. 

15. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting is one of the fun ways to give your girlfriend gifts. You can leave clues at strategic places and let her find a special gift at the end.

You can also figure out how to surprise her with gifts by including puzzles as clues. 

16. Short Love Video Clip

You can mash up a collection of cool pictures of couples doing different things, write short descriptions expressing your feelings or things you want to try out with your girlfriend on each slide, and add romantic music to the background.

Another way to have one of the best romantic surprises for your girlfriend is to mash up different pictures of her that you love, include short descriptions of why those are your favorite moments with her, and add music to the background.

17. Surprise Lunch in the Office

In a bit of a rush, she might forget to eat breakfast but show you’re attentive to her well-being by stopping at the office to surprise her with lunch. The meal doesn’t have to be homemade, but her favorite meal from her favorite spot would do the magic.  

To not ruin this surprise, find out her schedule before that day and casually ask if it’s okay for you to drop by (without mentioning what you’re bringing).

18. Room Filled With Flowers

Many ladies have always had a weakness for flowers. This makes flower delivery another good romantic surprise for your girlfriend. 

Get a collection of her favorite flowers and fill her room when she is not home. You can also do this at your house if she is coming over, if the first option isn’t possible..

19. Watch Her Favorite Game or Show

Watching her favorite show allows you to bond with her over something she loves. The show could be indoor or outdoor, so get tickets on time to gain entry. Alternatively, you can make plans to create a cozy atmosphere if you both intend to watch from home.  

20. Pamper Her

Source: Elina Fairytale on Pexels

After a long and hard week, pamper her by booking a spa treatment. You could also offer her a DIY massage session. 

To achieve a smooth and sensual DIY massage, use essential oils like lavender, rose, or sandalwood—the elements in these oils are known to relieve stress, calm nerves, and improve mood. Add scented candles and rose petals to boost the mood.


Some of the best romantic surprises for her are the ones that might seem ordinary. These could be thoughtful gestures like pampering or taking lunch to her workplace. However, you can make a lasting impact if it is unexpected and makes her life easy. 

Remember, the idea is to show your girlfriend how much you care and appreciate her, and you can achieve that with these 20 romantic surprises we have discussed.

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