After giving your unconditional love, your body, deep sacrifices you have never made for anyone before, after all the plans of the future you planned together, after letting the whole world know your heart belongs to just one person. You never cheated, your love was pure.

After doing all these, the only way he/she could repay you is to stab you in the back or cheat on you or dump you over a flimsy excuse (I read about a girl who got dumped because she was black, her boyfriend was black and white. But he said he needed a black and white girlfriend to take home to his parents. Only for her to sight him flirting with another girl who is also black).

At such a point, you may want to even the score so badly. That’s why today we will talk about the sweetest form of revenge you can take on your EX.

Kinds of revenge tactics when dealing with an Ex

To know which form of revenge is sweeter, we will have to analyze the two most notable revenge tactics which are:

  1. Sinister revenge
  2. Forgiveness

It’s pretty clear what they both mean, but I will still give a light explanation of what each means.


1.  Sinister revenge:

This refers to those kinds of revenge that are intended to cause harm on your Ex emotionally, physically or mentally. These type of revenge aim at hitting the person where it hurts the most so that he/she can have a taste of the pain they put you through.


2.  Forgiveness:

This has to do with forgiving your Ex for all the harm and hurt he/she caused you, and moving on with your life from the relationship with nothing more than a clear heart and the lessons of the past.

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Diabolic Revenge Vs Forgiveness which is the better revenge on your Ex 

The dilemma now is, which of these two forms of revenge is sweeter to carry out on your Ex? 

To shade more light on this mystery, we will have to look at the pros and cons of both forms of revenge that can be carried out on your Ex, then pick which one is better.

Sinister Revenge Pros:

  1. Instant gratification: The biggest pro of diabolic revenge on your Ex is it gives you instant satisfaction knowing the person also got burnt
  2. You have the power to decide how, when, and where your Ex gets punished for his/her bad deeds unlike waiting for karma or leaving the person to fate and chance

Sinister revenge Cons:

  1. You are no different from your Ex: By doing the same thing your Ex did (which is hurting you intentionally), you are no different from your Ex. If that is so, why are you angry and hurting in the first place?
  2. It cost you more than it should: After breaking up with an Ex, the damages incurred from that relationship ought to end at that level. But when you go out of your way to personally pay back your Ex, you incur more cost financially/legally/emotionally/physically.
  3. Many people have found themselves in places and situations they shouldn’t have been in their quest for a sinister revenge.
  4. It changes you negatively: There is a switch that flips in the mind and soul of a person when you make that conscious decision to harm another person. The more of such decisions you make the more evil you become. So, by engaging in sinister revenues, you move closer and closer into something else.

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Forgiveness Pros

  1. You become a better person: By forgiving and letting go, you show you are much more than who your Ex is. It’s only a stronger and better person that can forgive and let go even though they know a million and one ways to hurt their offender.
  2. Your heart is lightened: Unforgiveness and a deceitful mind adds unnecessary weight to the heart, it fills the heart with darkness. The moment you forgive and move on, you will instantly feel your heart lighten. Light, peace, and joy will creep back into your heart and life.
  3. It changes you positively: There is a special feeling that comes from doing the right thing. It might be hard to do at first, but the moment you do it, it floods you with a special kind of good feeling.
  4. It creates room for other aspects of your life to grow beautifully.  
  5. It would surprise and disappoint your Ex that instead of wiping and wallowing in pains and tears for all the things they did, you simply forgave him/her and moved on with your life. 
Best revenge on an ex
Forgive your Ex and move on

Forgiveness Cons:

  1. It is harder to do: Forgiveness is hard especially when the hurt cuts deep. Just the thought of the person going scout free is painful, not to talk about you forgiving the person.
  2. You might never get the satisfaction of seeing the person pay for what they did to you. Note I used the word “seeing”. The truth is, “what so ever a man sows, he will reap” so it is not a question of if your Ex will pay for what he/she did to you or not, it is a question of when and how. But you may not get to see it.

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Final decision 

Clearly, from the analysis of the pros and cons of both forms of revenge, forgiving your Ex who dumped you is by far the best form of revenge you can do to the person. 

  • It’s healthier
  • Gives long term happiness and inner peace
  • It makes you a stronger and better person 


Thanks for taking the time to read to the end and hopefully it will help you make the right decision on how to pay back your Ex.



  1. Lewis November 4, 2020 at 1:15 pm

    Wow what a wonderful lesson but to be realistic it’s almost impossible to 4give

    1. LoversBud Editor November 8, 2020 at 6:23 am

      Thanks for the compliment, forgiveness is not impossible, though it may be hard for some people, but its not impossible


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